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    Checking a train ticket

    What is the Italian for checking or validating a train ticket - ---?
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    puente (vacaciones)

    Hola, Me dirijo a quien pueda ayudarme con algunas jergas en inglés, concretamente el de Inglaterra. Quiero salir de dudas ya que hay muchas opciones según el inglés que sea. Quería ayuda sobre una traducción que he hecho de estas frases y saber cual es la correcta; es para una agencia de...
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    Roadside pull-out

    Bonjour! I'm trying to figure out how to say roadside pull-out in French but I'm not even sure if that's the right word in English and I can't find a better word or a translation into French anywhere! Basically just a place at the side of the road where it is widened so that you can safely...
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    I had awful seasickness

    I am in my final GCSE year. I need to translate 'i had awful seasickness.' within the context of talking about travelling to a place by ship: 'I hated it because i had awful seasickness' I already have: 'j'avais le mal de mer affreux', would this be correct in the sentence: 'J'ai deteste le...
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    Ciao a tutti, devo dare delle indicazioni per raggiungere un posto e ci sono vari modi: tram metro bus metrotramvia Solo che non riesco a trovare come tradurre questa "metrotramvia".. Putroppo il contesto non è molto, anche in italiano sono elencati solo i numeri delle linee e le fermate...
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    ¡Hola! I just have a very quick question. Is "botones" an acceptable term for hotel bellboys/bellmen? Is there another more respectful term? For example, in English you can call them hotel porter, bellhop, etc. ¡Muchas gracias!
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    jeu apéro

    Hello, everyone :-) Can anyone help me out with this phrase "jeu apéro"? It is posted on a French travel portal and is part of the following phrase: Pour les adultes, sports, tournois, ateliers se relaient toute la journée entre 9h et 18h puis la soirée débute : jeu apéro, soirée, spectacle et...