1. Setwale_Charm

    Ukrainian: I have a bunch of wonderful Ukrainian friends

    Can anybody help me translate it into proper Ukrainian?
  2. B

    Russian, Ukrainian: newspaper(s)

    Hello, I want to check out the newspapers in Ukraine and Russia so I need the nominative forms of words "newspaper" and "newspapers" in Ukrainian and Russian. Could someone translate these? Thanks in advance.
  3. Athaulf

    Ukrainian: лицар

  4. R

    Ukrainian: Greetings

    Hi there, I got a new friend from Ukraine. Just wanna know few phrases to greet her. Could you help me out in translating the following into Ukrainian while readable in English? 1. Hi / Hello. 2. How are you? 3. Bye. 4. How is your health? 5. Had food? 6. Take Care. 7. I like...
  5. Setwale_Charm

    Ukrainian: so this is how you chat in Ukrainian here

    Hi!! I have popped into a long-existent Ukrainian language circle and found out they are mostly only speaking Russian to each other there. How can I say ironically: So this is how you chat in Ukrainian here!!? Дуже дякую.
  6. Setwale_Charm

    Ukrainian: I am glad to hear from Ukraine

    I am not sure whether what I construct sounds really Ukrainian, can anybody help with a translation?
  7. I

    Ukrainian: the letter Й

    Hi, I am a new leaner. Could anyone tell me about the correct pronunciation of the letter 'Й'? 1. In wikipedia: a. It is called Йот, (Yot) or Ий (Yi, pronounced [ɪj]). b. Letter Name: йот /jɔt/, й /ɪj/ 2. Is it also a preposition...
  8. A

    Ukrainian: вихуч ... вихуть

    Ukrainian,,,These are my own spellings of a word my Grandparents fron the West of Ukraine used for a dish cloth or rag for cleaning round the kitchen...Can't find it in any Ukrainian dictionary, might it mean anything in any other Slavic Language.....Great site by the way!....Anybody wanna...
  9. K

    Ukrainian abbreviations

    hello! Could somoeone help me with a translation in ukrainian? There are 2 abbreviations I don t understand and I didn t find their meaning on the internet: I m translating a diplom and at the beginning, there is this abbreviation followed by the number of the diplom : КМ Nº ... The second...
  10. I

    Ukrainian: Lengthening of consonants

    Hi, Could anyone talk about the lengthening of consonants in Ukrainian. (called "Gemination" ? , - not very sure) For example: обличчя When two sequential consonants found, should I lengthen the duration of this consonant's pronunciation like some other languages...
  11. C

    Ukrainian: Pronuciation of 'в'

    Hi, I am a new leaner of Ukrainian. I have a problem about the correct pronunciation of 'в'. From the "Wikipedia", it says both /v/ and /w/ are possible. But some websites only list /v/. Could anyone tell me about the complete rule to pronounce the letter 'в'? Thanks.
  12. K

    Ukrainian: stress

    Hi dear friends! Could someone tell me please whether the stress is free or fixed in Ukrainian? Thanks in advance for your replies! :)
  13. Crescent

    Ukrainian: розведенi долонi

    Всем здравствуйте. :) Я вот недавно послушала очень красивую и трогательную песню на украинском, под названием "Не Йди" (Не уходи), которую поет Гайтана, и была немного удивленна тем, что половины слов не то что не понимаю - я их даже не разбираю. (и это-то на своем родном языке! :eek::o) И...
  14. Setwale_Charm

    Russian/Ukrainian: чумацкий шлях

    What might this mean?
  15. J

    Ukrainian: разом чи окремо?

    Привіт :) Завжди вважала, що слово "загальновизначений" пишеться разом, а зараз почала сумніватися. Так як воно пишеться?
  16. P

    Ukrainian: Дієслово "вдатися"

    Привіт, Хочу сказати українською, що сподіваюся, що мені вдатимеся скласти всі іспити, але не знаю як правильно відмінити "вдатися" (недоконаний). Маю на увазі те що хотіла би скласти всі іспити. Дякую за допомогу!:)
  17. H

    Ukrainian: Simple words for Small Children Activities

    Are these words correct? up ? (raise your instrument up or stand up) down Унизу in (inside?) всередині out (outside?) геть надвір toilet туалет rest/break ? sing співати eat їсти...
  18. J

    Ukrainian (Russian): Согласование???

