1. A

    Norwegian to English: premissleverandør

    Hei! Jeg lurer på om noen har et godt forslag til oversettelse av det norske begrepet 'premissleverandør' til engelsk. Jeg har sett noen foreslå 'premise setter' eller 'premise provider' i et annet forum, men jeg synes det låter kunstig og tilgjort. Her er konteksten i dette tilfellet: "vi...
  2. F

    Eine anstrebende Oberfläche (19th century German)

    Dear All, I am translating a mechanical treatise from ancient Greek into English. Since the only existing edition of my text is German (late XIX century) I have been reading German for a while. My author is describing a roofed temple and the surface of its roof is said to be 'stretched out'...
  3. A


    How do you translate to english the spanish word "exponencialmente"?
  4. HeySoHowsItGoin

    Going to Go Right Now

    Can anyone translate this sentence into french for me please? :) He is going to go to ________ to surprise her.
  5. B

    Gash angling.

    I was translating a book, but I couldn't understand what was the author meaning with this sentence: "Still true, no one can get your confidence going like some gash angling for a tip." Here's the entire paragraph: "Earlier I told you that if you needed to get yourself some experience with...
  6. S

    è un secolo che ti cerco ed alla fine ti trovo nel bagno

    Ciao ragazzi I'm just starting to learn Italian, and this is (as you can see:) my first post. Sorry to make it a translate one, but I can't get this sentence to make sense. This is from a guy to a girl: "ciao è un secolo che ti cerco ed alla fine ti trovo nel bagno della "Barroom" " "Hi...