1. S

    Ukrainian: інтернат

    How would you translate the word "IHTEPHAT" into English - boarding school, boarding institution, orphanage, orphan boarding school?????? I know what it means and what it is, but I just can't imagine an English equivalent! Thanks for your suggestions!
  2. Setwale_Charm

    Ukrainian: I am extremely sorry

    Zdoroven'ki buli!! How can I say in Ukrainian: I am so extremely sorry... to intensify the apology...?
  3. mateo19

    Ukrainian: I have just started learning Ukrainian

    Split from here - the question now is about "Ukrainian: I have just started learning Ukrainian". Привіт, Наталко! :-) Ги-и-и, це правда, ти маєш рацію! Це тільки "чи ... чи". Я ще новий студент української мови, знаєш. Але завжди "прави" мене! (Чи це правильно, "правити"?) Доброго дня!
  4. mateo19

    Ukrainian: different words for "friend"

    Hello everyone, I have noticed that Ukrainian, like many of the other Slavic languages, has more than one word for the English "friend". It is true that in English, this tends to be a general term, a blanket term, to address many spectra of people. I like that Ukrainian is more specific, but...
  5. R

    Ukrainian, Belarusian: differences

    В чем отличия украинского языка от белорусского языка? What are basic differences between Ukrainian and Belarussian languages?
  6. mateo19

    Ukrainian: и (pronunciation)

    Split from here. Hello Anatoli! I was wondering, is the Ukrainian и really /ɨ/ ? I didn't know that the Ukrainian и equals the Russian ы. This would explain why I'm having trouble pronouncing it. It is a difficult vowel for English speakers. I had previously looked at a vowel chart for...
  7. mateo19

    Ukrainian: imperfect future tense - бути + infinitive vs. infinitive + му

    Hello everyone! Today in my Ukrainian class we learned that to form the imperfective future, we have two options: 1) бути + infinitive, e.g. Я буду читати or 2) infinitive + му, e.g. Я читатиму My book says that both forms are equally used and mean exactly the same thing, but I wanted to...
  8. mateo19

    Ukrainian: тепер vs. зараз

    Hello everyone! I would like to know what the difference is in Ukrainian between тепер and зараз. I understand them both to mean "now", "presently". Is there a difference between them or are they interchangable? Could you please give me some examples? I just know that on Facebook they use...
  9. mateo19

    Ukrainian: жити лиш згадками

    Hello everyone, I am having trouble understanding this phrase from a song lyric: Варто чи ні жити лиш згадками? I understand just, "Is it worth it or not to live . . . x . . . x . . . ? I saw that згадка means something like "comment", but I cannot make sens of it and лиш isn't in my...
  10. N

    Ukrainian: Терпение и труд всё перетрут (RU)

    Hello, foreros! Can anyone help me with a saying that could be equivalent to Russian "Терпение и труд всё перетрут" in Ukrainian? I have looked it up in several phraseologic dictionaries and still haven't found a translation.
  11. M

    Distinguishing Ukrainian & Belarusian from Russian (upon hearing)

    Hello! I think almost everybody can easily distinguish Ukrainian from Russian in writing due to some different letters, yet do you have any tips how to distinguish Ukrainian from Russian when you hear them? How about Belarusian? Does it have some different letters than Russian too? Is it...
  12. K

    Ukrainian: Пічер

    I was translating an old Ukrainian letter and want to know what this phrase means, particularly the word пічер. "Дорога братово пришліть мені свій пічер і свою родину бо я вам свій пічер посилаю як дістанете той лист." The words were a little illegible in the letter, so the spellings might be...
  13. mateo19

    Ukrainian: дану / дана

    Hello everyone: I am having trouble translating this word "дану" and this derivative (I'm sure they're related words) "дана". Here is the context: Я люблю тільки тебе, Богом дану мені. And Моє серце палає у вогні, що ти дала мені, Богом дана одна, моя лебідко кохана. Here's what I've figured...
  14. C

    Ukrainian etymology: москали

    I just learnt on the Russian forum that "москали" means "someone from Moscow in slang". Now, the -li is a Turkish suffix, which is added to the names of places. Does the same rule apply to Ukrainian and is the suffix borrowed from Turkish? So is someone from Kiev a "Киевли"?
  15. mateo19

