1. M

    Ukrainian(?) cursive on a receipt

    Hello, while I was at a bar in NY someone (we were chatting) wrote something on my receipt. Please see attached and if anyone can read it can you please let me know what it says? Thank you
  2. Trisia

    Ukrainian: We're here for you

    Hi, A group of friends is trying to send a few shoeboxes with presents for a group of students in Eastern Ukraine. I'd like to include a note in mine, but I know absolutely no Ukrainian at all (so can't offer an attempt, unfortunately). Could anyone tell me how to say "we care/we're here for...
  3. C

    Toast to work done in Ukrainian or Russian

    Greetings. I'm trying to learn more about a Russian or Ukrainian toast to work done. I'm told it translates to English as "Two hands on the axe". I really like the expression and I would like to know a bit more about it as well as the proper spelling in it's original language. I have both...
  4. I

    Ukrainian: pronounciation of Google

    Hello, how is word Google pronounced in Ukrainian? Thanks
  5. Grefsen

    Ukrainian: Thanks for the message

    Would the following be an appropriate way to thank a Ukrainian friend for sending a text message (SMS)? Спасибі за ваше повідомлення. Спасибі (in advance)! :)
  6. G

    Ukrainian: Maybe I'm too late to be your first...

    Could anyone translate this sentence into Ukrainian for me please: "Maybe I'm too late to be your first. But right now, I'm preparing myself to be your last" its for a letter to my girlfriend that is from there. Thanks
  7. P

    Ukrainian: IPA Pronunciation of Petro Poroshenko

    Greetings, Can someone provide an IPA pronunciation of the Ukrainian name Petro Poroshenko? Please use only phonetic symbols from the English IPA phoneme set. Since I am looking for the best English approximation using English only phonetic symbols will suffice. Percy
  8. Jabir

    Ukrainian: Family name "Dysarz"

    Hello, I have family name Dysarz and I heard it comes from Ukraine. However, google points its a Polish name. Does anyone knows if familiar or same name also exist in Ukraine? Is it common to Ukrainian and Polish people (specially near border) share same last name? (Sorry, but I don't know...
  9. SuprunP

    Ukrainian: на блокпості, на посту

    Чи не міг би хтось мені пояснити, чому в місцевому відмінку слова пост і блокпост мають різні закінчення: на блокпості, на посту? ( Дякую.
  10. SuprunP

    Ukrainian: the genitive, definite object

    The genitive can also occur as the case of the direct object, if the action is negated: in 'I did not X (verb) Y (object)' Y will appear in the genitive unless the object is accompanied by an element identifying it as definite; [...] Він не продав стола. Він не продав цей стіл. (Ukrainian: A...
  11. SuprunP

    Ukrainian: коліньми (наголос) коліньми (Ukrainian: A Comprehensive Grammar; Stefan M. Pugh and Ian Press) Орудний, множина: коліньми ( Не підкажете, який все-таки варіант правильний? Дякую.
  12. 123xyz

    Ukrainian: голки збирай

    In the Ukrainian song "Hіч яка місячна", I am having trouble understanding the first stanza. It goes as follows: Ніч яка місячна, зоряна, ясная, Видно, хоч голки збирай. Вийди, коханая, працею зморена, Хоч на хвилиночку в гай! I am specifically perplexed by the second line, which appears to...
  13. jarvisa

    Ukrainian: литами

    From «Розпрягайте, хлопцi, конi» Вона ростом невеличка ще й литами молода She is slightly built and ??? young What does «литами» mean please?
  14. jarvisa

    Ukrainian: Що я вчора iзвечора iз другою говорив

    From «Розпрягайте, хлопцi, конi»Що я вчора iзвечора iз другою говорив The best sense I can make of this line is:I am the second one she said this to yesterday evening. Am I anywhere close?
  15. Y

    Ukrainian: Із, з

    In the song "З нею" by Океан Ельзи, this is sung: З нею, тільки з нею милий світ, З нею, тільки з нею тане лід. Навіть їхній холод не такий, Бо з нею, тільки з нею я живий. Із нею... (3) Я з нею. I would like to understand if there's any difference between the words із and з. I haven't been...
  16. Grefsen

    Ukrainian: It was nice seeing you

    I have a Ukrainian friend who works in the same building that I do, but not always on the same day or during the same hours. Yesterday I saw her for the first time since before Christmas and I would like to send the message "It was nice seeing you" to her in Ukrainian. Would the following...
  17. D

    Ukrainian language in relation to Polish and Russian

    Okay, I'm struggling to choose between which Slavic language to learn. In terms of usefulness and ease of finding things like resources and native speakers, Russian and Polish are by far the best choices in my opinion. I like Polish because of it's closer ties with the EU and Western world...
  18. mateo19

    Ukrainian - Happy engagement

    Greetings, I am in need of congratulating two friends on their recent engagement. When I was living in Ukraine, this never came up. I know just "to be engaged", бути зарученим.... How would I say "Congratulations on your engagement!" I checked the dictionary and I've just never heard this...
  19. Grefsen

    Ukrainian: The camel is smiling too...

