1. B

    Tibetan: Names transcripted in Chinese Characters

    I've encountered two names (male and female) which in the context seem undoubtedly Tibetan, but are written with simplified Chinese characters. Those are: 1) 哇玛尖措 2) 苏鲁梅朵 The female one can actually be found in its Tibetan form together with the Mandarin one: སུའུ་རུའི མེ་ཏོག — 苏鲁梅朵 However...
  2. B

    Tibetan: It’s easy to do nothing. It’s hard to forgive.

    Salutations, everyone. Could someone please translate the following into Tibetan? "It’s Easy To Do Nothing. It’s Hard To Forgive" Thank you in advance.
  3. 2

    Tibetan: unknown text

    Hi All, I have wooden tablet and I am sure that’s Tibetan origin. I done some re-search as much as I could, not very easy job to do, when you don’t know what “you are after” If someone could advice me on script, what is it and where does it comes from - it would be highly appreciated...
  4. P

    Tibetan: རྟ་ལ་རྟ་སྒ་བརྒྱབས་ཡོད།།

    Hi,everyone.I wonder what's the meaning of the following sentence?It's better to give explanation word by word.Thank you in advance. འགྲོ་དགོས་འགྲོ་དགོས་བསམ་ནས།། རྟ་ལ་རྟ་སྒ་བརྒྱབས་ཡོད།། བྱམས་པའི་ངོ་ལ་བལྟས་ནས།། ཞག་གཅིག་ཞག་གཉིས་ལུས་སོང་།།
  5. A

    Tibetan/Dzongkha: ཨ སུ པྲེ (dice)

    Hello folks, Long story short: I wonder what the symbols on this dice mean. Now, there is some background context behind this question which could help you and/or get you interested. - While doing research on board games I came across this set of objects (As1988,11.1 ; As1988,11.2), of the...
  6. S

    Tibetan: unknown text

    I have a message in Tibetan,translation in English is needed.Any help truly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. C

    Sanskrit/Tibetan: སྭཱ་ཧཱ स्वाहा।

    Bonjour, Je recherche le phonème en sanskrit (en photo). Je souhaiterais que quelqu'un me le communique en " plein texte" . Merci I look for this phoneme in Sanskrit ( see the photo). I would like someone to share it with me in "full text". Thanks Regards, Cleodalis
  8. qrokjae

    Tibetan: alteration of numeral

    I know that in Tibetan, when the numerals གཅིག། (gcig, "one") and གཉིས། (gnyis, "two") modify words which can be either nouns or quantifiers, these two numerals must change if the words are quantifiers. That is, we say དཀར་ཡོལ་གཅིག། (dkar-yol-gcig, "bowl-one", "a bowl") and དཀར་ཡོལ་གང་།...
  9. N

    Tibetan: Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength

    Hi, I read that "tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength" is a saying in Tibetan. Does anyone know how this would be written in Tibetan script?
  10. qrokjae

    Tibetan: མིག་སྨན། (mig-sman)

    Does the tibetan word མིག་སྨན། (Wylie transliteraion: mig-sman; literally means eye medicine) can also mean the chemical element antimony?
  11. NewAmerica

    Sanskrit/Tibetan: om mani padme hum hri

    Is this sanskrit? My dictionary: an official language of India for religious purpose If so, what does it mean?
  12. trentyp

    Tibetan font

    Hi, Does anyone know what this Tibetan text translates to in English. I love the script and want to get it as a tattoo so dying to know what it says Thanks Trent
  13. qrokjae

    Tibetan: river

    What are the differences between གཙང་ཆུ།, ཆུ་བོ།, གཙང་བོ།, ཆུ། and བོ།? And I wonder if the word གཙང་། in "གཙང་བོ།" or "གཙང་ཆུ།" stands for དབུས་གཙང་།?Or just means "pure, clean"?
  14. qrokjae

    Tibetan: Nanwu Si Monastery

    What is the Tibetan name of Nanwu Si Monastery (located in Kangding, Kangding County, Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, China)? I only know the Tibetan Pinyin (based on Lhasa dialect of Ü-Tsang Tibetan but not Khams Tibetan) of the original name is Ga dan cho pan ling...
  15. 5

    Tibetan: unknown text

    Hello everybody, I found this message in a pendant and I was wondering what it could mean. I could not find any information about this language. Here is the scan Thanks for your time :)
  16. S

    Tibetan: ངས་བརྩེ་གདུང་ཆེད་རང་སྲོག་བློས་བཏང་བྱེད།

    Hello, can anyone translate this phrase for me to English: " ངས་བརྩེ་གདུང་ཆེད་རང་སྲོག་བློས་བཏང་བྱེད། " Thank you!
  17. S

    Tibetan: For those I love I will sacrifice

    Hi everyone, I need to translate this sentence below to Tibetan: "For those I love I will sacrifice" Thank you!
  18. S

