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  1. stultissimus

    denouncer vs. denunciator

    How would you call someone who publicly denounces certain social phenomena, speak sharply against them and those engaging in them: a 'denouncer' or a 'denunciator'? (Surely there are other words one could use, but let's assume we need to stress the affinity with the verb 'denounce'). If both are...
  2. 7

    no less than / as much as / as many as

    Hello, everyone. I wonder which expression is the best when I rephrase #1. #1 She walks no less than six miles to the station. #2 She walks as much as six miles to the station. #3 She walks as many as six miles to the station. #4 She walks as far as six miles to the station. Thank you.
  3. valus471

    Días de reposo

    Saludos. ¿Cómo se traduciría la siguiente frase en inglés?: El doctor me dio dos días de reposo. El contexto sería una conversación casual. Mi intento sería: The doctor gave me two days of medical leave/two sick days. Estoy casi seguro que no sería una traducción correcta. ¡Gracias de antemano!
  4. Monty El Regio

    está carbón

    Is there a family friendly version of "está carbón" (the context being "it's a pain in the @ss")?
  5. O

    spun out of conversation

    Hello dear friends. I couldn't understand the "spin out of conversation" phrase meaning and I couldn't find it in dictionaries. Can someone explain what it means? Many thanks in advance. """The thing that broke me out of that was a promise that my fifth-grade teacher made me, which was that in...
  6. M

    of saying-by saying

    If you articulate the minimal benefits of saying 'you won't benefit much', you're likely to dissuade people from signing up. I thought it must be 'by saying' there, is this okey to express with 'of saying'?
  7. Florense

    Have you not yet heard anything?

    (Have you received any news or informaion from him?) Have you heard anything from him yet? haven't you heard anything from him yet? Have you not yet heard anything from him? Which one is natural? Any subtle difference between them? Thanks
  8. mobin68

    quality over quantity

    Hi everyone, Does the phrase quality over quantity alone make sense? I looked it up. it seems like it is used frequenty as a slogan: meaning quality is more important than quantity. I found this definition on a website. Quality over quantity essentially means choosing things of high standard...
  9. N

    Request colleague to update report

    Dear all, can you suggest what sentence I should email to request colleagues to update the database from time to time. My sentence: Please update the database starting from 17th May until yesterday. is that the proper way to request?

    Dino mi ha detto che lavorava anche domenica

    ciao a tutti 1.Dino mi ha detto che lavorava anche domenia.(there is no context to help) My translation : Dino has told me that he also worked (or works?) on Sunday. The question is : Has the day Domenica passed or is yet to come? Grazie mille per aiutarmi!
  11. djafone12


    Bonsoir chers Collègues Je vous espère tous en forme sans doute. Aidez-moi SVP Lorsqu'on traduit par exemple le doc de plan d'un terrain, la partie où le plan est dessiné; comment faire à ce niveau? est ce qu'il y a un terme pour représenter cette partie ou il redessiner le plan sur le doc...
  12. G


    Hola. ¿Qué significa solapillo? ¿Se puede decir: "Le dio unas monedas al mendigo de solapillo"?
  13. cyncym

    Jesucristo como expresión

    Sé que en inglés se usa como expresión de sorpresa, o enojo (contexto: "Stop bothering, Jesus!" o "Jesus Christ, what the hell was that!?"), y quisiera usar expresiones similares pero que no sean simples traducciones del inglés, sino expresiones reales que usen personas que viven en...
  14. M

    "Happiness is contagious, spread it with a smile!"

    I am having trouble translating the phrase "Happiness is contagious, spread it with a smile!" correctly to Spanish. What is the correct way to translate it?
  15. M

    his coat and purse

    Hello everyone, From the book A Cursed Kiss by Jenny Hickman. Two ladies talking at the ball. Lady Gore asks Miss Fahey if she has heard about Samuel Quinton. Miss Fahey says that she hasn't and asks Lady Gore for details. “I heard from a reliable source that he was murdered by a pooka this...
  16. S


    No sé si la frase suena natural o no. Esta situación no pudo ser factible sin haber reunido muchas circunstancias favorables. (Se da en la situación de que un situación no pudo realizarse sin la reunión de muchas circunstancias que favorecieron su realización)
  17. R

    reprise des charges (travaux)

    Hello, Would anyone know how to translate 'reprise des charges' into english. I know that it means something like supporting weights, but am wondering if there is an 'industry' equivalent. Thank you for your feedback.
  18. Y

    To do that… vs Doing that…

    To do that is useless. Doing that is useless. It is useless to do that. (rerely used) It is useless doing that. (commonly used) Climbing mountains is interesting. To climb mountains is interesting. It is interesting climbing mountains. (never seen) It is interesting to climb mountains. Why is...
  19. roxcyn

    It is not bad to prefer working nights

    En inglés la frase es: "It is not bad to prefer working nights." ¿Está bien dicho esta oración en español? "No es malo preferir trabajar las noches." Gracias de antemano.
  20. C


    What is raponero in English!
  21. Beatrice.se

    ci ha messo il pensiero

    Buenos días, no logro encontrar qué significa esta frase, ¿alguien podría ayudarme? Speriamo che vada bene, con questo nuovo lavoro. Ci ha messo il pensiero, ormai. ¡Gracias!😊
  22. K

    While there is life there is hope.