    Привет всем:) Как правильно: ...який визначає дію або процес як завершену/ий? (По-русски: ...который определяет действие или процесс как завершённое/ый). Или может быть надо перефразировать?
  19. Eloy1988

    Ukrainian: кльово

    What does the word "кльово" mean? I think it's Ukrainian. If possible, give a translation into English. Thank you all in advance.
  20. S

    Russian, Ukrainian, Bosnian (BCS): "union steward"

    I am trying to translate the phrase "union steward" [also sometimes called "shop steward" in English]. It means a worker elected by his/her co-workers to represent workers in grievances, arbitrations, negotiations with management, to resolve on-the-job issues, etc. I need to translate to...
  21. D

    Ukrainian: аби які

    Речення: «Протягом останнього року, ми спостерігали у нашій країні не аби які зміни». Вибачте якщо це безграмітність з мого боку, але я не розумію якою частиною мови є «аби які» у цьому реченні. Це прикметник, чи що?
  22. 2

    Ukrainian: Litle Princess

    Please help... I need to make sure I get the translation "The Little Princess" correct into Ukrainian. Thank you!
  23. J

    Ukrainian: Biн oпpилюднює вiднaйдeний pyкoпиcний вapiaнт

    Please help me who knows Ukrainian better than I do. I don't have a Ukrainian-Russian dictionary and can't translate this into English: Він оприлюднює віднайдений рукописний варіант середньовічних перекладних коментарів до творів... The three underlined words are the most difficult for me to...
  24. J

    Ukrainian: Пограничье

    I'm confused... I don't understand and can't translate into English the following: "фольклорні взаємозв'язки українсько-польського етнокультурного пограниччя". What does the last word mean? May be descriptive translation should be used here?
  25. Setwale_Charm

    Ukrainian: I'm hearing life has been adventurous on you

    I `ve got a Russian sentence here: Я слышу, у Вас тут в жизни всяческие приключения. Who can help me translate it into Ukrainian?
  26. spakh

    Ukrainian: sich

    I think 'sich' is a word from a Slavic origin. I encountered sich cossack but I do not know what literally sich means. Can somebody help me whether it is a Slavic word or else and what does it mean? Thanks in advance..
  27. Judi27

    Ukrainian: A place in Ukraine

    Hello, How would you write in Ukrainian the following: 1. Uzhhorod 2. Dubrava (Is this the popular name? because I have found other names like: Dibrova,Dibrovo,Dubove.....) Thank you, Judi
  28. D

    Ukrainian: Hello

    Hi all. I am english and learning Ukrainian. My boyfriend is Ukrainian descent but has not the patience to teach me so I am doing this on line with a speaking program. I have been given the Ukrainian word (phoenetic spelling as I have only heard it, not seen it written) zdras twoy te - or...
  29. belén

    Ukrainian: Words with different meanings

    Hello to you all, My first post in the Slavic forum :) I have a Ukranian friend and she is having a hard time learning Spanish, as many times we have one word meaning many different things. She is telling me that in Ukranian words don't have two or three different meanings, only one. I find...
  30. Judi27

    Czech/Ukrainian: Apša

    Hello, I would like to know if anybody may help me understand two words: "NIRMI APSA" I need to traslate this two words into Ukrainian. I know Apsa is the name of a town? but What is Nirmi? Thank you very much indeed, Judi:)
  31. G

    Russian/Ukrainian: Should I drop Ukrainian?

    Hey guys I'm new to the forum and excited to join!! :) But, I have a question that has been sitting in the back of my mind lately.. I love Slavic languages, all of them but my favorites are Russian and Ukrainian. So natuarlly I am learning both of them at one time. Though lately I have been...
  32. W

    Ukrainian: I miss you.

    Hi, I want to send my girlfriend a message saying 'I Miss you' in Ukrainian because that is her background. I have been trying to translate each word from English to Ukrainian on-line but, it seems there are many variations or I don't know what I'm doing. Would anyone possibly know?
  33. Marijka

    Ukrainian: цурупалки

    Чи хтось міг би мені допомогти перекласти таке речення: Вони більше нагадують сушену шипшину, навіщось поначіплювану на руді цурупалки. Особливо маю на увазі слово цурупалки. Що це таке?
  34. Marijka

    Ukrainian: зашкруміле, мерехке...

