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  1. L

    Rodízio de Carros

    Hola amig@s, Nos gustaría saber cómo se dice en español lo que muy bien conocemos en portugués brasilero: "rodízio de carros". Lo encontramos como "reducción vehicular" pero hay otra manera de decirlo? Gracias, Luane y Claci
  2. A

    kennfeldstabilisierende Maßnahmen ("ported shroud"?)

    This is a really long shot, but I know there are some automotive experts here, so here goes. The context is radial compressors, in particular for exhaust turbochargers, in internal combustion engines. "Durch die Entwicklung sogenannter kennfeldstabilisierender Maßnahmen (KSM) wird versucht...
  3. A

    Dackellauf [automotive]

    Can anyone confirm for me, please, whether "Dackellauf" is "crabbing" in English in an automotive context, or correct me if I'm wrong? The only bit of context I have is the sentence it's in, and I can't tell you what goes before it because it may be confidential! "...es hierbei möglich, die...
  4. entrapta

    Pennsylvania terminal

    Pennsylvania terminal Hi, I wanted to check for the meaning of the above, if it means "stazione di testa della Pennsylvania Station (o Penn Station)" like I think. The sentence is about two freight handlers "from the Pennsylvania terminal" no state or city specified then I guess it's NY- who...
  5. J

    mule (4WD vehicle))

    Me pregunto cómo se llama en español una Mule, hablando en un contexto no animal, sino me parece que es más bien algún carrito de tiraje o algo parecido: "When we got the mules off the trailers, we were behind schedule" Any help will be well apreciated. Rock On!!
  6. T

    tachograph card

    Hello everybody! I would like to translate 'tachograph card' into Italian. The 'tachograph card' is a card (and it's sometimes a white disk) that you can find inside a lorry. It allows the company or police to know when the driver was driving and when he had a break because according to...
  7. A

    Spurhalteassistent (automotive)

    Hi. I'm hoping there might be some motor enthusiasts out there who can help me with this term. My automotive dictionary claims that it's a "lateral guidance system" or "tracking system", but when I Google on those terms the contexts don't tally with what the author is talking about. And when I...
  8. mmluqman

    Je te commande tes billets

    I understand that this translates to: I'll order your tickets for Barcelona today. but can someone please elaborate on "te commande", shouldn't it be "me commande" ???
  9. V

    Prendere il traghetto

    Just a quick question. Please would you be so kind as to tell me if the following sentence is correct? Siamo andati in macchina a Civitavecchia e poi abbiamo preso il traghetto per raggiungere la Sardegna = We drove to Civitavecchia and then we took a ferry boat to get to Sardinia...
  10. I

    Vane Relay

    In tema di elettrotecnica, c'e' un termine italiano che equivale all'inglese "Vane Relay"? Non ho mai sentito di un "Rele' con contatto a paletta" o "a banderuola". :( Qualche idea? Grazie!
  11. LDATirro

    bus transfer (ticket)

    Come si direbbe "bus transfer" in italiano? E' un "biglietto di coincidenza", o un "biglietto cumulativo" o magari nessuno dei due? So che i biglietti autobus in Italia durano 90 minuti, allora dovrebb'essere cumulativo no (che però viene tradotto come "group ticket")? Ho bisogno del sostantivo...
  12. LDATirro

    overhead compartment

    Ragazzi, come si chiamerrebbe in italiano un "overhead compartment" in aereo? Grazie in anticipo dell'aiuto! LDATirro
  13. E

    taxi collettivo

    I'd like to know the correct translation, ty
  14. k_georgiadis

    to merge (traffic)

    Is congiungersi the appropriate verb with reference to merging traffic? At Exit 15 a heavy volume of traffic from Route 46 merges from the right with the westbound Route 80 traffic, causing major problems.
  15. F

    Rete Urbana/Rete Extraurbana

    Hi, how can I translate "Rete Urbana" and "Rete Extraurbana"? Urban Network and Extra-Urban Network sound really weird. The only context I can give you is: I'm introducing the local Bus Company and I need to give some numbers. Thank you!
  16. S


