1. A

    a person from our staff will be waiting for you

    Hello, I am translating the following paragraph into Spanish, and would like a native speaker`s opinion! Air transport: The plane from Quito to Coca leaves at 11:10 am. (Our guests usually travel by VIP airlines, but we confirm all flight information when the date of the tour approaches). A...
  2. A

    Guest`s Comments

    Hello all-- I am updating the website of a hotel, and I want to include a section with guest`s comments. Would the Spanish translation be "comentarios de huespedes"? There isn`t much space on the homepage--Is there a shorter way to say this? Thank you!
  3. A

    en plena naturaleza

    Necesito me digan cual es la expresion correcta para "en plena naturaleza"
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    The hospitality shown to us from Jose`s family was very humbling...

    Hello, could someone help me translate the following into Spanish: The hospitality shown to us from José’s family was very humbling and made our experience all the more special So far I have: La hospitalidad que nos enseño la familia de Jose fue muy (humbling) y hizo nuestra experiencia (all...
  5. A

    the guides put it above and beyond other places...

    Hello all-- I am looking for help translating the following guest`s comment about their stay at an ecolodge and their guide Javier into Spanish: Javier’s skill and enthusiasm make this stay the best I`ve had anywhere in the world. The lodge is great, but the community`s native guides put it...
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    what really made this a great experience for me was the excellent guiding...

    Hi everyone-- I am trying to translate the following into Spanish. This is a guest`s comment about their visit to an ecolodge. I`m not sure how to say "made this a great expereince..." and "privileged to know them...." The food and accommodations were incredible, but what really made this...
  7. A

    In sum, the trip to Sani Lodge exceeded all my expectations

    Hello again! I am working on translating the following from English into Spanish: In sum, the trip to Sani Lodge exceeded all my expectations. I would love to return, and will tell all my friends, family, and whoever else will listen that they should take a trip to Sani Lodge. Thank you...
  8. A

    our tourist dollars were being put to good use, rather than...

    Hello, I am translating the following from English to Spanish and got stuck! Not only was the trip incredible, but we also felt that our tourist dollars were actually being put to good use, rather than going into the pockets of foreign investors or big business. So far, I have: No solo fue...
  9. J

    reservation free

    Hola tengo que informarle a un cliente que por el momento no hay espacios disponibles en el vuelo y que en cuanto haya alguno disponible o libre le haremos una reserva. Esta bien asi: Please note that there is not "place" available on this flight. As soon as a place will be available we will...
  10. T

    mid week

    Hi, is it correct the translation mid week for the period from monday to thursday and weekend for friday, saturday and sunday?
  11. L

    parcourir monts et vallées

    Hello! How can you say "parcourir monts et vallées" in English? It's an idiomatic phrase meaning you travell all over the world, for example while looking for something. I would like the same kind of idiomatic way of saying this. Thank youin advance!
  12. F

    Travel Introductory Program (TRIP) Home-based version

    Quién sería tan amable de sugerirme una traducción para el término que se usa en turismo : "Travel Introductory Program (TRIP) Home-based version". El contexto es: Kick off your travel career by purchasing the "Travel Introductory...". Yo lo traduje como : Comience por adquirir la "Versión...
  13. akamu


    Come si traduce in italiano "bush-walker", parola trovata per indicare due persone che facevano un viaggio in Tasmania?
  14. S

    boutique style

    plz help me to translate the following line the rooms of the hotel are decorated in a classic thai boutique style. can it be like íntimo y lujoso estilo clásico tailandés?
  15. josephboen

    sizzling job growth

    Ok, and here's another idiomatic expression to describe expansive job growth. Of course 'to sizzle' is the sound meat makes in a hot fry pan. Is there an accurate way of conveying the same idea in French? Thanks
  16. S

    close-to nature

    the resort offers close to nature luxury holiday experience.
  17. J

    Toda la tarde

    Hola!! se que toda la noche/dia = all night/day long, pero como se diria en ingles "toda la tarde"?? "all the afternoon" me suena fatal :confused: jajaja. Muchas gracias!!
  18. C

    She missed her turn.

