1. playalecto

    Por favor diríjase a la mesa de Servicio al Cliente que se encuentra ubicada a un costado de la recepción.

    Hola a todos!!! tengo que traducir la siguiente frase al inglés: Reserva de mesa. Por favor diríjase a la mesa de Servicio al Cliente que se encuentra ubicada a un costado de la recepción. Mi intento: Table reservations. Please head yourself to our Customer Service desk located beside our...
  2. E

    Ukrainian: Travel

    Hello I need to know how it writes the word travel in Ukrainian. Also I would like to know how in Ukrainian say cheap travel or similar. How you write this words in Latin characters? Thanks and Best Regards
  3. W

    I really want to go....(somewhere)

    Can you please help me to translate the sentence "I really want to go!" with an emphasis on really. Thanks in advance!:)
  4. W

    I really want to go....(somewhere)

    Can you please help me to translate the sentence "I really want to go!" with an emphasis on really. Thanks in advance!:)
  5. P


    Tengo una pregunta sobre "guestbook". ¿Sería simplemente "libro de visitas"? ¿"Registro de visitas"? Estoy traduciendo un guión para un documentario. En ingles dice: "The museum's guestbook boasts of visitors from around the world." ¡gracias!
  6. C

    camera quadrupla

    Salve, ho un bed&breakfast e sto traducendo il sito in inglese. Avrei bisogno di sapere come tradurre camera quadrupla. Quadruple è una traduzione maccheronica? Grazie! Ciao!
  7. k_lithium

    Overnight guest

    How do you translate "overnight guest" in Spanish? ¿Huéspedes nocturnos? Thanks in advance
  8. jfbujalance

    tourist tat

    Está hablando de un zoco situado en Asuán al sur de Egipto en el que se venden muchos recuerdos típicos del país y dice: But away from the tourist tat, this is very much a living market Yo lo traduciría por "cosas horteras para turistas", ya que decir "porquería/basura para turistas" me...
  9. Y

    nacimiento de un río

    Hola, ¿Cómo puedo traducir al inglés la frase "nacimiento del río tal"? ¡Gracias anticipadas!
  10. M

    peccare di ottimismo

    Ciao! Come posso tradurre la frase "Ho peccato di ottimismo" dovendomi riferire ad un precedene messaggio in cui davo per scontato di trovare posto in uno specifico albergo? Grazie fin d'ora per le vostre delucidazioni :)
  11. A

    une grande scène lyrique

    Hi, I'm having a few difficulties with this sentence: Créé en 1954, le Concours International de Chant de Toulouse est aujourd’hui l’un des rares à être organisé par une grande scène lyrique. So far, i have: Toulouse’s International Singing Competition, which began in 1954, is...
  12. E

    Centro de radio

    ¿Hola, alguien sabe qué es el "Centro de radio" en una feria? ¡Gracias!
  13. K

    Daily rest

    Hi, I'm making a reservation in a hotel and "daily rest" is about 30% cheaper than a room. I don't know what does "daily rest" mean. Seems to me that it is to go there during the day and rest some time (it is a resort). All that I want the hotel for is to leave my luggage and go to sleep. What...
  14. K

    Daily rest

    Hi, I'm making a reservation in a hotel and "daily rest" is about 30% cheaper than a room. I don't know what does "daily rest" mean. Seems to me that it is to go there during the day and rest some time (it is a resort). All that I want the hotel for is to leave my luggage and go to sleep. What...
  15. G

    Booking - Reservation - Placement

    Hello there. I am translating a text regarding an online Booking Software from Italian to English, and I have many doubts about the correct use of the three terms in the title regarding the Italian word "prenotazione" and the verb "prenotare"... A friend told me that the verb to book is...
  16. S

    passenger assistance office

    Ero in Italia qualche mese fa, e ho chiesto aiuto piu volte dal gentile signore che sta in un ufficio alla stazione ferroviaria di Perugia. Il suo ruolo e di fornire informazioni sugli orari, prezzi ecc. Ma ho dimenticato come si dice il suo ufficio - in inglese si tradurrebbe 'Passenger...
  17. L


    Je cherche le mot en anglais, ce mot veut dire "Voyageur" ,mais plus casual et cool. Merci d'avance:)
  18. M

