1. E

    dedicate himself to serve others

    Source: Prince William’s emotional tribute to ‘my father’ at coronation concert Because for over 50 years, in every corner of the UK, across the Commonwealth and around the world, he has dedicated himself to serve others, both current and future generations, and those whose memory must not be...
  2. Sun14

    matcha or green tea

    Hello, my friends, I was wondering which term is commonly used and recognized: I want the matcha flavor. Context: When we drink milk tea or eat ice cream even when we eat some bread, we could see such flavor, I was wondering whether you use the term matcha because for Chinese the term green...
  3. J

    Put a cross<next to><opposite><against>the name of those who are absent

    Hello everyone, Is either "against", "opposite", or "next to" correct in the following sentences? 1. Put a cross against the name of those who are absent. 2. Put a cross next to the name of those who are absent. 3. Put a cross opposite the name of those are absent. I think #2 and #3 are...
  4. güey

    to have Russian soldiers closer to NATO missiles

    Hello, How do you understand the boldface bit? I guess the meaning is invading Ukraine on itself sort of brings Russian soldiers closer to NATO missiles (probably from the Central European ally members) This is certainly not about, as some have claimed, the protection of Ukrainians who speak...
  5. hyperslow

    raise an objection to my/me asking

    Hi! Would you mind if I asked you to sign this petition? raise Would you .......................... asking you to sign this petition? My take on it: Would you raise an objection to my/me asking you to sign this petition? What do you think of my/me? Are both acceptable? cheers
  6. aureliaquak

    I played a lot with my brother

    I doubt about the past or the past continuous in the following sentences. I was young before I got my first computer. I was playing / played a lot with my brother and the neighbourhood children. We were playing / played outside. I thought there is a clear time indication to the past, so it...
  7. zhuk80lvl

    another days off [another + plural]

    Is it correct to say: "These days are just another days off for me". I thought that another is only used with singular nouns. Is it only used in spoken English or can be used in a formal writing? If not, how can I replace another?
  8. vladv

    a Latin silver star

    The French claimed the possession of the key to the great door of the Church of Bethlehem and the right to replace a Latin silver star marking the birthplace of Christ, an emblem sacrilegiously stolen by the Greeks in 1847. There followed a diplomatic controversy that lasted for two and a half...
  9. Roymalika

    grab dinner with me [AE, BE]

    I asked my friend: Would you like to grab (=have/eat) dinner with me tonight? self-made Would it be idiomatic to use "grab" here in AE and BE?
  10. Peter Thompson

    Would as a probability in the past

    Hi! I would like to ask a question about would used to talk about probabilities. And the main point of my question is the structure. If someone thought/guessed something in the past, is have been still needed in the following sentence ? The sentence : "I was guessing that Tommy would have been...
  11. C

    nourrir son canari

    Hi there, :) I'm translating this expression; "tu passes huit heures dans ton bureau à nourrir ton canari" Is nourrir ton canari an expression or can it be translated literally? I've been searching and haven't been able to find anything but just wanted to be sure as it seems a bit of a strange...
  12. B

    gygy / gygys

    Meaning of this word heard in a French movie: les pervers et les gygys.
  13. bouyou

    toss-up (election results)

    Bonjour, En regardant les news sur les élections américaines, je tombe sur les sondages, en rouge Trump, en bleu Biden, et en gris Toss-up. Que veut dire ce "toss-up" dans ce contexte svp? merci.
  14. yuechu

    Do you want to have a lesson on Saturday?

    Bonjour ! I am trying to arrange a tutoring lesson with someone and I was wondering how to say "Do you want to have a lesson on... ? (on Saturday, for example)" in French? Would this be "Est-ce que tu serais disponible pour une leçon samedi ?" ? (On se tutoie) ("Est-ce que tu veux avoir une...
  15. A

    mélangez intimement

    Bonjour. I'm seeking insights re a recipe in a booklet I purchased in France a few years back. For a recipe Ricotta aux Herbes, it advises : Mélangez intimement dans une jatte la ricotta avec le basilic etc. A French friend commented that he would not use intimement in this situation. I believe...
  16. P

    a feeling in the seat of my pants

    Bonsoir, que signifie exactement cette expression ? Le contexte : ce que l'auteur ressent à chaque fois qu'il écoute de la musique classique sur CF, au moment où jadis, alors qu'il écoutait cette musique sur des 78 tours et devait se lever toutes les 3-4 minutes pour changer la face du disque...
  17. yuechu

