unknown language

  1. D

    Unknown language: te u geoerredei

    Hello! I dont know what this means. Can you help me?? I think that this is Spanish and is an computer language like cyber language. Can sombody help me translating it? The expression is: "te u geoerredei " Thanks a million :) Olá! Estou um pouco confusa. Ma amiga minha espanhola escreveu isto...
  2. B

    Unknown language: finna un havas

    I am trying to find out what language the phrases below are. I believe they are French or Latin. Also, I am trying to get a reasonably accurate translation. Any assistance would be appreciated. "Atra ono finna un havas Mor'ranr" "Eka edur ono eka wionata"
  3. D

    Unknown language: elibez

    Hello, maybe someone knows which language and that does mean world "elibes"? "Elibez inez" - that said one gay to my friend. Her name is Ines. She don't know that does it mean :o So could someone help us, please :)
  4. K

    Unknown language: Na preva hotiz mehe zlo

    Could anyone translate this song? Someone told me it was Romanian and/or Romany. "Vocea" (Flight of Icarus) Na preva hotiz mehe zlo Chat dos it teh pez mai vi nha Me ta hi nyioto poz natye Zveta davouk lavin luna.
  5. A

    Unknown language: aw-noo

    Is there a word in Arabic or Hebrew pronounced aw-noo? And what might the meaning be? Mod note: When you're not sure about the language from which a word comes, it's better to post your question in OL, instead of repeating the same question in several forums. Thank you.
  6. A

    Unknown language: jalif

    A twelth century German word (Ruttenberg) for cholent is written Jalif. Any one have any ideas what this word is?
  7. G

    Unknown language: Dice orí babá Orolum, orí babá Olofin, orí babá Olorde

    This is spoken at the beginning of a song by the Cuban hip-hop group Orishas: Dice orí babá Orolum, orí babá Olofin, orí babá Olorde, omí tuto, aná tuto, tuto laroye tuto ilé, tuto mo, tuto owó. Ani cumbambao Oshún, ombao chenita aché omí Babalawo. Aché Orunmila, aché Ochaleri,aché...
  8. CR17FT9

    Unknown language: il gostaria garaffa de agua

    I was wondering if anyone knew what this meant or even what language it is???? "chata valentines maiden, il gostaria garaffa de agua" I thought it might be Portuguese (on my primitive knowledge) but then I am pretty sure "il" is Italian. I was wondering if it is Latin, but then I know some of...
  9. Bobzinha

    Unknown language: anjew

    Hi everybody! I need to know if this is a word. Can anyone help me? Thanks!
  10. Chazzwozzer

    Unknown language: di espri goid di espri kuti di espri matrioa espri nouu

    Hi, I've just seen it as the personal message of a friend of mine. He also replied me saying this a couple of weeks ago when I told him that I didn't want the book I give it to him back. It might sound stupid but he never told me the meaning of this and now I'm not very good with him. I'll...
  11. ireney

    Unknown language: nevotondo navila kondali

    Hello, does anyone happen to know what language "nevotondo navila kondali" is in? Thanks
  12. S

    Unknown language: ceroex

    Hi, Iam Dr.Srinivasa from Malaysia. From a webite, I found this word called CEROEX If you don't mind, i need a small favour from you. I would be grateful if you could tell me the meaning of CEROEX. I am curious to know the meaning of CEROEX. Iam confused whether it is a French or Spanish or...
  13. E

    Unknown language: boutchie

    Hi. This word could be Flemish, i suppose. But maybe it's a French slang, for example, argot. I don't know. Anyway. My question is: what boutchie means? I think it could be a pet name, a term of endearment. I've read this word for calling a girl. Maybe it means pet, or puppy, or pup, or cub, or...
  14. A

    Unknown language: el kuallo

    Hi, I was wondering if "el kuallo" meant anything in Spanish. And if it does, what does it mean? Thanks so much!
  15. J

    Unknown language: Anka ebe mi de paa

    Does this make sense to anyone of you? Bzw. kann jmd. von euch was damit anfangen?
  16. N