    Ukrainian, Russian: Yedimenko, Єдіменко, Едименко

    Hello everyone, I have a friend friend from Запорожье, Украина. She speaks Russian but I don't know how names work in Ukraine - I don't want to assume that just because she speaks Russian that her name is also Russian. Is Yedimenko a Russian or Ukrainian surname? And how can it be written in...
  16. mateo19

    Ukrainian: Love, don't travel (by means of) that train

    Good morning and hello! I would like to know how to say, "Love, don't travel by means of that train". This sounds horrible in English, but I wrote it in English because I think more people speak it than Slovak. The original text is: "Láska, necestuj tým vlakom". Thank you very much! PS. A...
  17. mateo19

    Ukrainian: Please give this postcard to Peter for me

    Hello! I would like to know how to say, "Maria, please give this postcard to Peter for me / on my behalf". My try: Маріє, прошу, дай цю пистівку Петру для мене.
  18. mateo19

    Ukrainian: Today I must not fear

    Hello foreros! I would like to know how to say, "Today I must not fear". I am translating it from Slovak into Ukrainian, so the original is: Dnes sa nemusím bať. Thank you very much! :-) PS. Maybe a better word order is "Dnes nemusím sa bať"?
  19. N

    Ukrainian: myocardial ischaemia

    Hi, foreros! I'd like to find out which translation for "myocardial ischaemia" into Ukrainian is better: "міокардіальна ішемія" or "ішемічна хвороба серця". The thing is that I don't know whether "міокардіальний" collocates with "ішемія" or it will be an abundant element because in the case...
  20. Setwale_Charm

    Ukrainian: шампанское

    Принято ли по-украински, также как по-русски, шампанське вино сокращать до шампанське ?
  21. Setwale_Charm

    Ukrainian: воздушный шар

    Здоровенькi були! Як сказати українською "воздушный шар"?
  22. E

    Ukrainian/Belarusian: verb agreement

    I have a question about verb agreement when the subject is modified by a numeral. In Russian, agreement tends to be optional in such a situation, so you can say: Пять человек пришли (five people arrived-PL) or Пять человек пришло (five people arrived-NEUTER.SG) I was wondering if this was...
  23. Setwale_Charm

    Ukrainian: с высоко поднятой головой

    Здоровенькi булы!! Як буде по-украiнськи "с высоко/гордо поднятой головой"?
  24. Setwale_Charm

    Ukrainian: then, in that case

    Як сказати по українськи "в таком случае"? Дякую.
  25. Setwale_Charm

    Ukrainian: для

    Как по-украински этот предлог? Например, как в: наказание для...
  26. Setwale_Charm

    Ukrainian: a Chechen speaking Ukrainian

    Здоровенькi були!! Как сказать по-украински: чеченец, говорящий по-украински - это круто!!
  27. J

    Ukrainian: Genitive

    Hi, I'm trying to learn the ukrainian genitive, but in my book, they give examples like: "I'm calling from England, from London" "a lot of books" "little time" I'm confused because for me none of the previous examples have something to do with the gentive. This might come from the fact that...
  28. Setwale_Charm

    Ukrainian: не расстраивайся!

    Подскажите, пожалуйста, как это по-украински?
  29. Setwale_Charm

    Ukrainian: далековато

    Витання!! Как сказать по-украински: далековато для меня...?
  30. Setwale_Charm

    Ukrainian: индивидуальная непереносимость

    Как сказать по-украински: индивидуальная непереносимость чего-л.? Дякую.
  31. N

    Ukrainian: el dentista sin título (SP)

    Hello, everyone! I wonder what could be the translation/explanation of "dentista sin título". I've found it just at the beggining of a short story by Marquez: "Don Aurelio Escovar, dentista sin título y buen madrugador, abrió su gabinete a las seis." Does this "without title" means he hasn't...
  32. L

    Ukrainian: sunflower

    Dear all, Can you please help me and let me know the word for "Sunflower" in Russian and Ukrainian? My grandmother used to live in the Ukraine and had a horse called that name. I want to make sure that I am spelling it correctly. Thank you so much in advance. :)
  33. mateo19

    Ukrainian: a message from cursive into print

    Hello friends, My American-Ukrainian friend has written me a short letter in Ukrainian as a challenge to me. She wrote to me in cursive and I had some trouble decifering it. For example, I couldn't distinguish a cursive ц from a щ. I have done the best I can to type her hand written letter...
  34. D

    Ukrainian: Lucky people!

