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    passage à quai

    Hello everyone! I am working in road transport and to need to find the English translation for "passage à quai" in terms of trucks and goods and [...]. It's quite technical and I can't find the translations anywhere !! can u help me?? thx
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    charter rate and freight rate

    Buenas, estoy traduciendo un texto sobre marina civil y me salen dos términos muy parecidos pero como no soy especialista no sé muy bien a qué se refieren. El texto completo es: In spite of the charter rates have kept apparentlystable during second half of 2005 and first half of 2006, freight...
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    Me podría decir alguien cual es la traducción de "carregadoras" del portugués al español en el siguiente texto?: "Fase da preparaçao, transporte e armazenagem do cimento: Esta é fase da extracçao do material- a areia e a argila e o calcário sao extraídas nas minas através de carregadoras"...
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    Necesito más ayuda... Como decir correctamente en español la expressión: cross-cultural transportability queriendo decir que es un rasgo de algo que puede ser utilizado en varias culturas, traducido de un idioma al otro y aplicable... Y contexto parecido... sth developed in one culture...
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    Road network

    quiero decir "it is the center of the road network of Spain" "Es el centro de _______ de Espana." Gracias!
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    Railways: locotracteur

    Any train buffs out there? Can you confirm my suspicion that a 'locotracteur' is a shunting engine or similar? I don't like any of the entries I'm getting from dictionaries or online glossaries. It's being used down a mine for moving wagons around, but could also be used for a train...
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    Fenderleiste (Scheuerleiste?) (nautical)

    Would anyone happen to know what the English is for this? It occurs in one place in my text as 'Fenderleiste oder Scheuerleiste', so I'm not entirely clear whether or not the two are complete synonyms. It seems that it may be a ridge around a boat, either rubber or wooden, perhaps, designed...
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    Autostrada & superstrada

    Hi everybody! Could anyone help me getting out from this maze? I was looking for the best way to render our terms autostrada and superstrada but I have found so many options... expressway, throughway, superhighway, freeway, tollway, state highway (could I add superstatethruexpresstollway?) just...