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  1. S

    English to French automobile

    Anglais Français automobile n mainly US (car) automobile nf The vast majority of households now own automobiles. La grande majorité des ménages possèdent une automobile. La grande majorité des ménages possèdent une automobile : Sorry, but this translation does not match the...
  2. R

    hindi: Different names for India

    Hello everyone, I would like to know if there are other, more colloquial forms in the Indian sub-continent to refer to "Bhārat Gaṇarājya" or, as many Europeans call it, India. Thanks for your time and help.
  3. K

    Sanskrit महाभारतम् । ३ । १८८ । २३ ।।

    Hello, everybody, I am trying to translate a passage from the Mahābhārata (3, 188), and I am struggling with the distichon 23. I am not sure as to whether I am understanding it properly. I am following the text available at https://bombay.indology.info/mahabharata/text/UD/MBh03.txt: सरित्तीरेषु...
  4. R

    Georgian: დემნა გვასალია / Demna Gvasalia

    Hello everyone, First of all, I apologize for not being able to write these message in Georgian, as I don't speak the language. I would like to have an accurate pronunciation of the name and surname of Demna Gvasalia, a fashion designer of Georgian origin. I would also like to know if both...
  5. kokoro_mo

    All Nordic languages: lockdown

    Hello, with a couple of friends, we're trying to establish a list of expressions that name in respective linguistic communities the current security hygienic "dispositifs". It's pretty evident that the use is rather arbitrary and "improper" from the point of view of the internal sens of the...
  6. EpicjokerXD

    I need some native slovakian expertise, anyone just give me a reply

    Hi, I think my girl is naughty texting someone... but I'm having trouble understanding some sentences/ texts, and I could really need some help from a native slovakian speaker 😅 The texts goes like this: Unknown 1) Furt si velky viking. Unknown 2) A hlavne tvoj foter. Unknown 1) Presne tak...
  7. F

    Punjabi: jo mille na tasalli aap ne aap so mille na virodh karna

    hi, wondering if anyone could provide a translation of the phrase jo mille na tasalli aap ne aap so mille na virodh karna thank you
  8. M


    Wie uebersetzt man "Ruhr-Universitaet" auf Englisch? Meines Woerterbuch gibt das Wort, "dysentery," das es klar nicht meinen oben kann. Hilfe?
  9. W

    Savour the taste

    Hello! I'm looking for a translation into french of "savour the taste". If not an equivalent will do! The context I'm using it in is for the opening of a newsletter. It's the final newsletter for the year 2008 so I have opened the english version with: Dear readers, Savour the taste... this...
  10. Lechatnoir

    International Media Editor

    Hi all... I'm trying to translate my current job title into French, but I can't seem to get it quite right. My exact title is "International Media Editior", and I was thinking something along the lines of "Analyste des médias internationaux". It doesn't sound right though.. :-/ Any...
  11. S

    ayvalığa hayran olmamak mümkün değil bir başka hayran olunacak biride sizsiniz:)

    Hello, someone sent this message to me on facebook: "ayvalığa hayran olmamak mümkün değil bir başka hayran olunacak biride sizsiniz" i don't know why this person wrote to me in turkish because i don't understand one word of it. But i am very curious and hope someone who does know the...
  12. W

    Best of luck

    I have a business associate/client taking on a new job. I would like to say the following in Italian: Best of luck in your new position. Please give me a call when you're in Detroit.