unknown language

  1. M

    voynich document

    I happened to read something about the Voynich document. It is a fifteenth century manuscript that has not yet been deciphered. How is it possible that such an ancient handwriting can withstand all modern decipherments? What do you think, is it a real book or is the content just nonsense? But to...
  2. Alexu


    I downloaded some school textbooks ( for Jammu and Kashmir schools ). The name of these books contains the word "pahari" ( پہاڑی ). Can anyone identify what specific language this is?
  3. sergiudanielg

    Language id from a picture

    Hi, could you, please, help with identification and maybe translation of the language from the attached picture. It is written on a stone border and someone try to scan it, quality is not perfect.
  4. K

    Sanskrit उरुष्वती?

    Hello, everybody! In several resources about the Russian painter and thinker Nikolaj Roerich (1874-1947), like in The Light of the Morning Star, I read that he founded in India a research institute which he called "Urusvati," and that this word means "light of the morning star," in Sanskrit...
  5. S

    Unknown Language: Diary

    Hello. My girlfriends mom (she past away) was writing her diary in unknowl language and no one knows which language is this. Wondering does anyone recognize anything from here? It was writen from 1975 to 1979. I only attached couple of pages. Here’s one pic
  6. A

    Mystery inscription on very old Indian Chambu Lota: Help needed

    Hello everyone, I've had the attached Chambu Lota for many years and not got anywhere with the two inscriptions. These were pilgrim flasks for collecting water from the sacred Ganges river. This one could be extremely old, even 18th century. If anyone could shed any light on the two additional...
  7. MonsieurGonzalito

    [Unknown Indic language]: padhaaro maare des

    Friends, What language is this famous phrase in? I know its general sense is "welcome to my country" and it is normally associated with Rajasthan for some reason. But I found it, for example, in the song "Lag Bina" in Coke Studio, which is a mix of songs from Bulleh Shah and Waris Shah...
  8. Enri Lauzo

    Mysterious post-it

    Hi there everyone, I found a mysterious note in a closet, and I'm super curious about knowing what is written in it! I can say by the alphabet that it is a slavic language, but I can't guess which and I'm not able to transcribe it, so I will post the picture. Thanks to whoever will help my...
  9. S

    India: how to say vehicle inspection

    Hello, I need to know how do people refer to statutory vehicle inspections in India. If two languages are frequently used, then in both, please. It would be the official inspection all vehicles are subjected to by legal requirement. Thank you very much for your help in advance, take care and...
  10. S

    Unknown language

  11. S

    Sanskrit(?): Symbol/Script for Buddha/God

    Hey everybody, can anyone tell me, what language that is and what it means? I can’t figure it out. Thank you all! Best Simon
  12. Jocelyn0813

    Words of

    What's the difference of "o" and "z" in Polish? If I want to express "words of……“, should I use "słów o" or "słów z"?
  13. Saltie

    Slovenian / Slovak / Romani (?): Andro verdan drukos nane

    Hi! This song originates from Slovenian Romanies (at least, that's what I read about it), and it became famous due to the Soviet film "The gypsy camp goes to heaven". I could not find any reliable information about the language it's written in, and Google can't translate it at all. Some say it's...
  14. D

    What script/language is this?

    I am analysing two velum books and trying to identify the language and what these books are? (possibly coptic ?) :-
  15. S

    Sanskrit: Mātaṇga

    Is /ṇ/ in the name "Kāśyapa Mātaṇga" really pronounced as [ɳ] (ण)? Or is it merely a scribal variant of /ṅ/ or /ṁ/ (mātaṁga मातंग ‘an elephant’)? If it truly represents a retroflex nasal, what variety of Indo-Iranian language could that name (Mātaṇga) be? Thanks.
  16. C

    Unknown Language: message in an 18th-century engraving

    Hello, Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. I am a university scholar studying a series of engravings from 1783-4, and one of the pictures has this "hidden message" carved into a wall at Versailles. I cannot identify the language, but some of the symbols suggest Hebrew. You'll...
  17. A

    Unknown script (Laz sword)

    I Believe that this is a makers mark. It is set into the blade of a Laz sword. I have increased the size to make them clearer. Can anyone tell me what these characters say please?
  18. N

