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  1. harcell16

    Toilet: Take care of business

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for an equivalence of this phrase "Take care of business". I'm translating about a portable toilet for camping. I know what the phrase means, however, I'd like to know a colloquial way to say it in Spanish from the diffrent countries out there. In Venezuela, some ways...
  2. H

    Does anybody know what it is?

    It is important for me to learn a language correctly. So I need experienced German's help. I want to learn how to say "Does anybody know what it is" but I have gotten a few equivalents. I don't know which best fits, is correct, or both correct and natural. Would you please identify? 1a. Weiß...
  3. G

    por este momento

    Is it correct to say: por este momento, tiene un salario bajo (como un ejemplo)? To mean at this moment, for now? Does por este momento exist?
  4. Adni1618

    Get - my story got told

    Hola, me han pedido que analice un texto y estoy leyendo que en una parte dice "my story got told" La traducción a eso sería "mi historia fue contada", pero realmente no entiendo mucho el por qué. Se que "get" tiene una infinidad de significados, pero no he encontrado en ningún lugar por qué en...
  5. S

    Deutsche Österreicher (German Austrians) oder (or) Österreichische Deutsche (Austrian Germans)?

    What is the difference between saying or writing Deutsche Österreicher (German Austrians) or Österreichische Deutsche (Austrian Germans)?
  6. C

    Miss the mark

    Come traduzione di Miss the mark viene data "mancare il bersaglio" e "non cogliere nel segno". Si può usare sempre per dire di aver fallito in qualcosa? Non aver passato un esame, non aver raggiunto un obiettivo al lavoro, perdere una partita, Aver commesso un errore con una persona, Non aver...
  7. ohya

    my heart is broken

    How to say my heart is broken in Spanish?
  8. Myme

    Challenge or dare

    Hi everybody, I was thinking about when someone dares another people do something and one of them answers: "challenge us". My question is: Can I use "dare" instead of "challenge", I mean, "dare us!" Thanks in advanced.
  9. ichfrage

    You cannot talk about it, which is wrong

    I caught a sentence in a new when practicing listening: You cannot talk about it, which is wrong. I have no idea which is the correct meaning of the sentence. 1. You cannot talk about the it, because the “it” is a wrong thing 2. You cannot talk about it, the acting of “talking about it”...
  10. S

    « That » instead of « whom »

    Hello :), I wonder if we can use that instead of whom? I would appreciate some examples if it’s possible :).
  11. arcanegem

    Sentence structure

    "You should adhere to your beliefs steadfastly regardless of how hard people try to impose their beliefs on you with some logical fallacies" I would like to know if the sentence above sounds natural, I answered this when I was asked "one of the bravest things everyone should do "
  12. esthercilla_es

    reporting structures

    Does anyone knows what alternative reporting structures are?
  13. WordReferenceUser98


    With reference to the Romancero viejo ballad tradition, Menéndez Pidal makes reference to the noticierismo cantado of the ballads. Does anybody know what this means? I am guessing it has something to do with news, but apart from that I am not sure. Thanks in advance, Rachel
  14. Asien Huang

    vocal vs. vocal music

    Hi, everyone, What’s the difference between “vocal” and “vocal music”?
  15. Akiko99

    the study programme of a course or 'course study programme'?

    Hello! I need to present a document with the study programme of an English course that I attended during university, I need to write its title. Should I call it 'English course study programme' or 'study programme of English course?'
  16. C

    Flaky test

    Hi, I can see in my job that there are some tests tagged as "Flaky" and I was said that's because they fail some times, and they work ok other times. Does anybody know how we can call them in Spanish? Maybe "Test inestables"? Thanks in advanced :)
  17. J

    The acanthus was used as the basis of scrolling foliage with the leaves appearing heavy and dropping

    The acanthus was used as the basis of scrolling foliage with the leaves appearing heavy and dropping Buongiorno, ho trovato questa frase in un testo di storia dell'arte. Io lo tradurrei circa così: "L'acanto era l'elemento di base nei tralci fogliati, con foglie ampie (?) e incurvate". Grazie.
  18. Y

    pour l'instant / pour le moment / en ce moment

    what are tiny nuances that make each of these different? are there any other sayings that are more commonly used than these three?
  19. mat.such

    objectionable materials

    Hello, which adjective would you personally use in this context? I would have a go at the word OBJECTIONABLE. Many thanks This is especially true when artists use unusual or AESTHETIC/OBJECTIONABLE/RAW/POOR materials to create art, such as dead insects, religious objects, or even blood.
  20. F

    Pick up poop

    I'd like to say "pick up dog poop", as in the chore that dog owners have to do every day. Mi intento: Recoger la caca del perro"
  21. S

    don't flinch

    Hola a todos, If I wanted to say ¨don´t flinch,¨ how would you suggest I say it? For example, my students often say this to each other as they throw something at a friend or do something to try to make the other person flinch. Gracias de antemano
  22. A

    slapping down mugs

    In the movie Borderline from 1950, I heard "slapping down mugs" what does that mean? <-----Video link removed by moderator (Florentia52)-----> Thank you
  23. P


    Υπάρχουν καλύτερα αντίστοιχα του 'υποβόλιμος' από όρους όπως suggestible και gullible;
  24. H