    Self-contained in the Andes Mountains

    I don´t understand the meaning of 'self-contained' in the following context: Invisible from below and completely self-contained in the Andes mountains of Peru, few words can capture the beauty of Machu Picchu.
  19. jfbujalance

    hard-edged sculpture

    Se trata de una escultura de Akenatón que es "hard-edged" (¿angulosa?), al contrario de las estatuas de época anterior, con vientres y muslos bulbosos y caras alargadas. ¿O se refiere a que es más realista, a que no se sale de las líneas que dan más realismo a la estatua?
  20. jfbujalance


    At Felfela Restaurant the food is straight-down-the-line Egyptian and consistently good. ¿Quiere decir que es sencillamente egipcia, sin influencias por ejemplos turcas, occidentales, etc.?
  21. I

    Front office manager

    Hola amigos,podría alguien decirme el significado exacto de estas palabras "Front office manager" ? Su uso es referido a vocabulario hotelero. Muxas gracias de antemano!!
  22. A

    comme cadre et comme materiau.

    Hello, Can somebody please explain (in French or English) the meaning of this sentence I am trying to translate. It totally baffles me. Particularly the last part. Au-dela d'un simple festival dédié aux arts de la rue, le projet est une invitation à ceux qui fabriquent la ville, la pensent...
  23. foreveramber

    stanza della caverna

    I have to translate a mountain itinerary. Is the right word for stanza della caverna" chamber of the cavern" or cavern chamber?
  24. L

    ingoing and outgoing tourism

    Hello to all, I am trying to translate the following for a travel agency:"ingoing and outgoing tourism",,,thank you to all who can help me with this!
  25. V

    pull through campsites

    Estoy leyendo websites de sitios para acampar y en la mayoria dice "sites in the campground are all pull-through" o simplemente "pull-through campsites. Yo crei saber lo que "pull-trhough" significa pero no me imagino que traduce en este caso. Gracias
  26. X

    Fôret jardinisée

    It is included in a listing of several natural areas! The word "jardinisée" doesn't even exist in french but it could be some kind of neologism to say that the forrest is laid out that way, to look like a garden. I don't really know how to translate it! Could a "garden-laid-out forrest"...
  27. S

    Gentile ospite il buffet è a vostra completa disposizione

    Buongiorno, vorrei suggerimenti per un cartello che indichi ai clienti che il buffet è a loro disposizione ma non possono portare fuori dalla sala il cibo ( fare la spesa ). Io ci provo così "Gentile ospite il buffet è a vostra completa disposizione per essere consumato in albertgo. Quanto...
  28. jfbujalance

    straddle (gates - streets)

    straddle ['strædəl] verbo transitivo 1 (sobre un caballo) montar a horcajadas 2 figurado the village straddles the river, el pueblo se extiende a ambos lados del río. En la siguiente frase, no me encaja ninguna palabra en español que no suene rara: Three old gates still straddle two of...
  29. S

    Quanto asportato verrà addebitato nel conto dell'albergo

    Per avvertire i clienti che il buffet non è un supermercato dove fare la spesa : "Quanto asportato verrà addebitato nel conto dell'albergo." "Everything you take away it will charge your bill."
  30. A

    cas fortuits

    Hello, I'm translating a general sales conditions document for a tourist office. "L'Office de Tourisme se réserve le droit d'annuler toute réservation si des évènements de force majeure et de cas fortuits l'y contraignent" "Cas fortuits" is translated as "acts of God". Is this the proper...
  31. P

    Yet even as...

    Este es un artículo que habla de las bondades de las telecomunicaciones. (Yet even) as we exult in the opportunities of the borderless economy and the varieties of world music and our ability to enjoy the cultures of the world in our living room (or in theirs), we fail sometimes to consider...
  32. P

    Hmong tribe

    También, con la misma seguridad con la que viajamos alrededor del mundo, el mundo está viajando alrededor de nosotros; ahora el impacto cultural está a la vuelta de la esquina, en los rostros de aquellos miembros de la tribu Hmong de Vietnam. Alguien sabe el nombre de los miembros de esta...
  33. G

