1. F

    je suis une meuf trop bonne, tu vas me kiffer

    HELP !!! what does je suis une meuf toup bonne. tu vas me kiffer...mean.
  2. K

    quelqu'un de bizarre

    Hi! Here is my sentence: On m'a dit que c'était quelqu'un de bizarre They told me that it was someone strange -Is it wrong to say quelqu'un bizarre here instead of quelqu'un de bizarre? Thank you :)
  3. john_riemann_soong

    Purée !

    My gaming clan often uses this exclamation whenever someone makes a headshot, does very well in battle, etc. From this, I know how to use it, but what does it mean exactly? Moderator note: Several threads merged. Note de modération : Plusieurs fils fusionnés.
  4. N


    Simple question that got me thinking while chatting with a friend. But, sleepy head "tête sommeil" or "tête somnolente" I know the difference of them, however, somnolente seems to be more appropriate but i like the use of sommeil. Anyhow, anyone know the correct term and even if there's...
  5. M

    N+1, N+2

    Bonjour à toutes et à tous. En France, lorsque nous parlons de nos supérieurs hiérarchique, nous utilisons souvent l'expression N+1 pour désigner la personne étant notre supérieur direct, N+2 pour désigner le chef de notre chef, et ainsi de suite. Ceci signifie que nous nous considérons comme...
  6. E

    be on the high side

    Hi, i was reading an article about advertising in english, but i'm not sure of the meaning of the expression "to be on the high side" this is the quotation : "Ratings for shows with some kind of sexual or romantic content tend to be on the high side. And of course, advertisers are interested in...
  7. zanzi

    executive order (US)

    Hello; I don't know how to translate "an executive order" : a paper signed by the President , I quote: - Pour citer Executive Order 13112 américain sur les espèces nuisibles (Clinton 1999) ce n'est pas une loi, c'est un règlement ? un ordre directeur ? une décision officielle ? un texte...
  8. D

    retail size

    Hi, Can someone help me with the meaning of "retail size"? It is about garments. And how can I tell it in French? Thanks.
  9. E

    lycée / collège

    Good morning! I'm confused about french secondary schools. Which comes first: collège or lycée. how old are the students who attend each one? thanks
  10. D

    À bas le capitalisme !

    Bonjour, je me demandais comment traduire en anglais l'expression française "à bas le(s)" (je ne suis même pas certain de l'orthographe française), comme dans : À bas la corruption ! À bas la dictature ! Merci d'avance :)
  11. F

    sonnez les matines

    I presume that "matines" in the poem refers to matins, or morning prayers, although I have not found a dictionary that is good enough to make it clear. Also, I assume that "sonnez" is referring to a ringing of a morning bell to call people to morning prayers. However, why is it usually...
  12. C


    je peut pas trouver ce mot dans mes dictionnaires. Je pense que je sais la définition (et je pense que c'est un mot, ehhhhh, vulgaire....), mais je voudrais être sûr parce que c'est pour une composition pour un cours de Français... le mot: mufe merci!
  13. M

    commercial film

    What is a suitable translation Films commerciale / Cinéma commerciales OR Anything else
  14. K

    ths (pronunciation)

    I was wondering, how do you american (or english) guys pronounce the sound "th +s" such as in "withstand", "months", "with so (...)" ? I once heard in a tv show (think it was the Shield, set in Los Angeles) that "months" is actually pronounced "monss" (as in the word "monster")... Thanks...
  15. M

    not the sharpest knife in the drawer

    Moderator note: multiple threads merged to create this one Bonjour Forum, Will you please help me with this phrase? In my neck of the woods when a good friend has done something silly, we say: "Well you aren't the sharpest knife in the drawer, are you?" My try is: pas d'aiguise couteau en...
  16. Syagrius

    rattraper quelqu'un (physiquement)

    Bonjour Contexte : Julie marche sur la rue devant moi à bonne distance (50m). Je cours pour la "rattraper". (pour être à sa hauteur et pouvoir lui parler). Quelle est la manière correcte de dire "rattraper" en anglais dans ce contexte? Merci.
  17. S

    J’ai la tête qui tourne

    Has anyone any suggestions for the following idioms please? J’ai la tête qui tourne [...]
  18. S

    manque de bol , manque de pot

    Bonjour Je voudrais savoir que signifie-t-elle l'expression Manque de bol J'apercois que ca veut dire d'etre malchanceux, mais veuillez m'aider resoudre cette enigme :) Moderator note: This discussion includes comments from several previous discussions. Note de la modération : Cette...
  19. S

    boule / balle / ballon

    What's the fine difference between these words that all mean "ball?" Merci!
  20. H

    plum post , plum job

    Is there an English to French translation for plum post?
  21. nredwine

    Normalement + proposition

    I was taught that 'normalement' does not translate directly into english as 'normally.' I learned, in fact, that it means something more like 'supposedly.' For example, I was in a train once and the conductor came by to check off people in our car. I asked him how many more were expected and...