unknown language

  1. K

    Unknown Language: омуктар итирэн баран нуччалар курдук арыгы кут да кут, санар

    омуктар итирэн баран нуччалар курдук арыгы кут да кут, санар да санар, айманарызма буоларызма. уонна оссо шанстаха сатыы сатыы. без быара I'm translating subtitles for a movie and there are two girls talking about guys, presumably, and they do it in this language unknown to me. The girl...
  2. A

    Unknown language: Bzhamij ai

    Hi there! Trying to find out what "Bzhamij ai" means. The problem is that I do not know what language is it. I only suppose that it might have a Kazachstan origin or somewhere around there... Anyone would have an idea?? Many thanks
  3. M

    unknown language: phata-phata

    Hello, I am currently working on my master's dissertation about self-translation. The corpus I am using for this dissertation consists of one chapter in André Brink's novel: A Dry White Season (1979) (Afrikaans title: 'n Droë wit seisoen (1979)) (Dutch title: Een droog wit seizoen (1980)) The...
  4. M

    unknown language: gattes

    Hello, I am currently working on my master's dissertation about self-translation. The corpus I am using for this dissertation consists of one chapter in André Brink's novel: A Dry White Season (1979) (Afrikaans title: 'n Droë wit seisoen (1979)) (Dutch title: Een droog wit seizoen (1980)) The...
  5. M

    unknown language: roeri gulwa

    Hello, I am currently working on my master's dissertation about self-translation. The corpus I am using for this dissertation consists of one chapter in André Brink's novel: A Dry White Season (1979) (Afrikaans title: 'n Droë wit seisoen (1979)) (Dutch title: Een droog wit seizoen (1980)) The...
  6. M

    Unknown language: Rawurawu

    Hello, I am currently working on my master's dissertation about self-translation. The corpus I am using for this dissertation consists of one chapter in André Brink's novel: A Dry White Season (1979) (Afrikaans title: 'n Droë wit seisoen (1979)) (Dutch title: Een droog wit seizoen (1980)) The...
  7. M

    Unknown language: κλου σαρα ταυαι πεκαι ιυιαις μεγεραις κομιλαι

    Could someone help me identifying this language? I came across it when browsing through photographic documentation of some archeological excavation conducted in 1993 in Turkey by students of Wrocław University. Among others there is some pottery and tablets with inscriptions in Greek - nothing...
  8. 1

    Unknown language: Ama jefarerida coro so fobi

    Does someone know what language it is? -------------------------------------------------- MMX (The Social Song) Ama jefarerida coro so fobi Mariama le godo foro gosta gei Ama jefarerida coro so fobi Mariama le godo foro gosta gei
  9. Brass

    Unknown language: Intorica

    Hi, there! In the Portuguese forum, we stumbled upon the word "Intorica" which was found in a text about oriental philosophy. "To heighten the divine Intorica" was the phrase in question. I got curious about it, and would appreciate if somebody could explain its meaning to me. Thanks in advance!
  10. G

    Unknown language: cavarade

    Hello, could anyone please help me with a translation of the word cavarade? I've been told it's in Esperanto, but I'm not sure.
  11. P

    Unknown language: wuar dchet frug

    Can anyone help me translate the following sentence. I am sorry I have no background information. I looked it up and I can only find the the meaning to Frug which translated to Old lady. This sentence was sent to me in a message but I don't understand any German WUAR DCHET FRUG
  12. Orreaga

    Unknown language (Yoruba?): Mungo lisa ku ukehe

    Hello, I have a book of songs used in the Candomblé religion of Brazil and Africa, some are a mixture of Portuguese and an African language, some are completely in an African language with Portuguese translation. I know that Yoruba is used in this religion but I want to be sure that's what...
  13. E

    Unknown language: Unurichadno

    La escuche y quisiera saber si es una o varias palabras y si es en Hebreo y por supuesto su significado... Espero que alguien me pueda ayudar a desifrar esta palabra o estas palabras....Gracias.
  14. L

    Unknown language: Soz? Sos?

    My parents chose my name to fit both of their heritages. My mother is an Ethiopian Jew and my father is an Ethiopian Muslim. To my dad, my name means 'maiden of dawn', but my mom won't tell me what my name means to her - she just starts laughing. I think that 'it' means little, or girl (an...
  15. B

    Unknown language: veåµe

    Well, I know it's from Europe, it would be best if someone gave me the language and the meaning. I REALLY NEED IT!
  16. A

    Unknown language: quarda daa vena, asta la querdeto

    What do the two following words mean: "quarda" "querdeto" I read them in the following context "quarda daa vena, asta la querdeto." I searched for a meaning but found nothing! Does any one have any idea please?
  17. K

