1. D

    "що" vs "шо" in Ukrainian

    I've just discovered that "що" is an Urainian word for "what". But it's a supprise for me, because at home, I allways heard, that "шо" is one of most charasteristic words of Ukrainian speakers (different from Polish "co"). Is it just a mistake of my Polish parents or mayby is it an regional...
  2. Packard

    Ukrainian: Vladimir vs. Volodymyr

    I noticed recently a shift in the spelling of Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s first name in news reports. I am guessing that either: I did not notice this shift earlier This is a simple correction of Zelenskyy’s name like the additional “y” was earlier. An effort to distance his first name from Putin’s...
  3. Drink

    Ukrainian: Русские евреи

    Як краще сказати по-українськи фразу "русские евреи"? То є євреї котрі жили на території колишнього СРСР і розмовляють на російській мові (і раніше на їдиші), але вони не належать ні російському народу ні сьогоднішній російській державі. Я боюся що фраза "російські євреї" має неправильні...
  4. H

    Ukrainian: Копнякова демократія

    While I do understand the meaning (the state institutions don't work as they should until civil society groups heavily apply pressure (aka kick a government in the ass) so that the state finally works as intended), I don't see how can one idiomatically translate it while retaining the "kicking"...
  5. jarvisa

    Ukrainian: підпал

    In a YouTube video, they sing «Узяв підпалу». The only meaning that I can find for «підпал» is ‘arson’. This is obviously nonsense. From the context of the song, my best guess is ‘He took his firearm.’
  6. H

    Ukrainian: Досидь

    What's the meaning of "досидь"? Context: Досидь дивно чути заяви про неприпустимість втручання можновладців у справи церкви від нардепа, який за сумісництвом є дияконом Is it "enough"?
  7. R


    Hello, First of all, I apologize for not being able to write this message in the Ukrainian language. I am looking for a correct/accurate pronunciation of the surname Hujar, which I believe is of Ukrainian origin. If possible, I would also like to know if the word has any meaning at all...
  8. iezik

    Ukrainian: ліс, в лісу́ - optional locative -u

    The grammars explain that the word "ліс" ("forest") has in locative singular two possible endings, лі́сі or лісу́. But the dictionaries typically show only one form. Which dictionary to use? I checked two grammars, Правопис 2019 §86 and Синявський 1941 §42. I hope I read the stresses correctly...
  9. iezik

    Ukrainian: вода: воду́, во́ду (знахідний однини)

    Are both stresses correct in accusative singular? Few dictionaries show end stress (goroh, umif,,, examples in another dictionary (slovnyk) show stem stress. Thanks, Iezik
  10. iezik

    Ukrainian: Коли вона що робить?

    I'm don't find examples with hour-minute time of type "At a quarter past seven, she or he ...". There are plenty of examples of "It's quarter past seven. Зараз чверть на восьму." So, could you please take a look at my examples (in bold)? Are they correct? Thanks, iezik Коли вона що робить? Єва...
  11. iezik

    uk: дивитися (stress in the present tense)

    How is this verb stressed in the present? shows form ди́вишся. uk.wiktionary shows form диви́шся. Are both forms used, or is there an error? Thanks, Iezik
  12. iezik

    Ukrainian: На початку вересня

    Is "початку" а locative form of "початок", used for preposition "на" and "у"? And is the locative form for the other prepositions "початки", as used in "об початки або після". Then again, I don't see the ending -и for the locative of masculine nouns of the 2nd declension (in Pliushch, Граматика...
  13. P

    Ukrainian: soft sign before і

    Hello, Wiktionary says that the nominative plural of “весь” is “всі”, but the genetive is “всьіх”. How is the soft sign explained? I though that і by itself palatalizes the preceding consonant. Thanks!
  14. L'irlandais

    Ukrainian : Kujambel meaning marmalade

    Hello, Following a earlier discussion of mine : Kujambelwasser (Seemännisch) On the subject of Navy slang in the German military, the suggestion was that had its origin in Ukrainian. (Presumably during the September 1941 and August 1944 occupation.) I found that kujambelwasser translates to...
  15. Encolpius

    Ukranian: suffix -щина

    Good morning ladies an gentlemen, today I saw the word Київщина and I learned it is an area around Kiev. I found the suffix -щина fascinating because in Czech (what I speak) -ina means something different. Then, I learnt there is Угорщина meaning Hungary. Interesting. My question is related to...
  16. Lorenc

    Ukrainian: facultative animacy for masculine nouns

    I have read that some Ukrainian inanimate nouns, such as лист, can optionally take singular-accusative in -а, i.e. they are treated gramatically as animate nouns, e.g. він написав листа instead of він написав лист. In this question I'll call this feature 'facultative animacy', although...
  17. O