    Tibetan: unknown text

    Hi everyone, I do not know what language in this picture. Can anyone translate it for me? Thank you!
  19. Ivrit

    Tibetan: Everything happens for a reason

    Hello, can anyone please translate a phrase: Everything happens for a reason, in Tibetan? I was unable to find it anywhere on the Internet so any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  20. S

    Tibetan: Kartse

    Khenpo Kartse is the name of a well-known Tibetan religious leader sentenced by Chinese officials to two and a half years in prison. I know Khenpo is a spiritual degree, which can be roughly translated as 'abbot'. What does Kartse mean in Tibetan? Or is it even a Tibetan word? Thank you.
  21. Linnets

    Sanskrit/Tibetan: Agartha/Agharti

    Hello, I would like to know whether the name of the legendary city or realm called Agharti/Agartha/Agarttha really exists in Sanskrit and Tibetan languages (and what is the original form in local alphabets) or it has been invented by Westerners. It should mean "inaccessible" or something similar...
  22. A

    Tibetan: ༀ་ཨཱཿ་ཧཱུྃ (om ah hum)

    Hi, I would like to ask for help.. if anyone could recognise this language?
  23. K

    Tibetan: Umê script

    This is from a Chinese book on another language. It looks like Tibetan but I'm not sure. https ://archive.org/stream/02076764.cn#page/n4/mode/2up Eliminate the space in the url between the https and : to get the proper url. I'm a new member and the forum won't allow me to post links.
  24. A

    Tibetan: I would love to understand this handwritten message

    This was written to me by a friendly Tibetan monk in Xiahe, China, in the mid-1990s. We had dinner together and he wrote this note to me, but I've never known what it says. I tried to transliterate it using online images of Tibetan script, so I could then use an online auto-translation, but...
  25. B

    Tibetan: text on cups

    Hello everybody, recently I bought to old Chinese tea cups with strange characters written on them. I tried to look them up in some Wikipedia tables of Brahmic scripts but didn't find any matches. Do these characters make sense to anyone? Or are they just a fancyful decoration? Thanks Beckford
  26. T

    Tibetan: Infinite Love Is the Only Truth Everything Else Is Illusion

    Hello Guys and Girls, i would like to ask you if any of you know Old Tibetan or Modern Tibetan language i want to translate this prhase from english to Old Tibetan writen in the Tibetan script. The phrase is : Infinite Love Is the Only Truth Everything Else Is Illusion...
  27. M

    Tibetan: betrayal

    It would be very nice if anybody that knows how to read and write can translate betrayal into tibetan. it would be also nice if you and link me any helpful site. thank you :)
  28. P

    Tibetan: Peace

    Hi everyone! I was wondering..is there anybody who speak Tibetan? I need to translate the word "peace" in this language! I'd like to get a tattoo and write peace in different languages :) This is how Wikipedia translate peace, but I've seen in the dictionary that it's written with a dot or small...
  29. S

    Tibetan: Nyag in Mi-Nyag and Nyag-chu

    What does nyag mean in Tibetan? Does the nyag in Mi-Nyag (name of a Qiangic people) mean the same as the one in Nyag-chu (name of a river)?
  30. T

    Tibetan: Eternal joy

    Hi all Please can you confirm that the below taken from http://www.chinesetools.eu/tibetan-tattoos/ is "Eternal Joy" in Tibetan? Thanks Eternal joy
  31. MaryamSeresht

    Tibetan: la ma ma ma ma

    Hello everyone, May I ask what does "la ma ma ma ma" here mean? Is it a word of surprise? I shall explain that here the Judge has lost his dearest thing in the world; his dog, Mutt, so he came to people, asking for her. Now, he came to Mrs Thondup to ask about Mutt. "Mrs. Thondup: "Was...
  32. Y

    Tibetan: No one shall escape the jugement

    Hello! I would love to find the translation of a sentence in tibetan in way to make a tatoo. Is someone know how can we write : "No one shall escape the jugement" in tibetan calligraphy? I know that is a hard request! But we never know! Internet is here to help us !! Cheers Yougz'
  33. E

    Tibetan: Balance

    Est-ce que quelqu'un sait comment traduire le mot " équilibre" en tibétain ? Do someone knows how to say : balance in Tibetan?
  34. K

    Tibetan: rikpa

    Does anyone know what this language is? Also could anyone translate its meaning into english? i have tried so hard to find out but so far with no joy...
  35. K

    Tibetan: ཨོཾ་མ་ཎི་པདྨེ་ཧཱུྃ (Om mani padme hum)

    I bought this ring and my work (consignment shop) and I was really facinated in the writing that is on it. I have no idea what language this is, but my first thought was Hebrew. If anyone knows what this says or possibly what language this is (if not Hebrew) could you please try to guide me in...