1. 盲人瞎馬

    Thai vowels flashcards

    Hello, I've made flashcards on all Thai vowel combinations together with their IPA counterparts. thai vowels Foreign Language Flashcards - If possible, could a native Thai take a look at them and tell me if something needs fixing? Whether I used the correct letters in the IPA and if...
  2. 盲人瞎馬

    Thai: Flat low tone

    It looks like the low tone in Thai starts low and goes even lower. Would it be possible to simplify it by pronouncing it as a flat low tone without any contour without affecting comprehension?
  3. 盲人瞎馬

    Thai: Tone Sandhi

    Does Thai have tone sandhi like Chinese? When you have two consecutive third tones in Chinese, the former third tone changes into a second tone when pronounced. 我 有 wǒ yǒu becomes wóyǒu Anything like such in Thai or are tones immutable no matter what? Aside from ห which can change a...
  4. A

    Thai: I want to know, I must go

    Hi, please check if this is accurate. I am a male, so using the male speaker pattern here I want to know - ผมอยากรู้(ครับ) I must go - ผมต้องไป(ครับ)
  5. B

    Thai: ย้ากกก

    Hello. There's a GIF of a cat shooting a gun and shouting ย้ากกก. I've googled the word but couldn't find any explanation. The closest I can get in dictionaries is ยาก (difficult). Not sure, is it the same word or another. Many thanks in advance.
  6. S

    Thai: See-nair

    Hi, there is a girl's name See-nair in Thailand, but how do I write it in Thai, please? I think the second element is the Sanskrit for eye, so could it be something like ศรีแน? Probably followed by ตร with a karan on it as it's not pronounced. ศรีเนตร, maybe? Hope i have given enough info...
  7. Y

    Thai: ต่อต้านคอรัปชั่น

    I bought them in BKK without the slightest idea what it means. o_O Anyone can translate it for me? thanks
  8. R

    Thai: ไอ้ติงต๊อง

    Can someone please translate this into English for me? Thank you very much.
  9. Q

    Thai: Welcome!

    Hello! I'd like to know the word for "welcome" in Thai from someone who knows. Not the noun (as in "a warm welcome") but the greeting: "Welcome!" Thanks.
  10. C

    Thai: Time and tide wait for no man

    Hi all, I have found this picture coming from a Buddhist temple in Thailand. I think that the english translation is not "exact", can someone translate if for me? would you please also rewrite the thai quote in the picture so I can easily copy paste it? Thanks...
  11. P

    Thai: Please be discreet and don't tell my girlfriend

    Hello, I will be traveling to Phuket for vacation and I am planning to propose to my girlfriend in the hotel room. She doesn't know about that and we have been booking a basic room together in a resort. During the check-in I would like to pass a note to the reception in Thai so that my...
  12. A

    Thai: L'eau des religions laissent derrière elles des marais et des marécages

    สวัสดีครับ Contexte L' eau des religions laissent derriere elles des marais et des marecages. Merci
  13. twinklestar

    Thai: Scripts around the Buddha

    Hello, Would anyone please let me know what the words both above and under the Buddha mean in the picture I attached? ( I guess it is about the name of a Buddhist temple in Chiangmai, Thailand. If no, and you know the name of the place too, please let me know.) Thank you very much!
  14. J

    Thai: เข้ามา

    Hello, :) I've been trying to translate this construction เข้ามา. It is a part of thai 'alphabet song', ฐอ ฐานเข้ามารอง and this sentence is roughly translated the pedestal that is giving support. When I searched เข้า : [to] enter ; reach ; get into / [to] get along with ; be compatible...
  15. L

    Thai: What unites us is stronger than what divides us

    Hello everybody. I'm a new member and i need your kind help. Someone can help me translate this phrase is thai? "What unites us is stronger than what divides us". It's for a tattoo for remind me of a loved person. thanks in advice.
  16. Messquito

    Thai: Bread

    I've watched a tv show where a man asked a Thai woman how to say "bread" in Thai, and the woman answered something like "Gan li nia" But then I looked it up in the dictionary, ขนมปัง was what I found, which is really far from what I heard from her. Someone told me that it is a company in...
  17. K

    Thai: Save yourself

    Hello goodly people, I have need for a translation to be applied seriously enough to not leave to machines and hoped I could find help here. The phrase is "save yourself" to be tattoed in a band and while I was not particular to whether the individual letters were switched for their Thai...
  18. C

