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  1. 盲人瞎馬

    Vietnamese IPA tone chart

    Vietnamese speakers who know IPA, can you verify the reliability of this IPA chart? Thanks.
  2. 盲人瞎馬

    Does Vietnamese have tone sandhi?

    Does Vietnamese have tone sandhi? Specifically the northern accent.
  3. Setteducati

    Vietnamese: diacritics

    Do Vietnamese people always write in the accent marks and tone marks when writing?
  4. polly_z

    Vietnamese: "qu" pronunciation in southern vietnamese

    Hi everyone, I'm confused about the pronunciation of "qu" in southern vietnamese, is it pronounced as /kw/ or /w/, or it's just depend on the speaker?
  5. L

    Vietnamese: can I have the bò tái on the side?

    Hello, How can I ask for the raw beef (bò tái) to be served on the side when I order phở?
  6. G

    Vietnamese: nguyên quán

    On a government-issued certificate from Vietnam, an individual was listed as having a "birthplace" and a nguyên quán ("native location"?). What is a nguyên quán if it's not the same thing as a birthplace? Is it comparable to what we call a "hometown" in English? (For example, my own...
  7. D

    Vietnamese: Douglas

    I’m aware that, since Vietnamese is written with Roman alphabets, names from other languages using Roman alphabets (e. g., English and French) can appear in their native form in Vietnamese texts (such as Douglas MacArthur – Wikipedia tiếng Việt). Recently, I discovered that speakers of the...
  8. B

    Vietnamese: Lạc

    I read a vietmanese legend and found expressions like 'Lạc viet', 'Âu Lạc state' and 'Lạc lord'. What exactly Lạc means? Can I translate it into kingdom or tribe?
  9. J

    Vietnamese: Please exit through the Emergency Room on the 2nd floor

    Hi everyone! I translated this into Spanish, but I need help with translating it into Vietnamese. How would you write: "[...] Please exit through the Emergency Room on the 2nd floor."
  10. J

    Vietnamese: The lobby doors close after 8:00 P.M.

    Hi everyone! I translated this into Spanish, but I need help with translating it into Vietnamese. How would you write: "The lobby doors close after 8:00 P.M. [...]"
  11. Q

    Vietnamese: The Enlightened One

    Hello everyone! I'm writing a story set in a post-apocalyptic Vietnam, and I've been struggling to find some specific titles for its characters. The first character is a cult leader who's isolated himself and his followers up in the northern rural provinces. He is known as 'The Enlightened' or...
  12. ChimChim

    Vietnamese: Ttt

    Many my followers are from Vietnam and they always comment Ttt when I post something but idk what Ttt stand for?
  13. SnowFlake0o0

    Vietnamese: làm phép

    I am looking for a specified religious term in English that describe a process to sanctify religious objects such as cross necklace, cross pendant, cross ornament. For example: You bought a very beautiful an expensive gold cross necklace in a jewelry shop, then you visit the church; and you ask...
  14. J

    Vietnamese: khẩu

    Hi everyone, Can someone tell me what does khẩu mean in Vietnamese? Thanks
  15. mrleezoo

    Vietnamese: Gentile

    What does “Gentile” mean in Vietnamese ? please help me. The orginal sentence: Wine for Orthodox Jews must be kosher, meaning it must not be touched at any point in its process (from picking of the grapes to bottling it) by either a “Gentile” or non-observant Jew and it must contain only kosher...
  16. P

    Vietnamese: Cyclothymic disorder

    Alright so I know this is also called cyclic disorder... and I know in Vietnamese we can call it "sự đảo lộn hai lưỡng cực tồn tại trong thời gian dài". I'm looking for a more shortened term if there is any in Vietnamse please ... If anyone can help that'll be awesome! Thanks a million!
  17. G

    Vietnamese: Hung Thanh Do

    Please help me identify family name and given name for the name - Hung Thanh Do
  18. Encolpius

    Vietnamese: How's business?