    Ukrainian Language Upper / Lower case letters

    The task says: choose a line where the spelling mistake is A) Миколин ноутбук, Миколаївська область B) прокрустове ложе, булгаківський стиль C) київські каштани, Київський метрополітен D) гоголівський гумор, довженківські свята - the key at the end of the book says it's the right answer E)...
  18. S

    Ukrainian: Візміть місце

    In a BBC drama series - The Nest - the characters visit a medical clinic 'abroad'. On the wall is a sign: Приймальня Будь ласка, візміть місце і чекати, щоб називатися. This is meant to mean Reception. Please take a seat and wait to be called. I guess this is just a bad translation, but I...
  19. K

    Ukrainian/Belarusian повиминають

    Hello, everybody! I want to translate a text from the oral tradition of the Kiev region, published by Виноградова, Людмила Николаевна, и Левкиевская, Елена Евгеньевна, 2012: Народная демонология Полесья, том 2, Москва, Рукописные Памятники Древней Руси, стр. 535, нр. 283. I think that the...
  20. Lorenc

    Ukrainian: зоря vs зірка

    I would like to know what stylistic or register differences there are in Ukrainian between зоря and зірка ('star', the latter being a diminutive form of the former).
  21. Setwale_Charm

    Ukrainian abbreviations ЦП, ГК, ФР

    ЦП, не обтяженi зобов'язан. в обiгу на ФР ЦП кл. фiз осiб резид ЦП: Вимоги по ГК Добридень! any idea what these may mean, anyone?
  22. C

    Ukrainian: намет

    Hello everyone, I have a Ukrainian question! I am currently reading the poetry of Vasyl' Stus and struggling with a certain line in 'Potoky'. How do you understand the noun 'намет' in the following stanza: А треба пам’ятати. Пам’ятай. Палахкотів намет. Палахкотіли в нас спомини, немов півні...
  23. Lorenc

    Ukrainian: мотузок

    I'd be interested in knowing cognate words in Russian or Polish of the Ukrainian noun мотузок (‎‎motuzók) 'rope'.
  24. Lorenc

    Ukrainian: штовхати

    I'd be interested in knowing cognate words in Russian or Polish of the Ukrainian verb штовхати (‎štovxaty) 'to push'.
  25. Lorenc

    Ukrainian: блювати

    I'd be interested in knowing cognate words in Russian or Polish of the Ukrainian verb блювати (‎‎bl'uváty) 'to vomit'.
  26. Lorenc

    Ukrainian: чавити

    I'd be interested in knowing cognate words in Russian or Polish of the Ukrainian verb чавити (‎čavỳty) 'to squeeze'.
  27. C

    Ukrainian: pronunciation of "почуваєшся"

    Добрий вечiр, Українiсти! I am wondering whether the phonetic contraction which makes the ending of "почуваєшся" or "дивишся" be pronounced like "почуваєсся" is retained in all conjugations (that is, verbs of the "ходити" and "знати" type)? And whether it is used in all parts of Ukraine? Дякую!
  28. Lorenc

    ukrainian: pronunciation of palatalised affricates ц дз

    According to the English Wikipedia page on Ukrainian phonology this language has palatalised variants /d͡zʲ/ and /t͡sʲ/, contrary to Russian; from what I understand of Ukrainian orthography these sounds would be written as ц' and дз', although I didn't encounter these spellings in the Ukrainian...
  29. S

    Ukrainian: розповсюдження або розширення

    Доброго дня! Знайшов це на веб-сторінці BBC: Радіослухач Ігор просить пояснити відмінність між словами "поширення" і "розповсюдження". Ці слова мають відмінне значення в українській мові, а їх плутають ті, хто перебуває під упливом російської мови, де слово "распространение" має два значення...
  30. B

    Ukranian: Pronunciation of '

    So I've recently started learning Ukrainian and I know that the apostrophe "indicates that the consonant it follows isn't palatalised". I understand it in theory, but, in practice, does Ukrainian really distinguish between, say, /vʲ/ in морквяний and /vj/ in черв'як? I've read in different...
  31. M

    Mutual Intelligibility: Slovak and Ukrainian

    I am curious if there were any studies about the mutual intelligibility of Slovak and Ukrainian. Slovak is West Slavic and Ukrainian East, however, Slovak is perhaps the "most east" West Slavic language and Ukrainian is the "most western" East Slavic languages. I am a native Slovak speaker...
  32. P

    All Slavic: Miles - Killometers short form

    I need to translate something like: 10mi [miles] 10km [kilometers] 10mph [miles per hour] 10m/s [meters per second] I am having trouble finding translations for the short form of those words (mi, mph etc), especially when it comes to "miles" and "miles per hour". Any help...
  33. S

    All Slavic: Phrasal surnames

    Hello, all. I know almost all languages that use surnames have colourful ones that are formed from adjectives, verbs, or other parts of speech as well as descriptive ones based on the appearance of a person or some physical characteristic. In Ukrainian, however, there are some very unusual...
  34. Rosett

    Ukrainian: до господарству/вжитку/начиння/приладдя

    Добридень усім! Якщо я дарую горщик знайомим, то як краще запитати на наступний день (або через деякий час), що підійшов чи горщик до: домашнього вжитку, або господарству, або начиння, або кухонного приладдя?
  35. Rosett

    Ukrainian: Кітка або кішка?