    Scottish Gaelic/Irish: ma'am, sir, miss

    In true American hypocrisy, many people still used feudal titles whilst decrying the system's inequalities. I, however, am one of them. With a Southern mother, I was trained to say them habitually. How would I do this in Scottish Gaelic/Irish? If not done, would I just ignore the title, use the...
  19. S

    Urdu/Hindi/Awadhi/Bhojpuri/Sarnami: Mienaahie/Meenahi/میناہی

    Hi, can anyone tell me what "meenahi" (Dutch spelling: mienaahie) means and where this word originates from. My first guess is that it means a "crowd" or crowded area, but I may be wrong. (Dutch-based spelling) Ham kabhie na ekgo rasta me djaaila djaha mienaahie hai. (Nastaliq) ہم کبھی نہ...
  20. S

    Hindi, Urdu: دوئی پرانی duu'i paraanii

    Hello, While reading texts in Sarnami, there are several words which are new to me, as a native speaker of newer Awadhi/Standard Urdu and Hindi, one of the words that I cannot make sense of is "paraanie" (Dutch spelling). Can anyone tell me the origin and meaning of this word? At first I...
  21. S

    Manaai - Bhojpuri/Awadhi/Hindi/Urdu?

    Greetings, I am currently studying Caribbean Hindustani (specifically the Sarnami variant, as it appears to be the only surviving dialect and there are materials published and resources available in it). Given that this is a language based on an arcane Awadhi and Bhojpuri dialect base that is...
  22. SwissPete

    Dybvad or Dybwad (name)

    Question from a friend interested in genealogy: Can anybody help (in English)? Thank you. PS: This was originally posted (here) in the German forum.
  23. K

    Unknown script

    Hi, can someone help with the attached photo. This is stamped on the back side of an older Tree of Life rug. Thanks!
  24. Kevin Beach

    Unknown language: N'Esperdire Ja Mes

    The above is the motto on the Coat of Arms of a current English life peer, Baron (Peter) Bowness of Warlingham. I'm trying to identify the language. I presume it to be close to French; perhaps Provencale or another Languedoc variant. Can somebody identify it for me, please, and give me a...
  25. Cameron Boxall

    Unknown script

    Hey, I am trying to find out what language the script on the ring is and i was wondering if i could get help identifying the language if it is not Hebrew. Thank you
  26. C

    Runic letters on a bowl?

    It seems there are some letters on this bowl with the design of a viking ship which has been found in Nishpaur in the northeast of Iran (probably from the early 10th century AD): http://www.ichodoc.ir/p-a/CHANGED/43/IMAGES/43_10_1b.jpg are they Runic letters?
  27. D

    Origins of Cyrillic letters Ъ and Ь

    I know that their original sounds are equivalent to Glagolitic Ⱏ and Ⱐ, but are those Glagolitic written symbols where the Cyrillic written symbols came from? Or did the symbols Ъ and Ь arise independently and get assigned to the sounds of Ⱏ and Ⱐ?
  28. T

    All Slavic Languages: raz- as a prefix

    Is it correct that raz- is a common Slavic prefix? Does it mean something like 'from', or 'out of'? Applications; - I just bumped into /razdora/. Can you analyse that into two parts? - And if I am not mistaken, there is also a verb like explaining that begins with /raz/ (and the second part...
  29. Q

    Unknown language: Bedâr

    In Out of Africa by I. Dinensen, I came across this sentence, "Bedâr is on his way back,” he announced. “He will be here in two or three days.” That is a African young boy talked to a White Immigrant Settlers in 1920-1930 to inform her that her friend is coming back from a Safari. I believe...
  30. Cenzontle

    Croatian (?): Bunjevačko Momačko Kolo

    Hello, friends, I have a piece of sheet music with the title that you see above, labeled "Yugoslavian". Google Translate said "Croatian detected", but I suspect this is a wild guess. No translation was given. Can you help me with the meaning?
  31. Cenzontle

    Serbian(?): Šumadinka

    Hello, friends, I have a piece of sheet music with the title shown above, labeled "Yugoslavian". Google Translate said "Bosnian detected", but I suspect that's a wild guess. Can you help me with the meaning?
  32. lephunghien

    Unknown language

    Hi every one! This is pictures that my found in an story book and it was quite provocative, but I can't determine what language it is. One of my friends said that this was a kind of modified language but he couldn't tell exactly. If anyone by change can figure out what is this language, please...
  33. P

