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    Vietnamese: Douglas

    I’m aware that, since Vietnamese is written with Roman alphabets, names from other languages using Roman alphabets (e. g., English and French) can appear in their native form in Vietnamese texts (such as Douglas MacArthur – Wikipedia tiếng Việt). Recently, I discovered that speakers of the...
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    Pronunciation of Chinese names in Japanese

    Hi, I've heard that Chinese names can be directly pronounced in Japanese through kanji, since kanji is basically Chinese characters. I'd like to know if this Chinese name can be pronounced in Japanese: 胡 敬 為 I've done an exhaustive search on the net. Could only get translated meanings but...
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    I'm having hard time with this one, is インスネアリング proper writing in katakana?
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    Transliteration into Greek Alphabet

    Of course we all know about ローマ字, used to transliterate Japanese text into the Roman alphabet. I recently discovered that there is a キリ字 (transliteration of Japanese into Cyrillic characters, the most widely adopted system being the one by Yevgeny Polivanov). I was wondering whether anyone is...
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    Angela, Malcolm, Aaron, Jared

    Hey everyone Happy New Year to you all. Some people on here have helped me so much lately with translating English phrases, so much so that I got a tattoo in late 2008. I need help with some English names, would anyone be willing to help me translate them from English into Arabic? The...