    Nous voilà rendus

    Bonjour ! I was looking up the word "rendu" in the dictionary and found the following example sentence: "Nous voilà rendus." Here we are. Is this a common sentence in French? It's the first time I've seen "rendu" being used like this. Merci d'avance !
  18. S

    The games will begin 100 days from now

    Hello all, is this correct. I am speaking to a crowd and want to say "The games will begin 100 days from now/today" "Les jeux commenceront 100 jours à partir d'aujourd'hui" I am not sure if I have the tenses right. I am one person speaking to a crowd about a an olympic style competition Thanks
  19. M

    classicisme margalais exemplaire

    Hello, I'm translating a wine tasting note, and the author says "un classicisme margalais exemplaire". Is it working if I translate it by "an exemplary classic Margaux style"? Thanks for your help !
  20. M

    Conservateur : Risine

    Cherche à traduire en anglais "Conservateur RISINE" sur une étiquette pour un paté. Je ne trouve rien sur Internet à part "ricine" !!!! ou "résine" Merci. Context: Viande d'oie: 25%, gras de porc, foie de volaille, foie de porc, lait entier, eau, oeufs entiers (conservateur: RISINE), sel...
  21. M

    The look that transmits success

    Hello, How would you translate it to French: "The look that transmits success " Thanks in advance. Context: advertising a beauty institute. Any ideas? It will help me a lot... Thanks in advance.
  22. L

    s'en battre l’œil

    Hi, I am doing a translation about Sarkozy and Hollande from le Canard from 2014, it is roughly about Hollande's affair and Sarkozy returning to the political arena. It also talks about Hollande on a scooter and Sarkozy cycling. The first sentence has confused me. It reads: "Il s'en bat...
  23. M


    Bonjour, je ne comprends pas assez bien cette phrase (celle en caractères gras) pour être capable de la traduire en français. J'aurais besoin d'aide svp. The Verification Committee will also create an audit manual, assurance protocols, chain of custody requirements and a process for...
  24. Quantz

    His infectious smile brings one to my own face.

    It's a dialog between two friends. His infectious smile brings one to my own face, as well. Son sourire contagieux fait naître le même sur mon visage. Je cherche plus direct.
  25. H

    Interface Walk-Up-and-Use

    Hi, this is the title of a page in a PowerPoint presentation about workforce management (SAP). I understand the concept but cannot find the right way to translate it. Could it be Interface à utilisation rapide? Interface clé en main? It does not sound too good to me. Can anyone help...
  26. F

    Au dernier cours de couture

    Bonjour, Comment retranscrire ces mots? "Au dernier cours de couture, nous avons vu..." (Contexte: Une élève explique à ses parents ce qu'elle a appris récemment). Dirait-on "At/On the last sewing class, we studied..." ? TY! :)
  27. G

    finals (sports)

    Bonjour à tous, Dans le film Invictus de Clint Eastwood, il y a un ministre qui parle à Mandela de la Coupe du Monde de rugby, et qui lui dit : "You make a personnal appearance at the finals." Puis : "The finals will be broadcast to over a billion people around the world." Je me demande...
  28. Z

    ne rien perdre à attendre

    Can it be in a positive sense? 2017 est également une année anniversaire. On démarre le festival... pour souligner le 375e anniversaire de notre ville préférée. Plus de détails à venir au cours des prochains jours… Et vous ne perdez rien à attendre! [mod note : this thread has been split from...
  29. emilyu12

    You have been a great teacher

    Hello, I wanted to thank my french teacher this year and I was wondering how to say: 'You have been a great teacher!' Thanks!
  30. L

    thornback (old maid)

    Bonsoir, Mamey said that in her day a woman who had not married at the age of thirty was called a thornback, named after a flat, spiny, prehistoric-looking fish. Thornback. That's what I have become. La (belle) colle du vendredi soir : vérification faite, on surnommait en effet une vieille...
  31. F

    Même si j'emploie les plus jolis mots du monde.