    Unknown language: БАЬАВБ SENIN

    How descripted in the title i have found a medal where the script is a mix with a mix of cyrillic an latin alphabet: " БАЬАВБ SENIN " if it's a "S" I think the words near a semitic or turc linguage. It's possible recognize hebrew roots : ba, avb or nin related at the patriarcal scene. What...
  17. R

    Unknown language: Mufo Aldo

    Mufo Aldo Any one know what does thoes words mean?
  18. D

    Unknown language: moren dielo paliato morcha

    moren dielo paliato morcha What is the meanning this in English or Farsi. Please help.
  19. A

    Unknown language: audio

    Firstly, hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone would be able to assist in wording what is being said in the attached audio clip It's the name of a band and the song but I cannot seem to spell it right for a search engine or anything to pick it up! Any help MUCH appreciated :) Many...
  20. M

    Unknown language: Yoi da adash

    Could someone translate a phrase from a song for me? It's from "Little Drummer Boy". The phrase is "Yoi da adash". I can't find an online dictionary that will translate it. It maybe isn't even Hebrew. Any help is appreciated! It's just one of those things that will bother me until I find out!
  21. C

    Unknown language: Engraving

    Hello I am looking for any information on the origin/language used for this engraving. It is an old gunstock I took a picture of. Thank you for your time.
  22. Q

    Unknown language: Kenjalas burkan / Nirtem fan

    Hello, J'aimerais savoir quelle est la langue d'origine de l'expression "Kenjalas burkan" et celle de "Nirtem fan". Je sais que toutes deux signifient "rien" et que c'est très certainement des transcriptions phonétiques d'alphabets non-latins, mais est-ce que quelqu'un pourrait m'aider à...
  23. R

    Unknown language: Peranit Kaknum Eshegk Dalus

    Hey there, Peranit Kaknum Eshegk Dalus Would any of you be willing to translate the 3 words [edit: the sentence] in the thread title for me to English? Thanks :)
  24. T

    Unknown language: Mé kouman mé fora y bamê

    What does this mean? If it is not French, what is it ? Thanks Mé kouman mé fora y bamê Kélé, filla, saba, nani, norou
  25. E

    Unknown language: mir asdhuf

    hola me gustaría que alguien me tradujese lo siguiente: "mir asdhuf". Me dijeron que estaba escrito en árabe pero no estoy seguro. Gracias a todos por escucharme.
  26. Q

    Unknown language: Bolkiah

    Does anybody know the meaning of the name of the Bruneian dynasty: Bolkiah? The full name of the current king is written: Hassanal Bolkiah in English texts, which corresponds of course to 7assan al bulqiyah. I have never seen this name spelt in Jawi (the Arabic alphabet used for Malay...
  27. J

    Unknown Language: luvo

    I've been trying to figure out what language this is...if anyone knows help please:, "Devolace, luvo le'shie brovava." "Taeshu vah, esquilla. Nevoti ses devod ellu."
  28. G

    Unknown language: Ker Poupich

    There is someone that could help me? I bought an old sign in the market. There are 2 words in uknown language, for me, (of course). "Ker Poupich" Is there anyone that could translation in English or Franch or Italian? Thanks much. :)
  29. V

    Unknown language: sayam sama didi mwahs

    hi, I would like to know the language and the meaning in english or french. thanks for your help,
  30. C

    Unknown language: ra nnra koldaaj, jal hasya adjnak ny nukvad

    Hello, I'm hoping you might be able to help me. I am trying very hard to find out what language is on the following sound clip, it's not a long clip. I've been posting and using translators for days... I think, with using google and guessing how the words are spelled - it might be Hungarian...
  31. alitza

    Unknown language: dubalcain

    Hi, Does anybody have any idea of the meaning of this word? Thanks.
  32. M

    unknown language: Piz Buin

    Hello everyone. Some of you may have heard of this brand but I was wondering if it meant anything in any language; at first I thought Spanish, but it may very well be German. In fact, that is what I think it is. Nevertheless, I was curious as to what it might mean in English (if it has any...
  33. J

    Unknown language: Gitem

    Please help translate this phase to english. Gitem gitem mi amour
  34. E

    Unknown language: Moi tu je maisè. . .