    Senegalian (?) Language: Nioo booke faniuu diogue

    Hello, in this song by the Neapolitan group "la Maschera" the lyrics are in Neapolitan except for 2 stanzas which are in a language that I do not know, since the song was recorded in Dakar, Senegal with the participation of the local artist "Laye Ba" I presume that the language is a Senegalian...
  34. K

    Indus Valley script

    I picked up a wall plaque in Germany many years back. It's made of what appears to be copper and features what I assume to be a bull and possibly a symbol of grain or some kind of plant. I cannot identify the language on it and it does not resemble any of the languages i've encountered. I...
  35. airelibre

    Unknown language: Braille text

    Please see the attached image. I saw this short phrase in Braille in Tel Aviv and tried transliterating it but it didn't make much sense either in English or Hebrew. There's a small chance it's in Arabic or Russian. Maybe I just didn't transliterate it properly, or maybe it doesn't actually say...
  36. T

    Unknown language: inscription at İzmir

    So a year and a half ago me and my family went sightseeing with a friend of my father's. To the ruins of the Agora of Smyrna (modern day Izmir). As we were exploring the ancient town my sister could not help but step on some rubble, pose and ask me to take her picture. But as I was taking her...
  37. C

    Unknown language (Guinea): Eee way kolelele

    Hello! Please help me anyone or suggest me where to find an answer on my question. I have one problem with understanding one children's song form Guinea. The song is not written right, it is more how you sing it: Eee way kolelele Eee way kolelele mafele mafele mafele mafele birigaidi...
  38. G

    Unknown language: Tan Terles Lolita

    Please help me identify first name and last name for the name - Tan Terles Lolita
  39. X

    Unknown language: Wanem wok blong yu

    hello everybody, thank you for your time. I read on the internet a sentence, but I don't know the language and don't understand it. I wanna ask : what does"Wanem wok blong yu" mean? (https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=586356728090434&id=115580371834741)
  40. West Coast

    South Africa language: Ganafu, Mokamba Afric

    Hi. I'm subtitling a documentary about black influence on fashion. In South Africa there's a group of young people who call themselves Izikhothanes. They wear expensive clothes and buy luxury goods to flaunt their wealth. It's their way of protesting against the Establishment and societal...
  41. N

    Unknown language (Pentacle of Solomon)

    Hello everyone! Some time ago i found a small medalion of copper i think (I'm not really sure). On main side's center there is David star (six-angle hexagram) and it have a lot of words around it. At the corners there are 4 five-angled stars. I don't know what it could mean besides SSRS and...
  42. A

    Unknown language: cenzcemhtn zhtnle

    I believe this is Czech, but i can't find what it is...? its written on a sword. Maybe its a name? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  43. B

    Unknown language (Thamudic?)

    Hi there I bought this antique despite I didnt understand anything from it. could anyone help me to translate these. and which language is used? Thank you
  44. mildor666

    Unknown language: Ninuska

    My newborn cousin was named "Ninuska". No one knows what that means. Her mom says it's "doll" in Russian. So, does anyone know what "Ninuska" means?
  45. L

    Unknown language: Ghëarmiangelijanno

    Today I read in the news about the most popular names given to baby boys and girls in 2014 (http://nos.nl/artikel/2013069-dit-zijn-de-populairste-jongens-en-meisjesnamen.html). The news report also mentioned that one child was named Ghëarmiangelijanno and I wondered if this might be a name from...
  46. aslan

    Unknown language: Ancient Greek Inscription

    Hi everybody, I guess it might be an acient greek inscription, But I wasn't sure where to post it (to Greek forum or here),. Anyway, My grandfather found it in his field years ago, It is partly readable, Can anyone help me translating this text...
  47. S

    Unknown script

    Hello all, My girlfriend bought a little second hand hanger with some symbols/text on it, the woman she bought it from said it was Egyptian, after some research we don't think it Egyptian. But we can't find what it can be? Maybe someone here knows what it means? Thanks...
  48. X

    Syriac (?): Unknown script

    hi, do you think this is a syriac scripture or arabic or something madeup? thanks.
  49. Z

    Modern Yi syllabary

    Hi everyone, Been trying for quite a while to identify the languages in these images, it is originally typed by the author, so the characters should be in the default font. As the website does not support copy and pasting of the words, I had to capture it by screenshot, and was wondering if...
  50. O

    Unknown language: cowt wooer re amer loow ne ner im ame