    Swedish: Have a good time in Sweden

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to impress a girl by sending a small text message in Swedish to her when she's leaving for Sweden. Could you help by translating the message? Thanks! "Hey Swedish girl, Have a good time in Sweden. I'm sure it'll be great to see your friends back. Relax, celebrate and...
  34. R

    look forward to meeting you

    はじめまして xx 会う I wasn't sure how to put the title in the post, because I'm wondering a silly question. How do you say something equivalent to "I'm looking forward to meeting you"? I can say some vaguely similar things, but none sound right for introducing myself to my host family.
  35. A

    service réceptif

    Hey, I'm translating a "General sales conditions" document, so the language is quite specific. Does anyone have any ideas on how to translate: "Le service réceptif de l'Office de Tourisme de Toulouse est..." receiving service isn't right but i can't seem to come up with anything better...
  36. M

    convention office

    Bonjour Comment traduiriez-vous le mot "Convention office" dans le cadre d'un organisme qui s'occupe de la gestion d'un palais des congrès et de l'organisation de congrès? Merci beaucoup Milena
  37. B

    American student living in France

    "She was an American student living in France"? "Elle était une étudiante américaine vivant en France?" - C'est correct? Ça sonne un peu bizarre à mon avis. C'est pour ça que je demande.
  38. P


    Hola, he traducido una frase del español al ingles: You don’t have excuses anymore not to come to Madrid and Barcelona: Our hotel’s offers are “refreshing”!! Tengo una duda para la palabra refreshing que he traducido de refrescantes. Pero se dice refrescante de una oferta en Ingles?
  39. foreveramber

    oasi di piacere

    Devo tradurre "la zona è un oasi di piacere, dei piaceri" per un testo di un dep. turistico. Si può tradurre con "a haven of leisure and entertainment"?
  40. B

    Llamar la atención a una habitación de hotel por ruido

    Hi, I would appreciate if u could tell me how to say in English llamar la atención a una habitación porque está haciendo demasiado ruido. Ok madam, I'll send security there, & if he see/hear/notices (corregir por favor) enough noise he'll (le/les) llamará la atención. I work in the reception...
  41. A


    Could someone tell me what are the weekly rents of apartments in Palermo Italy?
  42. jfbujalance

    inlaid tiles

    En una guía general sobre Egipto. Creo que se refiere a los azulejos árabes antiguos que se troceaban por colores y luego se unían como un puzle según el diseño que se quería obtener. Me gustaría saber si hay una traducción exacta de esa expresión (inlaid tiles).
  43. A

    coups de billes de couleurs

    Having trouble with this sentence (paintball ad): Entre amis ou collègues de travail, déchaînez-vous à coups de billes de couleurs dans un environnement totalement naturel et dépaysant. The "naturel et depaysant" sounds strange to me in English - natural and exotic sounds like a slight...
  44. A

    de l’air et de l’espace et de la cité des rois

    Hello, I'm translating an article about cruises down the Seine in Paris and i'm totally stumped on this bit: Des croisières thématiques sont organisées sur le thème de la Villette, des musées, de l’air et de l’espace et de la cité des rois. the first half is fine but how/why would...
  45. D

    Casa de vacaciones

    Hi everybody! I'm trying to translate "casa de vacaciones". Could it be "holiday house"? Thanks in advance,
  46. E

    andata e ritorno

    Esiste un'abbreviazione inglese per dire Andata e ritorno (A/R). Grazie
  47. B


    Ciao a tutti, parlo e capisco lo spagnolo all'80% ma mi trovo in palla leggendo e trattando di tradurre questa frase che ho trovato in un sito internet di un hotel: - La comparación de tarifas se aplica a las reservas hechas a 24 horas vista para la misma fecha o las mismas fechas, y...
  48. S


    ¡Hola! I just have a very quick question. Is "botones" an acceptable term for hotel bellboys/bellmen? Is there another more respectful term? For example, in English you can call them hotel porter, bellhop, etc. ¡Muchas gracias!
  49. A

    entre Renaissance et Impressionnisme

    Hi, I'm translating this sentence: Le Salon de thé de la fondation Bemberg vous ouvre les portes du plus bel hôtel particulier toulousain, entre Renaissance et Impressionnisme so far, I have: the Bemberg foundation’s tearoom opens its doors to you in Toulouse’s most beautiful mansion But i...
  50. A

    l'accent (borne audio)

    Hi, I'm translating a document about an exhibition dedicated to Claude Nougaro, "le poète, le dessinateur, l'acteur, le jazzman, l'accent (bornes audio)" and am having trouble with : accent (bornes audio) If someone could help me out that would be great