    Hello, Je souhaite dire: Tu interpretes mal ce que je dis, même quand j'emploie les plus jolis mots du monde" "Even when I'm using the kindest words in (of) the world " Thank you. Floralies
  32. D

    je ne veux pas vous déranger si vous êtes en famille

    mmmm... a ''real'' Frenchman send me this who lives in France for his whole life haha.. So he wants to keep talking? The other day when i asked him '' are you afraid of me? i won't bite he'' sended this: Non mais je ne veux pas vous déranger si vois êtes en famille Also did not get exactly...
  33. A

    Make a friend, make Peace

    Bonjour, J'ai besoin de votre aide svp. Je travaile sur in proet de traduction et j'ai quelques soucis. Tout d'abord je sais pas comment traduire la collocation 'Make friend, Make peace' (...). Mercid'avance
  34. A

    faire trembler le futur

    Et faire ainsi trembler le futur dont je rêvais… Je n’ai rien pu faire. I am attempting to translate a book: would the following translation of the above sentences work? And thus shaking the future that I dreamt of… There was nothing I could do.
  35. kategogogo

    eau de fruits

    Good evening, my friends! Could anyone please kindly tell me what is "eau de fruits"? Is it more or less a same kind of fruit brandy as "eau de vie"? Eau de vie - Wikipedia Thank you for reading my question!
  36. P

    a twirly moustache

    Contexte : un vieux monsieur dans un roman britannique. Je vois bien Google Images, mais je ne m'y connais pas tellement en moustaches pour trouver le bon terme... Des experts dans la salle ?
  37. Monsieur Leland

    atmosphère forte (musique)

    Bonjour, Comment traduiriez-vous "atmosphères fortes"? (c'est une expression isolée, utilisée sans phrase dans le cadre d'une description brève par points clefs). "Strong atmospheres" me parait évident mais je crois que l'anglais n'autorise pas l'utilisation de "strong" dans ce cas.
  38. M

    the business came to you

    Bonjour, quelqu' un peut-il éclairer ma lanterne ? Une femme dont le mari chef d' entreprise avait disparu depuis des années et dont le corps vient d' être retrouvé est interrogée par la police qui a rouvert l' enquête. Le policier lui dit : I presume the business came to you ? Elle lui...
  39. R

    marchandise frelatée

    Hi, Can anyone help me with this phrase? I'm unsure what it means in this context: "... [qui] cache une part extrême de la tâche culturelle commune, tâche qu’on n’a voulu entreprendre, que de l’abri facile d’une qualité « d’espagnolité » qui servirait de passeport et d’excuse, y compris à la...
  40. C


    Hello, I'm trying to translate a line from an essay I am writing on the French Declaration des droits de l'homme et du citoyen (1789), but I'm stuck on how to translate the word 'officeholding' (as in the ability to become a deputy in the National Assembly, or to hold a more minor role in some...
  41. A

    son univers sans barrières

    Please could someone help me translate the following sentences in English. The context is a woman talking about a man. Je savais qu’Éric ne me préviendrait pas de la date. Son besoin inaliénable de liberté. Fixer un jour sur le calendrier doit représenter une contrainte trop arrogante dans...
  42. I

    météo des chambres

    Hello, I'd like to know if someone knows an equivalent for "météo des chambres". I searched everywhere, in vain.
  43. L

    a 10-spread book

    How do i put the expression a a 10 spread book in French? Thank you.
  44. B

    course verticale d'une longueur fixe

    Hi everyone, I'm wondering if in english "lengthwise" can only be used as a synonym of "longitudinal" (in the direction of the greater length). Can it also be used when speaking about the lenght-related features of an object/move? My example: In french: "La pince décrit une course verticale...
  45. J

    dangling off heaven shoulder wide-eyed

    Hello Guys I need your help. I want to translate this sentence " shoulder wide-eyed". I know what does it mean "wide-eyed" but is that an English expression? because I don't know how I can translate this one including "shoulder", because I don't find the meaning. Thank you for your help! :)...
  46. D

    si vous êtes en école d’architecture

    Comment dit-on "il est en école d'architecture" en anglais
  47. D

    biens culturels / la culture

    Hello, Could anyone help me understand the definition of 'biens culturels', and how is it different from 'la culture'? Thank you In an article about whether globalisation leads to cultural uniformity, the sentence reads: 'Parler de mondialisation de la culture est un abus de langage. Il...
  48. L

    Latin Ballroom

    I am translating my daughter's CV to French for entrance in an art school. We have to translate 'Latin Ballroom'. I found 'danse de salon', but we need to specify that it is only Latin dances. I really appreciate any input.
  49. C

    over ten blood-soaked years

    hi there, is there another way of saying 'over' in the context of time other than 'pendant'? i wanted to say 'over ten blood-soaked years' but 'pendant' seemed a bit too simplistic and carries the meaning more of 'during' i think i'd prefer something more literary. Thanks for any help in advance!
  50. SwissPete

    warehouse club

    Warehouse club Is there a term in French for "warehouse club"? Merci d'avance.