    Unknown Language: amin alae de yassen i'ruakor n'yassen i'shermin

    Hello, I will be very gratefull if you are able to translate this: "amin alae de yassen i'ruakor n'yassen i'shermin" into English. Also, any help identifying that language would be appreciated. I guess it may be the unreal one too :/ Thanks "amin alae de yassen i'ruakor n'yassen i'shermine"
  18. Nunty

    Unknown language: njammy

    This showed up in an e-mail list that is devoted to lacemaking, but which sometimes strays to other thread-related crafts. The person who wrote it is not a native English-speaker. I am not able to understand if njammy is phonetic spelling of some word in English (I don't think so) or is a word...
  19. S

    Unknown language: kela pracno ferja degilu

    Sorry to bother you with a rather silly question: could the phrase above be in Greek? Judging from my very limited exposure to classic Greek, it does not even sound Greek, but a friend of mine alleges it is. Ευχαριστώ!
  20. C

    Unknown language: Oarererhesite jise zho psado.

    Hi, Do you know which language this is and what it means? Oarererhesite jise zho psado. Kisabluch shao eo iuo eo iuo sero co enam rocaro. Petayi enay uto duho. Finute gitahenitha sa chysi. Zenit joro X ky aezuo.
  21. Primal

    Unknown language: Pt avv zjhylk avzhf

    Pt avv zjhylk avzhf P SVCI fvb iljhbzl Pruvd zvvuly vy shaly p dpss il aol vul av mjbr aops bvv. pt zvyyf. This was on a postcard sent to the website, Postsecret last week. I have tried automatic language guessers and translators, and nothing was able to find an english translation...
  22. pirlouette

    Unknown Language: snumbstudis

    Bonjour à tous, Je cherche à savoir ce qu'est ou serait le "snumbstudis". C'est un mot prononcé dans une phrase anglaise par un suédois, il est possible qu'il y ait une erreur d'orthographe... (vous vous en doutez). La personne qui a transcrit ce que disait le personnage (c'est dans une série) a...
  23. A

    Unknown language: larima sari ato

    don't know how you would spell it but what language is this from? I'm not a language expert by any means so i'm just describing it the best i can! Not sure of the speakers ethnicity, could be indian or south american...hm, i'm not good with ethnicities either. larima sari ato sounds like...
  24. dudasd

    Unknown language: Tichtar

    I am putting this question here for I really can't conclude from which language the word "tichtar" comes. It's described as "dried meat of antelopes", in this context prepared and sold by Nemadi (a tribe living on borders of Sahara), but it seems it exists in some other areas of Africa as well...
  25. X

    Unknown language: Ash ne nashano

    My father once taught me a sentence that he claimed was from Norwegian that has been passed down our blood line for several generations now. It is pronounced 'Ash ne nashano' and is supposed to mean 'I dont know'. As best as I can tell, it isnt Norwegian, but Lithuanian. He would normally...
  26. Arrius

    Unknown language: Inyagu yugila

    I already know the meaning of these words: what I want is the identification of the language they are in. There does not seem to be a forum dealing with such a query, but this one would appear to be the closest to it. In Hitchcock's movie "Under Capricorn" these words are written on the outer...
  27. antaraxia

    Unknown language: yosh kimish massai

    Hola.... Tengo una pregunta para ustedes. En especial para la jente de Mexico. Alguien me ha dicho "yosh kimish massai" Y no se que significa. Dice q es la lengua de un tribu Seri, tribu de indios, en Sonora. Estoy perdida.... entre las palabras. No puedo encontrar en ninguna parte la...
  28. S

    Unknown language: Indrega

    I'm pretty curious as to the meaning of this word. Many searches on search engines and language sites turn up nothing. I'm getting the feeling its Portuguese but somehow I doubt it. (one site referenced it with other Portuguese words but no translation entry). Please, does anyone have a clue as...
  29. Scherle

    Unknown language: Meheya

    Hi guys! I heard a friend said Meheya but when I ask her what does it mean she said she just heard it somewhere. We tried to check it on line but the only thing we found there says it is a prayer healing. Help please. Thanks in advance.
  30. Z

    Unknown language: cu've av'ey la tua

    Please help me with this translation Im dying to know someone sent me an sms and I don't know what language it's in but I know it exists
  31. Edwin

    Unkown language: Cum sociis natoq pentibus etgnis disrie

    Can someone please tell me what language the following is. Cum sociis natoq pentibus etgnis disrie kertse derrosa ajerts lerasen monlase dusce lertase merro hesed. Maybe Esperanto? I found this on the website of a peridontist in Tampa, Florida. See http://www.smileframers.com/ for a...
  32. A

    Unknown language: Oeehaos waes kare

    I have tried to figure out what this language is for a long time now. I was hoping someone could give me a heads up, and maybe even how to translate this. I have the webpage, so send me an e-mail if you want so I can link it. Anysewha geshe lae araia. Oeehaos waes kare. Aerimne winebr uino...
  33. S