    I can make it through the rain. I can stand up once again on my own.
  23. P

    La bonté dame

    Que veut-dire cette expression “la bonté dame”?
  24. F

    Chi ha fatto di più

    I am not sure how I can translate "Chi ha fatto di più". Can it be "Who has done more" or" Who has done the most (of all). Or both? Please enlighten me.
  25. H


    I would like to know if this is an english word
  26. amelie_mhb

    Unredact something

    Hey! What does it mean to "unredact a report" Tnx
  27. everestdude

    Restrictive/non-restrictive relative pronouns

    A: Batista is a person, who has 5 cars. B: Batista is a person that has 5 cars. A: I am looking at Jennifer, to whom I talked on the phone last night. B: I am looking at Jennifer (that) I talked to on the phone last night. One of the sentences above has to be correct. Please let me know...
  28. S

    It’s not gonna work. (impolite?)

    It’s not gonna work. Is the above sentence usually impolite?
  29. D


    Hello, how can I translate RETROPROIEZIONE in English? It is about a dance performance that has a film projection...
  30. C

    Shoulder punches

    Hola, Gracias Fénix Pollo. Se me cortó el mensaje. Estoy traduciendo unos ejercicios de terapia física. No sé cómo traducir "shoulder punches". El contexto: "Siéntese con la espalda recta y contraiga los músculos alrededor del abdomen. Presione los omóplatos juntos y hacia abajo. Eleve el...
  31. T

    man’s need to make his helplessness tolerable

    Hello Can anyone explain the meaning of this sentence and if its pro or against religion? Thanks “Religious belief is born from mans need to make his helplessness tolerable.”
  32. K

    is a continuum

    Hola. ¿Cómo se traduciría la frase Human biological diversity is a continuum? ¿Tiene sentido si lo dejo como "La diversidad biológica humana es continua"? Gracias.
  33. MohamedHakkam

    bautizar a pilluelos

    " y aunque los huesos le dolían de cansada, corría a la acequia a llenar la regadera y bautizaba a aquellos pilluelos, que bajo la ducha saludaban agradecidos. " Que yo sepa , bautizar de bautismo es las iglesias.. ?? y si el pilluelo es un especie de erizos de agua ?
  34. D

    I'll keep you posted on his progress.

    "I'll keep you posted on his progress." I rendered this sentence into German in the following way: "Über seinen Fortschritt halte ich dich auf dem Laufenden." Please tell me what you think. ; - )
  35. F

    FR: What makes sound?

    What makes sound? Qu'est-ce qui produit le son ?
  36. O

    bends vs curves vs corners

    bends, curves and corners <——-Topic from original thread title added to post by moderator (Florentia52)——-> This is about roads and driving. Are these three words used interchangeably?
  37. Goooodman

    the day in question

    A lawyer acting for a defendant says to a witness who has just identified the defendant: "Have you ever seen the defendant before the day in question". What do the words in bold mean ?
  38. C_博


    poppy cock.I am done with you.
  39. W

    Once all struggle is grasped, miracles are possible.

    I found this quote online: Once all struggle is grasped, miracles are possible. I don't understand its meaning. What does "grasping struggle" mean? As far as I'm aware, to grasp something means to either hold something firmly or to understand something, but none of these meanings seems to make...
  40. C

    Bounce it off.

    "The light bounces off them and is scattered all over the sky, creating a glow." In this sentence, 'is off' used as a preposition? In general, 'verb + pronoun + adverb' is used like "Turn it off". How about "Bounce it off."? In this case, is 'off' an adverb? If you have your opinion, please...
  41. M

    Under the sky_correct formulation

    Hello everybody, I'm french and new to this forum. I'm trying to translate a poem and I'd like to know if "under the sky" is the correct translation of "sous le ciel" . Thanks in advance for your answer. Matt
  42. T

    condamné à l'exploit

    condamné à l'exploit … I’ve come across this in sporting contexts. I’m guessing it means “left with it all to do”, “a tricky task ahead”, etc.?
  43. someone vs anyone

    Hi all, I've read through all the threads here, but the more I read, the more confused I am. 1.I don't want someone looking over my shoulder. 2. I don't want anyone looking over my shoulder. what's the difference beween these two sentences? Is the first sentence correct? Thanks in advance.
  44. Nevenatan

    Animals 's, s'

    Hello! Is it more natural to say 'the toy of my cat' or 'my cat's toy'? Do we use 's, s' with animals or 'of'?
  45. S

    Le Passe

    Bonjour. Lequel est correct ici? "Pour quoi est-ce que tu n'etais pas au restaurant avec les autres hier?" Ou... "Pour quoi est-ce que tu n'as pas au restaurant avec les autres hier?" Merci
  46. later in this book

    Hello, guys. What does "later in this book" mean in the sentence:" Later in this book we hear about the burgeoning online genre of sleep videos, with titles such as 'Soft Spoken Man Read Encyclopedia: A really boring video to help you sleep now'."? <Additional question removed by moderator...
  47. Bicororazz

    She talks at others expense

    Buenos días. Cuando alguien habla sin que le importe herir los sentimientos de los demás.Una persona que habla sin filtro
  48. D

    Conocer lugares nuevos

    Is it possible to say this:? It is exciting to know new places and meet new people. Thanks.
  49. H

    Σειρά επιθέτων

    Καλημέρα 😊 Υπάρχει σωστή σειρά (συντακτικά) επιθέτων στην ελληνική, όπως υπάρχει στην αγγλική; Ευχαριστώ
  50. jamesss22

    resented for working harder than others and contributing to society

    What does it mean A group of people resented for working harder than others and contributing to society? From Joe Rogan - Neuroscientist on Asian Discrimination