    I know someone from the Ukraine who took a vacation with her daughter to the Sahara desert and they have a nice picture of them riding a camel and it appears as though the camel is actually smiling. :) Here is what I would like to write in Ukrainian about this picture: The camel is smiling...
  20. H

    Ukrainian: It's time!

    Hey, some help please...(click on the link). Thanks
  21. V

    Ukrainian: Прийменник "за"

    Останнім часом мене переслідує займенник "за". Повсюди! "Тут були мої пости за нього", "я розповіла йому за цю ситуацію", "вона постійно розказує за це" і так далі і так без кінця. Що це? Нова мовна норма? Я щось пропустила?
  22. 1516

    How to say "and" in Ukrainian?

    Is it "та", "i", or "й"? — Как сказать "и" по-украински? "Та", "i", или "й"?
  23. S

    Ukrainian: Нашибка/epilepsy

    Ukrainian: In Ukrainian epilepsy will be нашибка/nashibka/ from a word to beat. Do you have a separate word? Thank you.
  24. Y

    Ukrainian: Miłej nauki!

    I want to give a book as a present to a Ukrainian girl. It's going to be some kind of dictionary or phrasebook, I don't know yet. I would like to write the Ukrainian for the Polish "Miłej nauki!" inside the book. What should I write?
  25. S

    Ukrainian and other Slavic languages: Ватуля/Sheep

    In Ukrainian: Ватуйка - young gоаt Ватуйник - herd of young sheeps, gоаts Ватуйча - kid Ватуля - Sheep, for the first time having kid Have such words?
  26. S

    Ukrainian: Render

    What word is put in conformity to English render, rendering. The speech goes about the program Blender 2.65. The program creates object. Action - render Process - rendering Result - rendering In Russian: Action - прорисовывать Process - прорисовывание Result - прорисовка? In Ukrainian: Action...
  27. M

    Ukrainian: Unable are the loved to die, for love is immortality

    Hey everyone, I'm going to be getting a tattoo for my Ukrainian father who passed away, it's going to say "unable are the loved to die, for love is immortality" but I would like it written in Ukrainian. The two translations I have are "любов не може померти, адже вона безсмертна" and "кохання не...
  28. L

    Ukrainian: Та маєте наш зять посилаєм напамнятку...

    Hello, I have a photo of 2 girls and I think it might be of my grandma and her sister. There are words on the back of the photo which my family and I think is written in Ukranian. However, none of us is familiar with the language. Can someone look at the attachment and let me know if it is in...
  29. B

    Ukrainian : what's the meaning of this expression ?

    Hello, Could you please translate these words ? Thank you !
  30. D

    Ukrainian: Addressing family members (tense/pronouns)

    Hello, I'm a 3rd generation Ukrainian-American. At home, when I ask my mother a question (ie "Чи ти маєш папір?"), I'm corrected "Чи мама має папір." I'm wondering why I would speak to my mother in the 3rd person. Is this correct? Also, how would I address with a pronoun then - вона? If not...
  31. W

    Ukrainian: -kevski (ending of a surname)

    Please excuse me as I am not a linguist, but do not know where else to ask this question. I am an English-speaking Canadian married to a second-generation Ukrainian Canadian. All of the first-generation, Ukrainian-speaking members of the family are deceased. I am trying to find out how the...
  32. M

    Ukrainian: Los Desaparecidos (SP) / The Disappeared Ones: відсутня / vіdsutnya?

    My mission is to translate the Spanish phrase Los Desaparecidos or in English The Disappeared Ones into Ukrainian. So far I've come up with the words in the subject line. I cannot get the Russian or Ukraine language to translate back into either English or Spanish to check accuracy. Thank you...
  33. G

    Ukrainian: preposition "на"

    Привіт всім! У мене питання таке: з якими словами можна вживати прийменник "на" в українській мові? Є якісь правила? Мені здаеться, що є велика різниця між вживанням прийменника "на" у російській мові та українській мові. Якщо я правильно зрозумів, у російській мові є строгі правила, котрі...
  34. sam1978

    Ukrainian [actually Russian]: прицуди

    Hello! Can anyone tell me what "прицуди" mean? An Ukrainian girl told it to once of my friend!
  35. G