    How do you say "She missed her turn" as in she drove past the road on which she should have turned to get to where she was going? Ella perdió su vuelta. ¿Si O No? Any help will be appreciated.
  19. M


    Estoy llenando la solicitud de visa para EU, se menciona que debemos contestarla en inglés y debo describir el motivo de mi visita que es: vacacionar, conocer la ciudad, sus vecindarios, turistear, y visitar alguna de las playas. Gracias por la ayuda que puedan brindarme.
  20. N

    champagne toast??

    Hola alguien puede decirme que significa "after a champagne toast" en un texto sobre los tour en helicoptero por Las Vegas. Muchas gracias, Natalia
  21. C

    cacahuate crudo

    En una revista mexicana decia <O MELESIO CUEN ESTÁ PERDIENDO LA CABEZA o sus asesores valen un cacahuate crudo. Despedir a un trabajador por disentir es una medida fascista, stalineana. Más tratándose de una universidad pública con la trayectoria que tiene la UAS y que tanto se presume.>...
  22. M

    in due corpi a due piani

    Ciao a tutti, devo rendere l'idea di alloggi disposti "in coppia" a due piani? Si tratta di un villaggio turistico, ho fatto già le mie ricerche e l'unica soluzione che vedo è questa: "L'hotel dispone di 35O camere in due corpi a due piani" "Hotel rooms are located in 2 two-storey terraced...
  23. L

    To arrange accomodation

    To arrange accomodation, sería arreglar una acomodación en espan~ol? Gracias
  24. Y

    day-tripping shoppers

    Bonjour, Je recherche la traduction exacte de l'expression "day-tripping shoppers". Ce sont des gens qui habitent à la frontière d'un pays et qui vont, par exemple, faire leurs courses dans le pays voisin, où c'est moins cher. Quelqu'un connaît l'expression exacte en français ? Merci d'avance !
  25. L

    Bienvenue dans votre évènement

    Hello everyone, this is my first time! This is the opening title for a events brochure. I can't seem to find a better translation than Welcome to your event. Any ideas?
  26. L


    Hello, I have to write a letter to Marinas and Ports managers and in French it is adressed to Plaisanciers, which of course is masculine and feminine. I know that we often call them Yahtsmen but is there a gender neutral word to use? Sailor seems too military (but that may just be my...
  27. J

    but I would like it to have

    Hola a todos cómo se dice esta frase en Español?? "It doesn't need to have two floors, but i would like it to have enough room on the first" mi intento-- "No necesita tener dos pisos, pero quisiera que tenga bastante espacio en el primero" gracias!
  28. C

    N'hésitez plus!

    Dear all, I would need your help to translate the idea of "N'hésitez plus, réserver dés maintenant!" or "Ne cherchez plus, réserver!" "Do not hesitate, book with us" is it correct? I would like something more marketing... Thanks in advance for your suggestions! Regards from Sunny Costa Rica...
  29. C


    Buenos Días todos! Me gustaría un poco ayuda con estas phrases por cartas. Muchas gracias. Estimado Sr. Smith, Me llamo Bill Wilson. Soy el analista por la Oficina Comercial. El Sr. Peralta me ha pedido que hable con usted. El Sr. Peralta, me ha pedido que por favor atienda su solicitud...
  30. Z

    Happening person

    What does "happening person" mean? Is it someone famous like a star or something? The full sentence is : What do you do? You look like the happening person in your place! Qu'est ce que tu fais? Tu ressemble à ..... ? merci :)
  31. C

    En quer podemos servir . . .

    I am trying to write an email message that says I have forwarded your message to Mr. Peralta but he is in Colombia this week. If there is an urgent problem, please tell us how we can help you . . . Is the following correct? He enviado su mensaje al Sr. Romero pero el está en Colombia este...
  32. M

    aunque' + past tense

    Por causa de la diferencia horaria, cuando llegamos pareció que sólo dos horas habíamos tomado desde que nuestra salida, ¡aunque el vuelo duró/dure/durara/durase siete horas! Hi, I think I should use the subjunctive here but I'm not entirely sure, and also I'm not quite sure which version of...
  33. B

    Padre della Patria

    Come si potrebbe tradurre questa frase: "Federico Barbarossa è venerato come padre della patria" Ho pensato così: "Frederick Redbeard is worshipped as the homeland father"
  34. C

    prise de réservations

    Hello, I'd like to traduce "prise des réservations" into English. It is for my CV, I'd like to give details on my professional experience in reception & I've already written : Training in reception: check-in, check out, telephone answering service, assistant housekeeper, booking management...
  35. D

    eyes clamped shut

    Hello! How can I translate into Spanish "my eyes clamped shut" (before bungee jumping). Thanks
  36. A