    [...]або на обід - підсмажене курча, таке, як ото в телерекламах: золотаво зашкруміле, мерехке од спілих соків. Не розумію підкреслених слів. Я розумію про що ідеться, але окремих слів на жаль не знаю :( Чи хтось міг би мені допомогти? Буду дуже вдячна :)
  35. P

    Ukrainian: Відміни іменників

    Чи хтось може сказати мені як буде правильно? "Петро - студент краківської політехніці" ? "Він подобається дівчатам" ? "Ми часто говоримо про бабусю і дідуся" ? "гратися з нашим собакою і котом" ? Дякую [to forum moderator: those are not different questions, they relate to the same problem]
  36. Setwale_Charm

    Ukrainian: будь ласка

    Is ласка a noun or an adjective here?
  37. B

    Ukrainian: diminutives for names

    Hi there! I'm just a beginner in the Ukrainian language and wonder what other forms does the name Тетяна have? I mean, in Russian we have Татьяна - Таня - Танюша, Танюшка, Танечка, Танюся, Танюсик, Танька. Are these forms the same for Ukrainian, or there are forms that are typical only for...
  38. B

    Ukrainian: ми

    Can someone tell me whether or not Ukrainian "ми" is pronounced EXACTLY the same as Russian "Мы"?
  39. P

    Ukrainian: 1st, 2nd, 3rd declension

    Hi everybody, I am in the process of trying to learn Ukrainian; I am currently studying the genitive case and in the book that I am using it gives examples of different words in first, second, and third declensions, but does not explain what each one means and why a word would be in either the...
  40. P

    Ukrainian: I Відміна

    Чи хтось може сказати мені чому слово "стежка" в орудному відмінку має закінчення -ою ,якщо належить до мішаної групи (мабуть що не належить :p) а відповідно до українського правопису: "В орудному відмінку однини іменники першої відміни твердої групи мають закінчення -ою, м'якої та мішаної групи...
  41. M

    Russian/Ukrainian: Differences

    What are the main differences between both? I've seen that ukrainian language has a lot of different words.... Ukrainian is more similiar to Polish or Russian?
  42. übermönch

    Ukrainian: Москаль

    Just a simple question: Is it true that, aside from being a common ethnical slur for a Russian('Muscowite'), it also means something else? ('queer'?):o
  43. P

    Ukrainian: Letters г and ґ

    More and more recently I have encountered the letter ґ. I guess it's supposed to denote the hard "g", like Russian г. I can't remember ever seeing this letter when I was in school studying Ukrainian. So I have two questions: 1. Is this a new thing or have I just been blind to te existence of...
  44. P

    Ukrainian: Відміна

    Привіт, Чи хтось може мені помогти і одмінити кілька дієслів? дивитися я дивлюся ти дивишся він дивится ми ? ви ? вони дивлятся спати я сплю ти спиш він спить ми ? ви ? вони сплять і ще зустріти ? Дуже дякую :)
  45. Thomas1

    Ukrainian: The letter в (v)

    The letter в (v) in Ukrainian I’d be glad if you could tell me the pronunciation of: твердий (hard) in Ukrainian. Does it really not lose its voiceness? Let’s take the Russian твёрдый. To me the в sound is different it is realized by voiceless equivalent of [v] I’d pronounce it as [f], the same...
  46. P

    Russian/Ukrainian: Pronunciation of Щ

    Hi everbody, In the book I am using it says that the letter Щ is pronounced shch as in fresh cheese, but I noticed that in a Russian book I had, it said that they pronounced it shsh as in fresh sheets. But then I found a site that had Ukrainian pronunciation audio and they also pronounced Щ like...
  47. Y

    Ukrainian: It's up to you...

    How would you say the following phrase in Ukrainian: It's up to you: your place or mine? Literal translations in English of your translations would be very helpful. Thanks very much, Jon
  48. Y

    Ukrainian: Letter combinations with "Й"

    Hello everyone, I was wondering how to pronounce the Ukranian letter combinations: ий йду яй й Phonetic spellings and English examples of each pronunciation would be extremely helpful. Thankyou, Jon
  49. R

    Ukrainian: Technical expressions

    Hi guys! I'm really struggling here with one text... I'm stuck on these: "Вхідний отвір" для олівця... can I translate it as "a hole"? "кріплення" еластичного джгута is it "fastening"... "введення через кінцевий отвір воронки" ???... I would be very grateful for any help!
  50. Marijka

    Russian/Belarusian/Ukrainian: Comparison

    Split from here. Thanks, Etcetera, I was just curious to know point of view of Russian native speaker. Maybe we should make an experiment here and try to compare Polish to Ukrainian to Russian :)