    Bonjour !! I received this message and I have no idea what it means.I think it's a mixture of french with some spanish I'm not really sure. The context is: "Moi tu je maisè el martitla du elgoutè almartinue". Merci.
  35. L

    Unknown language: Swelwe

    Hola! Estoy escribiendome con un chico en inglés pero cuando he descubierto que es rumano le escribí un par de frases, a lo que él me respondió que no espera que conociera nada de rumano, y añadió esta palabra, "Swelwe". Lo que no sé ahora si lo que me ha dicho es inglés, rumano, o qué idioma...
  36. T

    Unknown language: Zadimo

    Hi there, I believe the word/name Zadimo is Lithuanian, and I'm trying to find out what is means. Thanks
  37. D

    Unknown language: Manovi mano

    I wonder what manovi mano means and in what language. Thank you.
  38. M

    Unknown language: Ta Ra

    I have just watched an TV programme about art. The artist at last said 'Ta Ra'. I think it means 'byebye', but what is the language? Ming
  39. M

    Unknown Scripture on the ring of "Lord of the ring"

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could tell me something about this ring what kind of script it is. language or a translation if possible
  40. V

    Unknown language: Marmukhe jeta

    hey buddy i want to know the meaning of "Marmukhe jeta" ( i dont know the exact pronounciation) - please help me to find the meaning of it
  41. P

    Unknown language: ceren

    I always wonder something.My name is Ceren.I know that it means child of gazelle.It isn't a turkish word i know.But i don't know which language it comes from.I heard that it's a farce word.Do you know anything about ceren?
  42. O

    Unknown language: Nelopi

    hi! 1. any idea if the combination of these letters, "nelopi" exists as a real word? 2. what language? my internet search so far, provided clues that it might belong to one of the slavic-languages, which brought me to this forum thread. 3. what is the meaning? i see it embedded in online...
  43. B

    Unknown language: Nadanu vondo sol

    This is a 10-year old mystery to me about what lanuage the lyrics to Outkast- You May Die (Intro) are. The song is here (its just about the first 20 seconds I'm concerned with. Its just a lady speaking): sendspace.com/file/4tsux8 I've googled it and it comes up with these lyrics: "Navem...
  44. M

    Unknown language: genooine Bedooine

    What is 'genooine Bedooine'? Thank you.
  45. Bienvenidos

    Unknown language: Suri, Tom Cruise's "Red Rose"

    Hello I've seen in the news that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' daughter's name is "Suri". He (Tom Cruise) says that it means "princess" in Hebrew (I'm not sure of this, maybe our Hebrew-speaking members could help us out here)but he said "suri" means red rose in Persian....I don't know about...
  46. Faethin

    Unknown language: Nautron respoc lorni virch

    I shall be extremely grateful to the one who can help me out with this one. Near the beggining of chapter XV of Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, Professor Aronnax tells of a phrase the Nautilus' second officer pronounced almost every day, while scanning the horizon every morning...
  47. T

    Unknown language: Go pa pu do ze ru ji ga do

    I need help translating this into english, thanks.
  48. R

    Unknown language: si amour be droga me encantaria sia estino

    what does this mean: si amour be droga me encantaria sia estino
  49. Heba

    Unknown language: Non lavars in lavarain lavatrice

    Hello friends, I bought a wool scarf today, and the paper on it is written in a language do not understand. Would you please tell me what this language is, and help me translate it? Omemlidir Non lavars in lavarain lavatrice lavara a mano in acque tieida con sapone Non usre prodittil...
  50. F

    Unknown language: Zipium

    Trying to do some background work on the word "zipium". I have searched through google and nothing really comes up for this word except for pages that seem to be in German (I could be wrong), example of search result listing: ...farben gemäß fruherkennung gebrauter respiratio den...