1. H

    Learning languages is knowing the world

    The original phrase in Spanish is "aprender idiomas es conocer el mundo." We'd like to use this phrase in a poster. Help please!
  2. S

    sports-themed tours

    Hola a todos, Estoy trantando de crear una lista de tipos de excursiones en San Francisco, y he usado la palabra "excursión" para significar "tour" (por ejemplo "Excursiones en barco", "excursiones en bici", etc, pero ahora tengo un problema. Hay un tipo de visita/excursión/recorrido que tiene...
  3. V

    Modernamente arredato

    Ciao!! Qualcuno sa come si dice "modernamente arredato"? Le camere sono modernamente arredate Grazie mille per il vostro aiuto!
  4. V

    custodia valori

    Hi! how can I translate "custodia valori"? In the contest: quando vai in hotel e puoi affidare le cose preziose alla reception perchè te le custodiscano. Help me! thank you
  5. sam1978

    Bed and Breakfast

    Sorry to trouble you! I'd need to know how "Bed and Breakfast" is in Portuguese! I found "Pousada" in a dictionary. Is this right? Thank you in advance!
  6. L

    Me dijo

    Does anyone know what this means? me dijo un pajarito q te pasatte por el soho
  7. O

    qué alegría que me hayas mandado un mensaje

    Someone can translate me the next sentence, please. ¡Qué alegria que me hayas mandado un mensaje!
  8. I

    look-at-me antics

    Hi all again! In my text (about Aussies again), Sydney is the place to combine relaxed hedonism, decadent industriousness and look-at-me antics" Please could you help me again with this look-at-me antics? I can guess what "antics" means (payasadas) but can't be sure for this look-at-me. Any...
  9. I

    Fair go

    Hi all! This is a question for Aussies or people much concerned about Australian history... :-P What about the term "Fair go" in the following sentence? ... "new Australians forged a culture based on the principles of a 'fair go', with back-slaps for challenges to authority and eager ears for...
  10. E

    a room for three

    Bonjour, J'ai une question. Comment dit-on "a room for three"? une chambre à trois personnes / ou / une chambre pour trois personnes
  11. B

    service d'étage

    In a hotel bill in Swizerland, they charged us for service d'étage. What did they mean by that? Thanks a lot!
  12. R

    Categorías de Hoteles

    Hola! Alguien me puede ayudar a saber cuál es la traducción de: Gran Turismo 5 estrellas desde $425 hasta $750 Gracias! :)
  13. S

    tours de roues

    L'idée est de faire partager la passion de l'automobile ancienne et l'attachement à la région auprès d'un plus large public, en proposant un parcours autour des boucles de la Marne, afin de faire découvrir les paysages et la diversité du patrimoine architectural de l'Est parisien, comme le...
  14. Bochica

    upper berth picture windows

    Hello everybody, I am working on a project about Amtrak, I have never hopped on an Amtrak before, so I am not too familiar with its fleet... This is what I have doubts on: The single-level Viewliner cars operate on most long distance routes in the East and are known for their upper berth picture...
  15. R

    Consulta a tu agencia de viajes...

    Hola! Alguien me puede ayudar a traducir a inglés la frase: CONSULTA A TU AGENTE DE VIAJES Gracias :)
  16. S

    vorrei confermare la sua prenotazione

    Dear Mr. Rossi, I would like to confirm your booking of 1 room from xx.xx to xx.xx I look forward to hearings from you Best regards Corrisponde a : Sig. Rossi, vorrei confermare la sua prenotazione di 1 camera dal xx.xx al xx.xx Restando in attesa di conferme le porgo cordiali saluti
  17. A

    potencial turistico

    Hello everyone! I am trying to write a paper on tourism in Chile and am not sure if I have got the introduction quite right ¨Chile es un país que dispone de una diversidad geográfica inigualable la cual lo proporciona una ventaja notable en cuanto a variedad de atractivos para la actividad...
  18. S

    centrale technique

    Dans ce projet de tour mixte, nous souhaitons répartir le froid et le chaud entre les logements (ils constituent 50% de la tour) et les bureaux. La chaleur serait ainsi utilisée pour réchauffer les logements, en passant par des gaines jusqu'à une centrale technique. L'échangeur sert alors...
  19. H