    Não consigo encontrar a tradução inglesa deste termo ou pelo menos, explicação o que é... tem a ver com a terminologia marítima - e.g. peamento de carga obrigada!
  17. L

    settore ferrotranviario

    Hi. I need help translating the following sentence: "Il numero di occupati nel settore ferrotranviario risulta nettamente superiore rispetto alla media nazionale" Does "settore ferrotranviario" correspond to railway sector? The translation would be something like: the number of employed...
  18. F

    conduzione dell'imbarcazione

    Hi! I would like to know if in this context I should translate "conduzione dell'imbarcazione" only with "navigation". Il concetto di navigare nel massimo relax prevede di liberarsi da ogni incombenza pratica relativa alla conduzione dell’imbarcazione. Guests can enjoy the pleasure of...
  19. arthurlee

    port engine

    Qualcuno sa come si chiama il "port engine" di un aereo in italiano? Su alcuni siti (nautici, però) viene tradotto con "motore di sinistra", ma non mi convince molto... Grazie a chi mi saprà aiutare :)
  20. raffavita

    flight service

    Ciao a tutti, ;) Non so bene come si traduca "flight service." Sono all'aeroporto ed entrano nell'"air-conditioned office of Riviera Flight Service. Sapete se esiste un equivalente?? Grazie mille a tutti. :)
  21. F

    Trenino cittadino

    Ciao! Qualcuno sa dirmi come si dice in inglese "trenino cittadino", cioé quei trenini usati per gli spostamenti in città? Grazieeee
  22. G

    Anello Ferroviario

    Hello, I need to translate 'anello ferroviario' as a sub-title: Anello Ferroviario Dal 01 Gennaio 2010 al 28 Febbraio 2010 divieto di accesso per i ciclomotori e motoveicoli a due, tre e quattro ruoti Thanks
  23. L

    sleepers (ferroviari)

    from English into Italian question: how would you translate the word "sweepers" here? context: "Fisherman's Blues" lyrics --- crashing a-headlong on into the heartland like a cannon in the rain with the beating of the sweepers and the burning of the coal --- I'm Italian and even if...
  24. R


    Hi! I haven't been able to find the words "tir fermi." Please, help! The context is the following: "Il traffico è rimasto a lungo bloccato dall’aeroporto verso le altre destinazioni a causa di numerosi tir fermi nella neve." Thanks!
  25. U

    coche particular

    ¿Como traduciriais coche particular?
  26. worldspeak

    emergency turnaround area

    Hello, I'm trying to find a good translation for the American English term "emergency turnaround area". This is the strip (usually gravel or dirt) that crosses the median (center) of a divided highway and designated for police and emergency vehicles only. It is for changing direction into the...
  27. A

    circuitos aeroportuarios

    ¿Cómo lo traduzco? Context: "El transporte a través de los circuitos aeroportuarios..." "Transportation through the airports' circuits" Does it sound natural?
  28. A

    hybrid: Motorstaubremse/Dekompressionsbremse?

    Hi, I know we have some automotive experts here, so thought I'd try asking this. I have this phrase "eine Mischform aus einer Motorstaubremse und einer Dekompressionsbremse, die insbesondere auch als EVB (= Exhaust-Valve-Brake) bezeichnet wird." I suspect that a Motorstaubremse is an "exhaust...
  29. A


    Hi, does anyone have any suggestions for translating the above? I've come across "driving experience" somewhere, but am not sure that it's quite what I want. Context: "erhöhte Wankbewegungen bei Kurvenfahrten" may result in "einem unerwünschten Fahrgefühl für den Fahrer". Thanks for any...
  30. C

    Open topped bus

    Hi, I am looking to hire an open topped bus on the costa brava and cannot express myself at all! Please could someone help me translate this? I would like to hire an open topped bus this weekend for use in Perpignan - do you have such a bus and if so is it available please? Thanks for any/all...
  31. A

    Vorkopflänge (railway)

    Are there any railway experts here who know what this is in English? From the diagram, it would seem to be the distance between the edge of the sleeper (crosstie) and the vertical axis of the track rail. Thanks in anticipation ...
  32. Br€ndita

    ride flats

    Non riesco a capire cosa significhi questa frase: "They used to ride boxcars and flats". Si tratta di poveracci che non hanno soldi per comprare il biglietto del treno e che quindi viaggiano nei vagoni merci (boxcars) e nei... ???? Sapreste aiutaremi per favore?
  33. Molly-Molly

    Conference / Non conference vessels

    Does anybody know the name of these in Spanish? "With import and export movements by full container loads or less than container loads from major markets around the world we utilize both conference and non conference vessels to give you a choice that best meets your requirements" Es una...
  34. M