    La maîtrise de la lumière

    Hi, I'm translating something about various lighting project in Toulouse designed to enhance buildings/bridges etc at night. This phrase keeps coming up: La maîtrise de la lumière a permis de... I've been writing: The lighting project/design... It's the La maîtrise de la lumière...
  37. B

    Desayuno de trabajo

    Hola a todos, Alguien sabe cómo puedo traducir técnicamente "Desayuno de Trabajo" al inglés? Yo había pensado "Morning Workshop" o "Breakfast Workshop" pero creo que no son correctos. Muchas gracias! Beatriz
  38. D

    Pensado para todos los gustos

    Saludos, Tengo una consulta, necesito para a ingles las sigueintes frases "opciones y tipos de turismo pensados para todos los gustos" "opciones pensadas especialmente para ti" gracias!
  39. M

    Da vari anni

    Salve a tutti, dovrei tradurre questa frase per un opuscolo turistico: Da vari anni si allestiscono presepi Qualcuno può aiutarmi a tradurla?
  40. J

    Puffin, Dall porpoise

    Esta vez tiene que ver con animales: you can spot in Kenai Fjords National Park like puffins, Dall porpoises, etc,...
  41. N

    caballos mansos de andar y reproductores

    Hola soy diseñadora gráfica y estoy terminando un diseño de una web. Y se olvidaron de pasarme la traducción de un par de oraciones. Es una página sobre caballos criollos y cabalgatas guíadas. Como se diría esto? "Venta de reproductores "...
  42. C

    Guarantee a reservation?

    Bonjour, Je suis réceptionniste dans un hôtel. Passionnée par la langue anglaise, je souhaite apprendre les expressions propres à ce secteur sans faire dans l'approximation... "We need a credit card number, expiry and CVC to guarantee your booking" : cette phrase est-elle correcte? polie? quelle...
  43. C

    I think it was worth

    Hi folks, my tutor told me that the sentence would sound better if it said "it was worth it". But to me this way sounds rather redundadant. What do you think? This is the context: The cost was rather expensive, something like two thousand if I count it in dollars. I still am paying month to...
  44. Y

    Los tickets se venden en el barco

    Hola,tengo una duda,me gustaría saber si la frase "los tickets se venden en el barco turístico" sería "tickets sell on the tourist boat" Gracias
  45. J

    Voyage aventure

    Bonjour Je cherche à traduire "voyages aventure sur les 5 continents" pour mettre dans un CV. J'ai betement pensé à "Adventure travels through the 5 continents" mais ca me choque un peu sans trop savoir comment modifier ma tournure de phrase. Je suis ouvert à toutes suggestions. Merci...
  46. G

    Man of the city

    Je recherche une traduction en français pour « man of the city ». Voici le contexte en anglais : Our General Managers were passionate and knowledgeable about their cities and resorts ... and served as our guests' "man in the city" ... people who could open doors for our guests, and meet their...
  47. E

    New home style plush bedding

    Hola ¿Me puede alguien ayudar con esta frase? Aparece en la descripción de un hotel. New home-style plush bedding, and all amenities. Lo que no acabo de saber es a qué se refiere New home-style (casero? de la casa/establecimiento? acogedor?; my guess (omitiendo lo de home-style) "lujosa...
  48. E

    non-taxing road (situation)

    Hola Amigos, Preciso su ayuda para obtener la traducción del siguiente término: non-taxing road (situation) según aparece en el siguiente texto: Practice this while parked until you are confident you can do it while driving in a non-taxing road situation. Desde ya muchas gracias por su...
  49. E

    custom linen

    Hola a todos/as No sé si debo preguntar English-SPanish aquí, pero no hay manera de acceder a esa combinación, siempre me sale la actual. En fín, mi pregunta va de esta frase referida a la ropa de cama (linen) de un hotel en los EEUU (incluida en el equipamiento de cada habitación); lo de...
  50. A


    Salve a tutti, Cercando in alcuni siti di agriturismi britannici, mi sono imbattuto nella parola bunkhouse per definire un tipo di struttura abitativa. Ma cosa significa esattamente in italiano?