1. D

    Swedish dentures/false teeth

    I'm using an Assimil course for learning Swedish, a well known French method, but I'm sometimes not sure about their choices of vocabulary. I've now got to the sentence: "Pensionärerna tappar nästan garnityret när de grips av panik." Which I assume means "The pensioners nearly lose [all] their...
  2. natkretep

    hero as a verb

    We watch a fair amount of cookery programmes, and we're currently engrossed with Masterchef Australia (series 6). When judging dishes, this kind of construction is not uncommon: 'This dish heroes the cheese'. In other words, this dish makes the cheese in it hero - the dominant or prominent...
  3. danielfranco


    Hi, there, forum-peeps, Does any one know the Spanish word for "grawlix"? That is the name of the whirly scribble or any other graphical representation of a profanity (i.e., I just can't find the @#$% translation!) I thought of "garabato," but that's just a plain ol' doodle. Let me know...
  4. F

    Structured Writing

    I want to translate the phrase "Structured Writing" into German (referring to a homework assignment). How would I say this?
  5. A

    Japanese and Chinese: 哈日族, 親日派

    Hello, Please tell me the meaning (origin if you know) and the pronunciation of the word 哈日族. Is it ha-Ni-zoku? Does it mean Japanofile or Japanification or both? Is it a synonym to 親日派 shin-Nichi-ha? Both words can be used in Chinese as well (the must be pronounced as hā-Rì-zú 哈日族, qīn-Rì-pài...
  6. T

    e-skill & e-employability

    Please help me translate these two words. I could not find any equivalent in french. "Fifty persons will participate to the e-skills and e-employability workshop to be held in Lodon" traduction: "50 personnes participeront à l'atelier e-competence et e-employabilité qui se tiendra à Londre"
  7. J

    una historia se realiza en el mar...

    hola amigos me gustaría que me ayudaran con esta duda ¿Cómo se dice un poema que se realizó en el mar en Inglés? ¿Podría ser a poem that took place in a sea? ¿A poem that took place in the sea? Gracias
  8. J. Jonsen


    Hola a todos: Hablando sobre trabajos manuales, nos ha surgido una pequeña duda; es craftwork sinónimo de handicraft? Sucede que las dos compañeras envueltas en la discusión somos de distintas nacionalidades (y ninguna de las dos tiene el inglés como lengua materna). gracias a estas...
  9. S

    Ways of jumping!

    HI EVERYBODY!! I am attending the teacher training college and I have to hand in a portfolio about grammar, vocabulary and phonetics. The main problem is that I have to make a vocabulary list about the "ways of..." I have to list WAYS OF JUMPING. Do you know some??? Of course as a...
  10. M

    On/Kun yomi choices in compounds.

    Hello, I did a search to see what had been asked on this before but there doesn't seem to be anything directly relevant. It's a general question so there really isn't any context, but I will put a sentence in for an example. ひきとり can be written 引き取り or 引取, right? For which there is...