    Codice - numero tessera

    Buongiorno, This is my first post here! I am looking to enter a bicycle race in the Como area of Italy this July and I am having difficulties with the registration form (which I have attached). I am guessing that the terms I am having troubles with are specific to conducting races and don't...
  20. N

    medio de comunicación

    Hello everybody! I need help! I would like to translate into English the following words: "Medio de comunicación" Does anybody know the answer? Thank you so much. Bye
  21. A

    linking producers to...

    Hola, necesito traducir "linking" dentro de este contexto: • Linking producers to the ecotourism offering (technical assistance in the operational aspects of running business) y no me suena muy bien con la traduccion del diccionario de wordreference. Apreciaria cualquier tipo de...
  22. S

    espace info

    I know this term is fairly common, but I just can't think of how to say it in English. Thanks for the help! "Le projet...est exposé à l'Espace Info Défense de l'Epad. Venez vite à l'Espace Info Défense de l'Epad (Etablissement Public d'Aménagement de la Défense)!"
  23. C

    Espero disfrutar de tus viajes!

    Someone sent this to me when I said I was going to Mexico on vacation. I don't know what it means
  24. F

    team members = miembros de/del equipo?

    hola... en ingles se dice team pueden aclarar si se dice... miembros de equipo o miembros del equipo... por ejemplo... Nuestra meta es llenar nuestros hoteles con personasa que se enriquecen(feliciten?) por haber venido aqui; tanto huespedes como miembros de (del?) equipo.
  25. T

    necesidad de diferentes condiciones climáticas

    Podría decirme alguien, como se dice en inglés: *necesidad de diferentes condiciones climáticas - the need of different climate conditions?, *Informaron sobre su último encuentro - information? about their later find... thanks!!
  26. P

    nella tua casa

    nella tua casa Il titolo di un articolo che parla di SPA e benessere è: HOME SPA: Well-being in your house. "in your house" non mi convince per niente, è meglio mettere "at home" o "at your home" secondo voi? Grazie
  27. C

    vacation for one week

    Can you please help me to translate this English message into Spanish. It will be possible for me to take a vacation for 1 week from Thursday 24/07/08 until Thursday 31/07/08. It is only 5 weeks from now and so I need to book it asap so I need to know if you will be in the hotel between those...
  28. U

    pep rates

    Hi everybody! I am translating a press release or report from hotels where they inform their customers about a special offer. At the end of the text there's a P.S. that reads as it follows: "P.S.: complimentary stays or pep rates are not entitled to this promotion" Does anybody have any...
  29. A

    one-mile loop

    I am translating a trail guide and the phrase - Just east of the trailhead is a one mile loop known as the Gemma Parks interpretive Trail - came up. I would be grateful for any suggestions.
  30. C

    Mind is still not on the job at hand

    Hi everybody! "My rythm is getting better. Mind is still not on the job at hand. Four locks are four locks too many" About the context: it's part of diary about a trip along a river by Kayak. I don't have a clue about the meaning of this sentence, I would appreciate any suggestion! Thanks in...
  31. A

    activités d'un leader des auberges de jeunesse

    Bon Soir! Je fais mon rapport de stage en ce moment, et dans ma sommaire une des titres est [...]et dans ce sujet il y a une autre titre "les activités d'un leader des auberges de jeunesse". Je comprends ce que je dois écrire mais pas trop bien.... est ce que quelqu'un peut m'expliquer ces deux...
  32. M

    de que poco

    Hola! Llevo tiempo visitando el foro cuando tengo dudas, pero nunca me había decidido a registrarme. Mi duda es la siguiente, quiero decir "de que poco" o algo parecido en inglés. Gracias por sus respuestas!
  33. A

    The tariffs vary according to the seasons

    Me again. SO sorry for all the questions! Je voudrais connaitre la traduction en francais pour "the tariffs vary according to the seasons" Les tarifs se varient selon les saisons? Merci!
  34. K