    Hello everybody. Could somebody tell me how is "Lucky people!" in Ukrainian? Please use your Cyrillic's alphabet characters. Thank you very much.
  35. Setwale_Charm

    Ukrainian: names for nationalities of the Russian Caucasus

    Vitayu!! Could somebody tell me where to find a source for the Ukrainian names for various nationalities populating the North Caucasus: Lezgins, Laks, Avars, Dargins, Balkars, Ossetians and so on....
  36. M

    Ukrainian: Good luck!

    Hey guys! How do you say "Good luck" in Ukrainian (I want to say it to a boy who has an important exam, if that's useful to the context) Thanks, MietaGosia
  37. D

    Ukrainian: імені vs. імени

    Recently, I’ve been reading on the Internet about several universities and institutes in Ukraine. Often, they are named after somebody, as indicated by імені [кого], where імені is the dative form of ім'я. However, sometimes імени is used. (1) Is the ending -и an error? (2)...
  38. mateo19

    Ukrainian: My Ukrainian book arrived/came.

    Hello Slavonic speaking friends! I have a Ukrainian friend, Marija, and I wanted to learn some basic Ukrainian for her. I bought a Ukrainian book, and I wanted to tell her that it arrived. It arrived in the mail. I know that Ukrainian, like Russian, has many movement verbs, by foot, by car...
  39. H

    Ukrainian: neutral name for a child

    Hello, I'm designing a female Ukranian character for a story, and wondering if anyone could help me with her name.. I like the Russian/Ukranian name Yuri/Uri/Euri because "Yuri" is also a Japanese girl name (meaning lily). If it helps, I am writing this story in Japanese, intended for...
  40. A

    Ukrainian: Czupak

    My great-great grandparents came to America from the Ukraine, and their last name was "Czupak". Does anyone know how to pronounce that in english?
  41. Setwale_Charm

    Ukrainian: Так ты харьковская девушка??

    How can I translate this into Ukrainian, please?
  42. P

    Ukrainian: наказовий спосіб від "спорудити"

    спорудь, спорудьмо, спорудьте чи споруди, спорудімо, спорудіть ? Дякую
  43. P

    Ukrainian: zwyczaj ustawiania

    Не знаю як перекласти такий фрагмент тексту: "Dzisiaj trudno nawet powiedzieć,kiedy dokładnie zaczął się zwyczaj ustawiania w domach udekorowanych drzewek" Cьогодні складно навіть сказати, коли почалася традиція (почався звичай) ... в домах (по домах?) прикрашених деревек (ялинок)
  44. Setwale_Charm

    Ukrainian: I have a bunch of wonderful Ukrainian friends

    Can anybody help me translate it into proper Ukrainian?
  45. B

    Russian, Ukrainian: newspaper(s)

    Hello, I want to check out the newspapers in Ukraine and Russia so I need the nominative forms of words "newspaper" and "newspapers" in Ukrainian and Russian. Could someone translate these? Thanks in advance.
  46. Athaulf

    Ukrainian: лицар

  47. R

    Ukrainian: Greetings

    Hi there, I got a new friend from Ukraine. Just wanna know few phrases to greet her. Could you help me out in translating the following into Ukrainian while readable in English? 1. Hi / Hello. 2. How are you? 3. Bye. 4. How is your health? 5. Had food? 6. Take Care. 7. I like...
  48. Setwale_Charm

    Ukrainian: so this is how you chat in Ukrainian here

    Hi!! I have popped into a long-existent Ukrainian language circle and found out they are mostly only speaking Russian to each other there. How can I say ironically: So this is how you chat in Ukrainian here!!? Дуже дякую.
  49. Setwale_Charm

    Ukrainian: I am glad to hear from Ukraine

    I am not sure whether what I construct sounds really Ukrainian, can anybody help with a translation?
  50. I

    Ukrainian: the letter Й

    Hi, I am a new leaner. Could anyone tell me about the correct pronunciation of the letter 'Й'? 1. In wikipedia: a. It is called Йот, (Yot) or Ий (Yi, pronounced [ɪj]). b. Letter Name: йот /jɔt/, й /ɪj/ 2. Is it also a preposition...