    Hello, I speak no Vietnamese, but there is a little Vietnamese restaurant in my neighbourhood and I want to ask the owner how her business is going in an informal way. I'd like to say "How's business"? Thanks.
  19. shoddy

    Vietnamese: ngh

    Hello How is "ngh" pronounced in the Vietnamese language? For example, in Vinh Nghiem Pagoda. Is it correct to pronounce "Nghiem" as /Negh.hiem/?
  20. P

    Vietnamese: middle name

    1. Is there a set of middle names that are more common or nowadays any syllable can be used as middle name? 2. How does a person write his name if he goes abroad? Do he use the middle name first and then the given name? (Vi Hung or Hung Vi?) 3. Can a middle name have multiple syllables? 4. Can...
  21. S

    Vietnamese: đk / được

    [Moderator's Note: Split from this thread] ughhh, only teens use đk as được. It's often đc (được) tho.
  22. K

    Vietnamese: word space/spacing

    Hello, I would like to know from native speakers if it is common practice to find vietnamese words without using any space, say, in chats, SMS, handwritten notes, etc. (also if for example just teenagers use it) And example would be mặttrời for mặt trời or máybay for máy bay. I guess in case...
  23. Z

    Vietnamese: đàn bà, đàn ông

    đàn bà(woman),đàn ông(man) i wonder what's the meaning of the word "đàn"?
  24. Z

    Vietnamese: anh

    hello,i have a question. according to wikitionary,the word "anh" should be pronanced as [ajŋ]. now i wonder why not spell it as "ainh"?
  25. Z

    Vietnamese: pronunciation of letter Đ, B

    B: /ɓ/ or /b/ D: /ɗ/ or /d/ is it the same if i pronounce the letter B as /ɓ/ or /b/?
  26. T

    Vietnamese: Please forward this letter to Investor Relations department

    Hi all, I got a huge request to you. Could you please translate the following sentence so that it sounds nice in Vietnamese? I need this for my job. “Please forward this letter to Investor Relations department or someone who speaks English. Thank you.” Thanks so much in advance!
  27. Cardinal101

    Vietnamese: bạch tuyết

    Tôi đang dịch một số từ tiếng lóng liên quan đến ma túy. Phát âm không rõ lắm, nhưng hình như người ta đang nói "bạch tuyết." Có phải "bạch tuyết" là "cocaine" không? Cảm ơn các bạn nhé.
  28. F

    Vietnamese: Love Her A Lot ! Pray to Her A Lot ! She Will Take Care Of You !

    Hello, I need this in vietnamese: Love Her A Lot ! Pray (to) Her A Lot ! She Will Take Care Of You ! I found this with google: Nhiều Tình yêu ở đây! Một lần nữa hãy cầu nguyện nhiều! Nó sẽ chăm sóc của bạn! Thank you for correcting me : -)
  29. F

    Vietnamese: Help me to overcome this addiction

    This is a religious context, addressed to a saint, Please correct me: Giúp tôi vượt qua cơn nghiện này
  30. Balloonhmu

    Vietnamese: liên danh

    When two company use the same name which is often created from linking their trademarks to participate in a tender, we call "liên danh" in Vietnamese but i can't find out which word to use in English, please help me! Thanks a million!
  31. U

    Vietnamese: Sến

    Hello everyone, I'm Vietnamese and I know that everyone in Vietnam knows this word. But I have curious for a long time. How should we translate the word "sến", "sến súa" into English? Some of my friends said that the best translation for that world is "overly romantic" but it seems that they...
  32. D

    Vietnamese: Name structure

    According to Wikipedia, a Vietnamese name consists of 3 elements – a 'given name', a 'middle name' and a surname. I wonder if the concepts of 'middle name' and 'given name' in Vietnamese are exactly the same as in English? In English, the given name is the name a person is known by in everyday...
  33. L

    Vietnamese: phan (phản gỗ)

    Hi everybody, I read in an article (an internal magazine for IKEA employees) about a "phan". It was described as a "traditional Vietnamese wooden box that functions as the family bed and sofa". I wonder if the description is correct and, first of all - what does a "pan" look like? I have tried...
  34. Setwale_Charm

    Vietnamese: When the son is unwise, it is the mother who is to blame

    Hello! Would anyone be able to tell me this: There was a Vietnamese proverb in the days when I used Vietnamese widely and almost fluently and it ran something like: When the son is unwise, it is the mother who is to blame. Does this ring the bell with anyone and does anyone know the...
  35. P

    Vietnamese: cu-nao

    Greetings: Can anyone provide an IPA phoneme pronunciation of the Vietnamese word cu-nao as used in the following sentence: “characteristic high-necked white pajama type of garment, called a cu-nao, and he wore open-toed rubber sandals.” Quote is from an New York Times article.
  36. Argon13