    ¡Hola! Necesito ayuda para traducir la palabra weathertightness dentro del contexto de inspección a contenedores. Frase completa: Interference with door closure, securement and/or weathertightness. Asumo que tiene que ver algo con las condiciones del tiempo y de cómo afecta en la condición...
  35. Molly-Molly

    fast in berth

    For what I've seen in the web, this seems quite a standard expression in maritime contracts. But how would you say it in Spanish? Laytime shall commence upon the expiration of six hours after NOR has been tendered or upon vessel being all fast in berth, whichever is earlier. My lousy...
  36. P

    scalo ferroviario

    What is the meaning of "scali" when it is used in the term "scali ferroviari"?
  37. S


    Hola, ¿cómo se dice "treponti" en español? Es un tipo de barco, si no me equivoco... La definición del De Mauro: st.mar., vascello da guerra con tre ponti di batteria oltre al ponte di coperta Si gettò in spalla l'archibugio, s'aggrappò ad un ammasso di liane, che pendevano intorno al...
  38. L

    Bearing from casting bore

    Hello, I am translating a maintenance manual for a military vehicle that is used by the Army. I need help in translating the following phrase that is located withinn the Warning summary: "Use appropriately sized tools when removing the kingpin and bearing from casting bore, as extremely high...
  39. T


    Hola, En el contexto del medio ambiente, alguien me podría decir que es "road-pricing" ?¿?¿?¿ Gracias!!!
  40. N

    Pivote de carretera

    Hola amigos, he intentado encontrar el equivalente en inglés a lo que en español llamamos pivote, es decir lo que ponen en las carreteras para señalizar un peligro o para evitar que pasen los coches pero no he encontrado nada. Si alguien me puede ayudar le estaría muy agradecida. gracias.
  41. E

    Checking a train ticket

    What is the Italian for checking or validating a train ticket - ---?
  42. E

    Sector de Tráfico

    Hola a todos! Necesito realizar una descripción de puesto en inglés para la empresa donde trabajo. Existe un sector de tráfico que es el encargado de administrar y coordinar con la producción de mercadería (colchones) las entregas de las mismas a los clientes. Estoy usando la frase "Shipping &...
  43. D

    Técnico asistencia en viaje

    Hola, Estoy haciendo el CV en inglés, y tengo una duda. Trabajé como "técnico de asistencia" y no sé cómo traducirlo. En este trabajo, se recibían las llamadas de personas de unas determinadas compañías de seguros que, durante un desplazamiento, habían tenido una avería con el coche, un...
  44. F

    Pli cartable

    Bonjour a tous, buenos días, Como se podría traducir el "pli cartable" al castellano en la frase siguiente: "Attestation du capitaine du navire certifiant avoir reçu un pli cartable a transmettre au donneur d'ordre contenant......." La traducción que me vienne en mente sería: "Carpeta...
  45. B

    Bridge plate supports?

    Hola, necesito traducir el término "bridge plate supports" en relación a terminología ferroviaria, aparentemente forma parte de la maquinaria de seguridad de un tren o ferrocarril. La frase completa es: Randomly select 10 multi-levels and inspect bridge plate supports (barrel rings) at both...
  46. F

    Controle de intervenentes aduaneiros

    Por favor, se alguém pudesse me informar a tradução de controle de intervenentes aduaneiros agradeceria muito. Obrigado
  47. M

    Ballast water

    I would like to know if "water ballast" is a correct translation for "eaux de ballast" concerning water loaded into ships to stabilize them. Moreover if this expression exists what is its plural?
  48. Kelimutu

    camion à fond en V/camion à fosse

    Does anyone know what type of truck this is? I found on another site that it might mean 'coil well' but in this case, the context is a delivery protocol for liquids and other raw materials to a beauty products factory, so it can hardly be delivering coils of wire. can find nothing on...
  49. L

    Roadside pull-out

    Bonjour! I'm trying to figure out how to say roadside pull-out in French but I'm not even sure if that's the right word in English and I can't find a better word or a translation into French anywhere! Basically just a place at the side of the road where it is widened so that you can safely...
  50. A

    turbo sterzo monobraccio

    Salve a tutti! Ho qualche difficoltà a tradurre l'espressione "turbo sterzo monobraccio". Per facilitarvi, vi riporto il passo in cui appare. Stiamo parlando della creazione della Vespa: In poche settimane realizza il prototipo MP6, veicolo con carrozzeria autoportante, di materiale leggero...