    Thai: Time and Tide

    Which part of this image says "Time and Tide"?
  19. W

    Thai: เธอจะวัดหรือเปล่า อันนี้ก็แล้วแต่

    Could anyone help me translate this Thai phrase:เธอจะวัดหรือเปล่า อันนี้ก็แล้วแต่
  20. P

    Thai: I wish I can speak to you in Thai and tell you in person

    Hi, Will be very grateful if someone can help me do a little translation. I finished trying Thai boxing at a camp and would like to say below to my trainer. Many thanks in advance! "I wish I can speak to you in Thai and tell you in person. I really enjoy every second I spent with you while...
  21. S

    Thai: Writing loan words

    Hello! I'm looking for information on how to handle loan words (English as well as other languages) when writing Thai. I understand that the government already regulates the Thai script spelling for many loan words. But what if you have to write a new or unknown word (e.g. brand name, company...
  22. L

    Thai: พี่เขย

    Please help me to identify this word. Please write in Thai word and together with English translation. I am not a speaker of Thai. Thank you very much. Best regards, Max
  23. J

    Thai: What is this food?

    Hi, I just went back from a trip to Bangkok. I and my mom bought some packaged foods in grocery stores, but some don't have any English names/instructions. Please help me to figure out what these are, and how to eat them. *I found that pictures are shown too small here so I've uploaded same...
  24. M

    Thai: basic translation

    Could someone help me translating that? Thank you in advance Mayo
  25. S

    Thai: พูดภาษาไทยเก่งยังค่ะ

    Hello:) Could anyone help me translate this Thai phrase: พูดภาษาไทยเก่งยังค่ะ I can identify its components as พูด speak ภาษา language ไทย thai เก่ง skilled ยัง yet ค่ะ kha (polite word) So now, how to put it all together? you are skilled in speaking thai, or you're not skilled yet?
  26. S

    Thai: You are being interpreted

    I need to translate the sentence bellow into Thai. The contexts: this phrase is going to be on a sign at a conference where there will be simultaneous interpretation in various languages. Organizers want to make sure speakers presenting topics are aware that what they say will be translated...
  27. H

    Thai: Get well soon

    Hi everyone, my Thai aunt is in hospital, and I wanted to send her some wishes. How do you say (and write): "I hope you'll regain your strength. Keep fighting and get well soon. Lots of love" Thanks in advance!
  28. D

    Thai: I can't be touched

    I need to translate "I can't be touched" in Thai. The translator says "ฉันไม่สามารถจะสัมผัส" and one my friend says "ฉันไม่สามารถจับได้" The phrase is for a fighter,"I can't be touched" I mean like nobodies can hit me.
  29. T

    Thai: เข้า มา หา

    I have a question about this phrase: เจ้าแก่ เข้า มา หา โต What does เข้า mean here? Is there a difference between this and just เจ้าแก่ มา หา โต? The bilingual text I'm reading translates the sentence as "Jao Kae comes to Dto", but in the lesson's vocabulary "เข้า" is listed as "in; into"...
  30. R

    Thai: หนังสือเดินทางโปรตุเกส

    Hi everybody, I'm trying to translate "Passport to Portuguese" (the word "Portuguese" refers to the language here) into different languages. It's the title of book. The use of the word "passport" may seem strange here, but it's a metaphore and playing with words, and the book visually reminds...
  31. E

    Thai: สอนแต่ละอย่างที่ดีๆทั้งนั้นเลยใช่ไม๊?

    I am trying to decipher this message that was sent to me by my sister-in-law. I do not read Thai and my understanding of the Thai language is extremely basic (Hello, Goodbye, Yes, No, etc.) I have tried using translators but they give me multiple and often confusing meanings. I would really...
  32. I

    Thai: Wan ni khun paen ya rraiban

    My friend's Thai roommate taught her this saying it means 'How was your day?', but one taxi driver blushed beetroot red when she said this to him in Bangkok. Could any Thai speaker explain what this sentence means, and if it's inappropriate in certain contexts?
  33. S

    Thai: คฤหาสน์ / เคหาสน์

    :)Hello Thai-speaking lovely people, Can someone tell me the differences between these two words? คฤหาสน์ and เคหาสน์ I just know that they both mean "mansion" but differences? ขอบคุณคะ(Thanks.) Blessings, SF:cool:
  34. S

    Thai: กลัวว่าจะไม่ได้เจอกัน

    A Thai friend of mine wrote me this sentence. We were talking about the possibility of me going to meet them again. So she said "you should tell me when you come so I can tell the others [friends]. We are studying in various cities across the country, กลัวว่าจะไม่ได้เจอกัน" I think it means "I...
  35. H

