unknown language

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    Unknown language: si amour be droga me encantaria sia estino

    what does this mean: si amour be droga me encantaria sia estino
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    Unknown language: Zipium

    Trying to do some background work on the word "zipium". I have searched through google and nothing really comes up for this word except for pages that seem to be in German (I could be wrong), example of search result listing: ...farben gemäß fruherkennung gebrauter respiratio den...
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    Unknown Language: Enguishar

    :) Mi mamá nació y creció en el medio rural mexicano y le he oído decir muchas palabras extrañas, una de tantas es "enguishar" así dice ella para referirse a esa terrible irritación producida por rozarse con ciertas plantas que contienen espinas diminutas, o también por tocar cierto tipo de...
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    Unknown Language: Navem nu, cuando sol

    any help would be appreciated
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    Unknown Language: Sassenach

    Hello, I have read the books of Diana Gabaldon and there is always this words, but I am not sure if it means foreigner or English (in Scotish) Can anybody help me? Thank you
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    Unknown language: zada

    Anyone know if there's a translation to the word zada or zade? Somewhere I thought I saw it meant "prince"?