    Use in production

    Hello, In the following text, what does "Use in production" mean? Can it mean "In the production environment"? Thank you.
  25. L

    consort - He who consorts with wolves

    Cómo se traduce idiomáticamente esta frase 'He who consorts with wolves learns how to howl?' Gracias de antemano.
  26. aureliaquak

    contributes more to the result

    I teach Business English to adults online. They sent in their homework that I correct. One of the questions of the homework of this chapter was: Name five arguments as to why a company should create a trustful atmosphere within the company. One argument is: The employee contributes more to...
  27. tempest1976

    be born way over weddings

    Agradecería ayuda con esta frase. Melinda is thirty-five and was born way over weddings. ¿Se refiere a que ya nació casada (en plan exageración)? ¡Muchas gracias!
  28. L

    'have me on' question

    Hi! and thank you in advance! A: How many times did your flight get canceled? B: Twice. What about you? A: They had me on a 22-hour, then a 26-hour, then finally a 42-hour. Could you please explain what the 22, 26, 42-hour means? Does it mean the time A had to wait for the flight?
  29. Drol

    Enfermedad intra hospitalaria

    Hola, buenas tardes. Enfermedad intra hospitalaria Quería saber si hay algún término en inglés para este tipo de enfermedades. Muchas gracias! Drol
  30. English Learner10

    HIs efforts made possible a guilty verdict...

    Hi, I got some trouble in the meaning of the underlined sentence. I would appreciate if you could answer my question. <-----Original thread title added to post by moderator(Florentia52)-----> Described by the Rev. Al Sharpton as “Black America’s attorney general,” Crump has worked with the...
  31. S

    caer muerto

    Me pregunto si la expresión en negrita es correcta La persona cayó muerto desde lo alto del edificio.
  32. stephenlearner

    so as to

    Ventilation systems must be designed so as to allow easy access to parts requiring cleaning or replacement. In this sentence, does "so" mean "in such a manner"? What does "as" mean? Can I delete "as"? Thanks.
  33. DrDIT

    Person doing the assignment in business setting

    Dear native speakers, please help me find the right word. In business, when a certain task is to be done, the company may appoint two persons: the one responsible for the task (usually a manager) and the one who will actually do the job. What would be the correct term for the latter? The one...
  34. seonghyeone

    what's mean "I move that S +V"

    The title is the content.
  35. J

    a by-product of value.

    "Money is a by-product of value." 17 Mission and Vision Statement Examples to Follow in 2022 I don't understand the use of the indefinite article before "by-product". What makes the reference to the noun "by-product" indefinite? Thanks
  36. M

    you might <be listening> <listen> to his suggestions

    Hello dear friends I asked for clarification in this thread and because it wasn't explicit enough to answer so I decided to ask it differently. If you got on better with him, you might be listening to his suggestions. If you got on better with him, you might listen to his suggestions. Here is...
  37. M

    learning _____ lamp post

    English course is learning-----------------lamp post. a- by b- under c- against d- with
  38. LeoBritish

    Why <would><did> you…?

    Hi:) What is the difference between two sentences below? Why would you say that? and Why did you say that?
  39. C

    épiauté aux épaules et aux hanche

    Any ideas what this word means. The full sentence is as follows, Plus pour longtemps: il se vidait à mi-cuisses et il était épiauté aux épaules et aux hanches. Thanks!
  40. Learner_of_English

    holded at hand by us

    You guys are not little kids who need to be holded at hand by us. <——-Example sentence from original thread title added to post by moderator (Florentia52)——-> Hello everyone is the above mentioned sentence correct? Thank you in advance
  41. R

    c'est pas de quatre roues

    hi, came across this and was wondering if it was an idiom? didn't make literal sense in the context :)
  42. D

    be related to

    I want to know more ways of saying "be related to". I can come up with "be relevant to","have relevance with","have connection with".
  43. S


    Hi there What does it mean: We looked at every aspect of our work through the lens of serving the QBR to deliver on our Big Promise, and this led us to a creative solution we may not have come up with otherwise. For the hands-to-keyboard QBR to work, we also had to be able to take the user off...
  44. CyrilH

    is <of> only numbers vs is only with numbers

    Which sentence sounds correct or better? <-----Question from original thread title added to post by moderator (Florentia52)-----> 1. The function is set o (or set up to?) make sure that the content we fill in [ is of only numbers. ] 2. The function is set to (or set up to?) make sure that the...
  45. AmiraDF

    see in the New Year vs ring in the New Year

    Hi, everyone! Happy New Year! Could you, please, explain the difference between "see in the New Year" and "ring in the New Year"?
  46. M

    Doing homework helps you understand the lessons.s easily.

    Doing homework regularly help you understand the lessons easily. Dear teachers, above sentence is correct or not. <——-Edited thread title added to post by moderator (Florentia52)——-> DoinDoing homew
  47. pixiera3

    Hunters vs predators

    What is the difference between Hunters vs predators ? can I use them the same way ?
  48. E

    with payment that will be made

    I offered $1000 for this item, with payment that will be made 90 days from the invoice. I offer $1000 for items and payment is due 90 days from the invoice date. Is it better to describe this situation with a one sentence like above?
  49. L

    tourner comme une crêpe

    Bonjour. Que veut dire "le tourner comme une crêpe"? Merci.
  50. arcanegem

    I practically forgot it

    Practically means Almost, So can I say, It's my exam today, I practically forgot about it.