    Thai: Prahachan

    Hi! Do you pronounce the first "h" in the name Prahachan? Could someone please write phonetically the pronunciation of this name? Thanks in advance!
  36. B

    Khmer/Chinese/Bengali/Spanish/Thai: solidarity

    Hi, I want to make some banners for an event with solidarity messages to workers in places where there've been recent strikes or other labour rights issues going on. I'm trying to avoid having to turn to online dictionaries because I'd like to find the messages with the right connotations...
  37. A

    Thai: Boon Rak Sa! บุญรักษา

    Hi everyone. I was watching a reality show last night when the host mentioned Boon Rak Sa (that's the way it sounds though) I think its a Thai Language but I don't know what that means. Anyone here who knows the meaning of that? Thanks in advance. :D
  38. GamblingCamel

    Thai: yoo gub way lah

    This is a line from a pop song -- Tum Dai Pang. The translator's subtitle = "I will live according to time that continues to spin forward." Is this a very literal translation? If so, what's the word by word breakdown? I'm thinking that it might be a fixed expression in Thai, an idiomatic...
  39. W

    Thai: โหพี่แพรว...แมวตัวนี้หน้าตาเหมือนยายอ้อมตอนโมโหเลยอ่ะ

    โหพี่แพรว...แมวตัวนี้หน้าตาเหมือนยายอ้อมตอนโมโหเลยอ่ะ เถียงสิว่าไม่เหมือน อิอิอิ Hi Could anybody translate the following please it was written about a friend. Thankyou Nigel
  40. H

    Thai: เฮ้อ...แวะมาดูเพื่อนๆ หน่อยอ่ะ ไม่ได้เข้ามานานละ... คิ

    เฮ้อ...แวะมาดูเพื่อนๆ หน่อยอ่ะ ไม่ได้เข้ามานานละ... คิดถึง JULIA จัง Can somebody tell me what this means? Unfortunately I can't read Thai, but a friend of mine was posting this in a status update on a networking site and I got curious. Thanks in advance!
  41. W

    Thai: นี่ไอ้บัง เพื่อนฝูงเขาจะคุยกันแกยุ่่งไรด้วย

    นี่ไอ้บัง เพื่อนฝูงเขาจะคุยกันแกยุ่่งไรด้วย Hi does anybody know what this means. A female Thai friend wrote it about a guy who was trying to give soem unwanted attention to my friend. Thanks
  42. J

    Thai: ความทรงจำสีจาง

    ok so i bought a copy of fan chan on dvd [with subtitles of course]... although the special features have no subtitles and the menu items and credits are all in thai script i am eager to find out the name/artist of a certain song that was included in the special features... google and youtube...
  43. P

    Thai: Wash and iron on the inside

    Dear all, I need to translate "Wash and iron on the inside" into THAI language. This is to be written on wash care labels inside a garment. Thanks for your help.
  44. Pont neuf

    Thai: to scatter

    I have been thinking about the usage of the Thai verb to scatter: กระจัดกระจาย,ทำให้ The meaning of ทำให้ is that something is lost or has been lost, which is a secondary meaning here. It seems to me that the verb กระจัดกระจาย is mostly used in formal language and is not really a part of...
  45. A

    Thai: transliteration (romanisation) tools?

    Are there any tools to convert (more or less accurately) from Thai script to Roman, to see how the words are pronounced? I know there are a few exceptions and there are a few romanisation standards but the script seems more or less consistent?
  46. T

    Thai: Please keep rice out of ice buckets

    How would this request best be written in Thai?
  47. P

    Thai: Hugs and kisses

    How would one write "Hugs and Kisses" in Thai?
  48. A

    Thai: คุณจะไปหาลูกชายที่ไหนเหรอ

    What is the meaning of this? คุณจะไปหาลูกชายที่ไหนหรอ ที่คุณไม่สบายหายยัง เราก็คิดถึงพวกคุณเหือนกัน.I will appreciate very much a translation.thanks
  49. A

    Thai: เราก็ขอไปงั้นๆแระ

    I'd like to have a translation of the phrase เราก็ขอไปงั้นๆแระ 55 ไม่ได้ก็ไม่ได้คิดว่ าจะได้มันมา thanks alot!!
  50. M

    Thai: That looks ~

    Does anyone know how to say that something "looks ~" in Thai? For example, "That looks delicious!" or "That looks fun!" Thanks! Mitch.