    Vietnamese: mục tiêu and mục đích

    What is the difference in meaning between those words? Or do they mean the same thing: goal, aim?
  37. Argon13

    Vietnamese: thả ống lươn

    Does thả ống lươn mean to catch eels? What does ống mean? Is it a classifier for the word lươn(eel)? Một anh đi thả ống lươn, một buổi sáng tinh sương đã thấy hắn trần truồng và xám ngắt trong cái váy đụp để bên một lò gạch bỏ không, anh ta rước lấy và đem cho một người đàn bà góa mù. So, is...
  38. R

    Vietnamese: welding / soldering

    How do I explain to my parents that I want to take welding not soldering? I know it's the same word, but is there another way to differentiate?
  39. F

    Vietnamese: kinship terms

    Hello all, I'm new here. I am interested in Vietnam kinship and I have so many question to ask. especially, i need an information from native speaker. These are the questions. Vietnamese Kinship chart - From chart. I saw there are more kinship terms from father side than mother. It's...
  40. P

    Vietnamese: tonal/tone structure

    I have been working on Vietnamese for several months now, and my pronunciation is at a brick wall. It has to do with the tonal structure. Before you assume the obvious, let me say that I am no stranger to tonal languages. I speak Chinese quite well, and Thai passably. But Vietnamese is...
  41. W

    Vietnamese: Zìn bạn tui mà. Sao ông phải xoắn

    Hi anyone know what is this Vietnamese word mean (Zìn bạn tui mà. Sao ông phải xoắn)Thanks
  42. Argon13

    Vietnamese: Một vài câu hỏi về bài hát «Đoàn Vệ Quốc Quân»

    Xin chào. Xin người việt làm ơn trả lời một vài câu hỏi của tôi về bài hát này: 1.«Lạc Hồng» là gì? 2.«Nào có sá chi đâu ngày trở về» nghĩa là gì? 3.«có hay»trong «Đoàn quân Việt Nam có hay» nghĩa là gì? 4.«vị hùng anh»=«anh hùng»? 5.Tôi dịch có đúng không: «nhưng lòng...
  43. C

    Vietnamese: Thằng Tony con Út vì bị bệnh nên mẹ con thức đó chứ không mẹ cũng ngủ rồi

    Hi guys, I need help to translate below Vietnamese word to English. I have try Google translate but it doesn't help much. I hope that someone could help me out. vi uyen hay tu ai va mac cam gia dinh ngheo va don chiec nen uyen de trog long kg tiec lo cho ai biet dau ban. Thang tony con ut vi...
  44. L

    Vietnamese: Learning materials

    So I would like to learn a bit of Vietnamese. My question is which materials (if any) are good for self-study? Professor Alex Arguelles made a video with 2 Vietnamese women who both said that Teach Yourself and Colloquial were horrible. They also commented that DLI and FSI were "OK" but were...
  45. B

    Vietnamese: phong cầm ở thế kỷ xvi

    Hello, Could you please explain to me the composition of that (very long!) word word: phong cầm ở thế kỷ xvi ? It means "harpsichord". Thank you
  46. D

    Vietnamese: mới = until

    I know this word has many meanings, but recently i saw a sentence where the meaning seems to be something like "until". The sentence was something like: Còn lâu mới thi. There's still a long time until the exam. I was hoping someone could explain this usage in detail. And maybe give some...
  47. D

    Vietnamese: cải tiến and cải thiện

    Can someone explain the difference between these two words? I was told by one person that cải tiến describes an improvement to something that is already good and makes it even better, and that cải thiện describes an improvement to something that is really bad and is just bringing up to normal...
  48. M

    Vietnamese: hjx

    I keep seeing "hjx" at the end of sentences in postings of Vietnamese native speakers. What does this abbreviation mean, please? thanks
  49. E

    Vietnamese: Possessives

    Hi! I would like to know if all personal pronouns (that are also kinship terms) like co, ba, chi (sorry, I don't have a Vietnamese keyboard) can be used in structures like "your X". For example, to say, "your name", can we say tên co tên ba tên chi when we address a woman depending on her...
  50. J

    Vietnamese: Rất thương em gái nhưng lại khá kém trong việc biểu lộ tình cảm

    Hi there, I would like to know this sentence in vietnamese. It's came from a biography of a character from an anime. Rất thương em gái nhưng lại khá kém trong việc biểu lộ tình cảm. Thanks for your replies.