    Доброго дня всім! Моя знайома з Харкова говорить "кішка", а інша, зі Львова - "кітка". А як, насправді, правильно?
  36. I

    Ukrainian: to post

    Please report problematic posts rather than posting in the thread. In my translation attempt of this sentence to Ukrainian, I have problems with the verb post. I don't want translation of the whole sentence since it's against the forum rules. What is the most suitable Ukrainian verb for to post...
  37. G

    One Ukrainian local dialect almost identical to Croatian?

    Hello everybody. (My first post! Yay!) I'm trying to verify an old story a friend of mine told me. Back in the old(ish) days he was a member of a student exchange organisation and travelled a lot. One of the places he visited was Ukraine. So he said that on one particular trip, after they...
  38. 123xyz

    Ukrainian: помиї

    Hello everyone, I'm having trouble understanding the lyrics of the Ukrainian song "Чи не пішов би ти на"; namely, I can't understand what "помиї" refers to in the following segment, nor what significance the act of drinking "помиї" might have: Дід: ... Що забула дорогенька Чиї помиї пила...
  39. S

    Ukrainian: clusterf*ck

    I'm trying to write a Ukrainian character describing a situation as a clusterf*ck and I want to know if there's an equivalent expression. This is for a piece of Star Trek fan fiction I'm writing, a scene of an admiral giving a briefing to a captain. Admiral Levchenko's line is, “Well, with this...
  40. B

    Ukrainian: Conjugation: няти ‎and яти?

    I'm assuming/hoping they're identical. Can anyone tell me how they would conjugate? What's the imperative? Is there a perfective form? Thanks in advance.
  41. huckleberry12

    Ukrainian: tu me manques / I miss you

    Hi there: I would like to get a tattoo honouring my grandmother who passed away several years ago; she was my hero and the most important person in my life, and I would like to honour her memory. I am Ukrainian by heritage (as was my grandmother), but don't speak the language myself anymore...
  42. Encolpius

    Ukrainian: мартин

    Hello, I just ran across the Ukrainian word мартин in the dictionary which says it means seagull. What is the difference between the word чайка and мартин? And what is the origin of the word мартин? The male name Martin? Thanks.
  43. E

    Ukrainian: Travel

    Hello I need to know how it writes the word travel in Ukrainian. Also I would like to know how in Ukrainian say cheap travel or similar. How you write this words in Latin characters? Thanks and Best Regards
  44. 123xyz

    Ukrainian: бодай єм долі не мала, коли-м ся в тобі кохала

    Hello, I have discovered a Ukrainian folk song I really like and I hope that someone could help me figure a verse from the second stanza, since its meaning escapes me fully. The stanza is as follows: Ах, смів ти казати, що я тя кохала. Що ж то за кохання? Я о том не знала. Бодай єм долі не...
  45. S

    Ukrainian: Correct alphabetical order?

    Hello! I'm pretty new to Ukrainian, but I've studied a little Russian before so I'm quite familiar with the Cyrillic alphabet - I was doing a little bit of research into the variant of Cyrillic used for writing Ukrainian and there seemed to be a little bit of discord as to where 'ь' should be...
  46. I

    Slovak: words different from Czech, Polish and Ukrainian

    This thread is inspired by thread Croatian: words different both from Serbian and Slovene SK / CZ / PL / UA / EN ťava / velbloud / wielbłąd / верблюд / camel cencúľ / rampouch / sopel / бурулька / icicle
  47. M

    Ukrainian(?) cursive on a receipt

    Hello, while I was at a bar in NY someone (we were chatting) wrote something on my receipt. Please see attached and if anyone can read it can you please let me know what it says? Thank you
  48. Trisia

    Ukrainian: We're here for you

    Hi, A group of friends is trying to send a few shoeboxes with presents for a group of students in Eastern Ukraine. I'd like to include a note in mine, but I know absolutely no Ukrainian at all (so can't offer an attempt, unfortunately). Could anyone tell me how to say "we care/we're here for...
  49. C

    Toast to work done in Ukrainian or Russian

    Greetings. I'm trying to learn more about a Russian or Ukrainian toast to work done. I'm told it translates to English as "Two hands on the axe". I really like the expression and I would like to know a bit more about it as well as the proper spelling in it's original language. I have both...
  50. I

    Ukrainian: pronounciation of Google

    Hello, how is word Google pronounced in Ukrainian? Thanks