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translation required

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    Urdu to English translation

    Hello! I found some text written in Urdu I believe in my notebook. I am so curious to know what it says. Would anyone be willing to translate it for me? If yes, I will post the photo I took of it. Thank you!
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    Eine anstrebende Oberfläche (19th century German)

    Dear All, I am translating a mechanical treatise from ancient Greek into English. Since the only existing edition of my text is German (late XIX century) I have been reading German for a while. My author is describing a roofed temple and the surface of its roof is said to be 'stretched out'...
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    Bulgarian: Koi si i kakvo iskash da mi kajes

    Hi can any one help me for the meaning of this phrase. "Koi si i kakvo iskash da mi kajesh" Please let me know this ASAP. thanks for your help in advance.