    Unknown language: xip lopxt

    Can anyone tell me what language this is and translate it for me? xip lopxt!? tioz qfooz nbz csfbl uijt ps nbz opu xip lopxt!? Thanks
  34. B

    Unknown language: u tidi

    Hi everyone, I'm searching for the translation "u tidi". My psychology teacher at university set up some kind of "competition". (The one who discovers the meaning of "u tidi" gets a free exam as a reward.) This short phrase, whatever it means, stands at the very end of the script and seems...
  35. K

    Unknown language: iwactresp 1;wrongimsi

    Hi! A friend of mine asked me today what language could be this: "iwactresp 1;wrongimsi". Apart from the "wrong" at the beginning of the secondo word, I'm absolutely disorientated. Maybe "iwactresp" is a command in some computer language or code, but I'm not sure... Could someone please help...
  36. C

    Unknown language: Wwyfnvb pv bib

    Hello, I friend of mine found this hand-written text in a book at home (I do not know what kind of book it was). The w-s and the heavy consonant cluster make me think about Polish. Cosol
  37. K

    Unknown language: caypande

    Does anyone know what caypande means? I've searched every language every dictionaty and I still don't know what it means.
  38. A

    Unknown language: Zam-TEE ORam H'TAYR-fa

    I have a request for anyone who would have a clue as to the possible language/region this language (if its a language) might belong to. I just had this thought now, and previously my brother and I had not thought to write down what our mother was saying, but we remember this one because she...
  39. G

    Unknown language: ocal macall

    Please don't think that this is a joke because it is not. I'm trying to decipher something that was spoken to my 8 year old daughter. She said that she was going into the kitchen and something in a human form, very white with curly hair appeared and said "OCAL (sounds like local) MACALL"...
  40. J

    Unknown Language: woel's bjun billlin

    "woel's bjun billlin" My friend is Isreali and speaks Hebrew and sent me this but will not tell me what it means??? It might not even be Hebrew.... Thanks in advance.
  41. A

    Unknown language: nayr and mehram

    There is a strange old woman in the flat next door, she doesn't talk to anyone and I wondered if this is because she doesn't understand English. I know she isn't English speaking by birth but I don't know what language she speaks, the only thing I have to go on is that she has two cats called -...
  42. C

    Unknown language: Catixux

    Hello! I have found a mystery word, I don't know the language, the pronunciation, or what it means, it may even be the name of a company, I really don't know.. I initially thought it looked Basque, as I found it on a document concerning shipments to Spain.. It just caught my eye and I'm...
  43. K

    Unknown language: nelk nitas mut aires pielda

    If someone could tell me what language this is and what this means, I would be really grateful: biasu nelk nitas mut aires pielda... jek matach bas igno mas niv firaame nut blockat fad to-kasch It's very important to me :( please anyone, help me.
  44. K

    Unknown language: Kamerra

    Does anybody know this word/name ? I'm hoping somebody out there could help me. It is from Sanskrit. I know it is in Cambodia...but !
  45. S

    Unknown language: Dash tu tav. Varidean.

    My friend has sent me this phrase in a text several times but hasn't told me what it meant. He said it's Russian slang but I can't figure it out. Can anyone help?
  46. J

    Unknown Language: Seb utre mem dietah ule utre mut'su sutan

    Hello everyone, I'm Jordan. Over the past weekend the museum I work for was broken into, and the donation box was taken. The alarm did not sound, and no door or window was broken. The only difference besides the missing cash box was the odd message left on the white board. I have searched the...
  47. D

    Unknown language: kadatay

    A man who looked Indian or possibly Arab said this word to me today. I have spelled it here phonetically. The 'd' is soft, as if it were a Spanish 'r'. The stress seemed to be on the first syllable. Any ideas? It's possible I misunderstood him, but I'm curious to see what you guys can think...
  48. Böğürtlen

    Unknown language: "Perdin Sancti Suspaya" and...

    Hello, I don't know which language is it. If you know this language and what is write here, could you please tell me in English. I don't know it's writing or reading like that. The sentences are: "Nastayz Mamappapurasti Suma" "Perdin Sancti Suspaya" Thanks.
  49. S

    Unknown language: ڻےۓێسڈذل

    May somebody translate this for me? / Podría alguien traducir esto para mi? ڻےۓێسڈذل I don't know Arabic (Although i think it's a very interesting language xD)... Thanks
  50. L

    Unknown language: Dvurniet pryvsca oblotyn ljevagnat wjesky çuspor

    "Dvurniet pryvsca oblotyn ljevagnat wjesky çuspor,idjumit anadir prjakriva tryvlin gazdali omazen. Hursna grjapo nowjek trezna malog obstali, creviat çervna clasty nupo oder vatna ce je udjena urbyviesk adna dit jost wasky. Nazdali int ili alioky neslim jet povydica, çornog aliat slynska nedvarg...