    Ukrainian: думать чи думати

    Привіт всім! У мене таке питання: правильно сказати думать замість думати? У різних словниках я знайшов тільки варіант думати, але я багато разів чув, як люди говорять думать. Також у Софії Ротару є така україномовна пiсня, в якiй вона співає "Краще буду думать про свою весну". Дякую Вам за...
  36. G

    Ukrainian: the letter є

    Hi! Could someone shed some light on the rules regarding the use of є in Ukrainian. I've understood that it's often omitted, but what really confuses me is that the instrumental case is often used instead of the nominative after є. Would it e.g. be ok to say Вона є красивою дівчиною...
  37. G

    Ukrainian: 1st person plural verb conjugation

    Hi! I've been wondering a lot about the endings of the 1st person plural present tense conjugation of Ukrainian verbs. I've come across native speakers of Ukrainian using both the ending -м and -мо. I initially thought that the ending -м is simply a more Russianized variant perhaps used mostly...
  38. R

    Ukrainian: она сегодня моется.

    Как сказать на украинском фразу: она сегодня моется? Может нечто вроде "вона сьогодні миется" (?), или как сказать?
  39. SuprunP

    Ukrainian: Біль був нестерпниЙ/М

    1) Біль був нестерпний. 2) Біль був нестерпним. Який варіант "більш" правильний? Дякую
  40. SuprunP

    Українська мова (Ukrainian): Давньоминулий час - викладання.

    Давньоминулий час... Ні в школі, ні в інституті ніхто і не згадував про нього, і тільки після того, як я почув по радіо коротесеньку програму, я зрозумів що я, як носій української мови, все життя його вживав і, якщо чесно, замінити цю форму інколи просто неможливо (керуючись суб'єктивними...
  41. SuprunP

    Ukrainian: закрити наступного року/в наступному році

    Запитаннячко якраз під новий рік :) 1) Закрити наступного року. 2) Закрити в наступному році. Який варіант "правильніший" і чим я маю керуватися в подібних ситуаціях? Дякую.
  42. SuprunP

    Ukrainian: 'Матрац ... кращий вибір для вашого здоров'я

    Сьогодні почув у рекламі: "Матрац "ХХХ" - кращий вибір для вашого здоров'я". Задумався... а чому не "найкращий"? Чи не треба в такому випадку додавати - "Кращий, ніж отой інший матрац."? Подивився в Гуглі трошки: "Кращий студент України" “Кращий державний службовець” "Кращий вітчизняний...
  43. 涼宮

    Ukrainian, /ɛ/ sound

    Good evening :) From what I've learnt, the letter e is always pronounced /ɛ/ and not other way. But recently, I have heard an Ukrainian girl saying мене звати as if it were меня. I have heard both ways, with /ɛ/ and now я. My question is, is it an influence from Russian? (Since it is spoken...
  44. B

    Ukrainian: Happy Birthday

    Hi, could anybody please help, i need to create a celebration banner with the simple title Happy 16th Birthday and then a separate message underneath saying, we hope you have a great day. Could anybody please help me in translating this message into Ukrainian. Thankyou for reading this, i...
  45. V

    RIP tattoo's in Ukrainian?

    So I just came from the Russians sector asking for Russian RIP tattoo texts and it seemed like it was kinda weird and funny looking in Russia. So is it common and accepted like in the west in Ukraine for such tattoo's? (I want it as a tattoo) If so, how is "Rest in Peace, mama" or "You are...
  46. V

    Ukrainian: Braschenetz (surname)

    What is the meaning of the name "Braschenetz" How is it spelled correctly in Cyrillic?
  47. E

    Ukrainian: вже у котрий раз

    Ще раз привіт... What is the exact sense of the above expression? Is it "for some time already/since a while ago, now", or "for many times"? Context is "існує реальна можливість (вже у котрий раз) відбутися українцям як етносоціальному організмові, що має свою державу." So, "To Ukrainians...
  48. E

    Ukrainian: "віз і досі там"

    I ran across this phrase in a sociology journal article--Google tells me it's a proverb/idiom, but not what it actually's the context: "Роботу...було розпочато 14 років потому, але ,,віз і досі там''. So, I'm guessing it means something like "carried on up to now," but can anyone...
  49. M

    Ukrainian: попри vs всупереч

    Hello everybody, especially Ukrainian native-speakers, Recently in many Ukrainian texts I have met the word попри, which is not mentioned in my Ukrainian dictionary. From the context I guess it means "in spite of". My dictionary gives only the word всупереч. Does it mean the same? Can you say...
  50. A

    Ukrainian: Gender Agreement

    I need some help making sure that I understand gender agreement. I could be wrong but I think he noun for book is книжка, which is feminine. I am a male. If someone were to ask "Whose book?" They would say "чия книжка?" If I wanted to reply, "That is my book" I would say "то моя книжка"...