1. E

    Tajik/Uzbek/Kyrgyz: Travel

    Hello I need to know how it writes the word travel in Tajik/Uzbek/Kyrgyz in Cyrillic. Also, How you write this words in Latin characters? The context is: Imagine, an Internet user wants to search in Internet the word travel. Thanks and Best Regards
  2. Setwale_Charm

    Tajik/Uzbek/Kyrgyz: May God help you with your work

    Hello, Does anyone on these forums happen to be a speaker of Tajik/Uzbek/Jyrgyz? If I am lucky enough this way, would you please tell me if there is any conventional greeting (!) in these languages wishing people at work the best with their efforts, something like "may God help you with your...
  3. Setwale_Charm

    Uzbek: demonstrative pronouns

    Can anybody try and explain to me the more or less exact difference between the following Uzbek demonstrative pronouns: bu - shu, o’sha, mana - mana bu, ana- ana u Thank you.
  4. Setwale_Charm

    Uzbek: qancha / necha

    What is the difference between qancha - necha? Rahmat.
  5. S

    Uyghur/Uzbek/Turkish: mutual comprehensibility

    I know people from many turkic countries. Most say they can understand each other (at least 90%).These three use Arabic,Cyrilic and Latin alphabets respectively. The Uyghur say that they are in the original Turk homeland. Some say they all speak the same language but with regional differences...