    It's difficult to get a visa for the United States these days

    Ciao a tutti.. Qual verbo si usa con "il visto"? Si prende un visto, si ottiene un visto, si ha un visto o un altro verbo? Vorrei dire: "It's difficult to get a visa for the United States these days.." This is my try: "In questi giorni é difficile prendere un visto per gli Stati Uniti" Thanks.
  35. F

    I will go on a business trip

    ... "Yo iré de viaje de negocio por la semana del 5 de julio." Is this a suitable translation? Thanks in advance!
  36. N

    shortages´bite worsens nationwide

    Título del "Buenos Aires Herald" del 13 de Junio. Conozco el significado de Shortage: escasez, falta y de bite: mordedura, comida y otros. No entiendo el caso posesivo. ¿Qué es lo que empeora en todo el país?
  37. Sunshine_13

    trip planner

    Buenas tardes, quisiera saber cómo traduciríamos o cuál sería la diferencia entre trip planner y travel planner. Hago la referencia a continuación: Special site features included a trip planner and section for travel planners. Algunas de las características especiales en esta página web, es...
  38. W

    Las extensiones de vigencia implicarán un costo adicional

    Saludos a todos. Por favor, me podrían ayudar con la traducción de este texto: " las extensiones de vigencia implicarán un costo adicional a definir según la temporada". Muchas gracias.
  39. M

    believe in providing

    Hello to eveybody, I have been looking for an accurate translation for the next sentence but at the end none of these really convinced me: -They believe in providing efficient service, but are not servile. Thanks in advance.
  40. M

    Community-Based Tourism

    Hi, How can I translate "Community-Based Tourism" in French. Thanks in advance
  41. J

    Spa Tourism

    Bonjour tout le monde! How do you say "Spa Tourism" in French? I want to say that la Maison de la France is currently promoting the Health and wellness sector in France, particularly Spa Tourism. Would you just say "le tourisme thermale"? Thanks
  42. L

    Dolphin Lagoon Wing

    Bonjour, je ne sais pas trop comment traduire Dolphin Lagoon Wing. c´est le nom donné par un complexe hôtelier à une partie de celui-ci. le pavillon Dolphin Lagoon Wing? d´autres idées? merci
  43. cycloneviv

    Le candidat doit assurer son voyage et ses frais de séjour

    Phrase trouvée dans une formulaire de candidature pour un programme de résidences artistiques : Le candidat doit assurer son voyage et ses frais de séjour. Est-ce que c'est à dire quelque chose comme : The candidate is responsible for all costs associated with travel and living expenses ? Je...
  44. F

    Business Tourism

    Hello, I'm stuck trying to find an accurate translation of "business tourism", i've found "voyages d'affaires" but i'm not such if that definition applies a specifique tourism sector... Thank you!
  45. M

    The realm of tourism hospitality

    Bonjour a tous, Je cherche a traduire la phrase suivante "Study how the realms of tourism hospitality change and/or transform cultural practices and identities in Siberut, Indonesia" Quelq'un a-t-il une idee? :idea:
  46. T

    Check in, Check out!! (Hotel)

    i was wondering how to say : Check in or Check out ....of an hotel!!! It could be useful to know!! Tahnks in advance!
  47. R

    five-star tourism establishment

    How would you say "five-star tourism establishment" in French? Maybe: établissement touristique de cinq étoiles??:) Thank you for your help!
  48. locco7_2000

    tourism levy excluded in the rate

    Hi guys Just one last question for today :) Would like some assistance, Include VS exclude Comprendre ? All rates include VAT of 14% where applicable and rates are subject to change without prior notice. Rates do NOT include telephone, laundry, Spa and Studio treatments and gratuities. TOURISM...
  49. P

    Revenue Manager

    Hola Foro! ¿Podría alguien iluminarme y decirme qué puesto laboral es, exactamente, un "Revenue Manager"? Ando un poco perdida... Muchas gracias y un saludo, P.
  50. P

    English Tourist Board

    Any suggestions would be welcome :) Is there a French equivalent?