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  1. B

    face to face service vs technology service

    I wonder if face to face service and technology service fit in the following sentence or sounds idiomatic. Older people prefer face to face to service to technology service, such as kiosk because they are not accustomed to using it.
  2. S

    one class session's impact

    Hello Everyone, Why "session" is used in this sentence? ... the researchers investigated one class session's impact on eating meat ... Does the author mean that the class lasts some 45 minutes or one hour or something like that? And the investigators studied the 1- hour (or 45 minutes ...)...
  3. kingjjt

    Walk straight pass

    I would like to say in spanish He passed me straight in hall this morning. Meaning that you walk pass someone you know but did not take them one or you pretended like you did not know them . Or sometime you honestly did see the person
  4. G

    Mediatization of culture and everyday life

    Mediatization of culture and everyday life  This is a titile of a book, but i don't understand what it really means!!
  5. Russulae 🍄🍄🍄

    Implies (the) letters: ee, ea, ...

    I'm hard trying to figure out the usage of the zero article now, and as I've understood it, we are strictly forbidden to use "the" when there's a figure AFTER(not before) our noun, but we have to use the definite article if we say the object and then its name, for example, "I want to show you...
  6. abre

    the future planned development

    Hi, Should i say the future planned development of the site or the site of the future planned development . Much appreciated !
  7. T

    I rang the police though I wasn't sure ________ to do so or not

    Fill each of the blanks with a suitable word or phrase. 1. I rang the police though I wasn't sure ________ to do or not. <additional questions removed by moderator>
  8. djwalker

    Confusing vocabulary choice in "Coco"

    In "Coco", Abuelita says "¡Sí Musica!" when she clearlly means "No music!". I find that confusing. Is it a colloquial usage? Idiom?
  9. E

    Cambios en la política de visibilidad de/del perfil de usuario

    Which one is more correct in the sentence "Cambios en la política de visibilidad [ de / del ] perfil de usuario," between "de" and "del."
  10. M

    Tap on somebody

    Hola a todos. No comprendo el significado de "tap" en el siguiente ejemplo: What impressed him most was the tap on her: an innocence angel. ¿Podrían ayudarme por favor? Gracias
  11. james0228

    entertained by the delights of the company

    [Nothing is more pleasant for the members of a household than to gather in front of a roaring fire, entertained by the delights of the company, not to mention the special food and drink.'] which is the meaning of 'company' in the above sentence? 1)the state or condition of being with another...
  12. lishazoe777

    inertia v.s. inertness inertial v.s. inertia

    Hi there just wondering whether inertia and inertness have the same meaning and exchangeable? What's the difference between inertial and inertia? Thank you very much!
  13. L


    The boy is under the tree. Is it a right sentence?
  14. A

    conceptually overlapping

    However, it must also be stated that translation techniques have been used since the dawn of humanity; although some may say they were used in a rather unconscious manner. It is only recently that translation techniques were identified and catalogued for their use and it is also true that...
  15. A

    become entwined

    This idea springs from the fact that there is no set rule to implement them and, many times, the boundaries between them are so thin that they often become entwined. Esta idea surge del hecho de que no existe una regla definida para su implementación y, en muchas ocasiones, los límites entre...
  16. A

    a real struggle

    Many times, the path to simplify a task is a real struggle; however, the result is worth it. How would ´´a real struggle´´ be translated into Spanish? Edited: The source text talks about translation techniques.
  17. H

    Deamons or demons

    What´s the difference? and if they can be used in the same situation
  18. E

    too strong for you to defeat (him)

    Which one sounds better ? 1) He's too strong for you to defeat. 2) He's too strong for you to defeat him.
  19. Patrick Fairchild

    Is there a concise way of saying this and retaining the humor?

    Topic question: Is there a concise way of saying this and retaining the humor? Copied from title. Cagey, moderator "That’s ... very Chinese -- Never do things on time when you can do them in advance." meant to be positive. Context is about China meeting UN poverty goal ten years ahead~~
  20. supercub

    Car or LTR

    The statistics on the automotive industry include a section called Car/truck, and all data in this section are either Car or LTR. What does LTR mean in this case? Thank you very much for your help.
  21. P


    Estoy buscando cómo usar contextualización en una frase. ¿Y que significa en inglés? Por favor.
  22. G


    Bonjour, j'ai un étudiant en BTS vente qui vend des feux d'artifices et également les installe. Can I see a "pyrotechnist" for his activity? I said a firework salesman and he also installs fireworks. How would you say ? Thank you for your answer. Ghislaine
  23. Julien-FR

    peak (busiest time)

    Bonjour, Je me demande comment traduire "Peak", lorsque cela désigne les mois ou semaines les plus chargés de l'année pour une entreprise. Je précise que je suis allé voir les sujets qui contiennent le mot "peak" mais que cela ne m'a pas aidé. Jusqu'ici, j'ai pensé à "haute saison", mais ça...
  24. Harshi

    it looks attracting/ fascinating to me

    ¿Cómo se dice "the art on the street looks attracting/ fascinating to me"?
  25. K

    I had banked on it being

    Hi, In the following sentence: His face was much nastier, tastier, altogether more useful than I had banked on it being – barnacled and girlish with the bright eyes and prissy lips, as if there were another face, the real face, beneath his mask of skin. What does "I had banked on it being"...
  26. Meerana


    Would you please tell me what is the meaning of " Ciderwench" and what is her job? I searched a lot but it was not clear enough. Is she a woman who works in cleaning the chimney?
  27. A

    a king’s arrival was <very observable>

    Since I am not a native speaker, can someone explain whether it is correct to use the adverb “very” with the adjective “observable,” as in the following example from some material which I had written? Such use did not seem to sound right to me, as if the word "very" is redundant. “The residents...
  28. 1

    Visit on

    How do you say "visit your problem on other people" in French?. Thanks in advance
  29. O

    Multi Designer Stores In India

    Is the concept of multi designers store blooming in India ?
  30. F

    enact/pass a law

    Hi, In 2014, after a long process the country enacted the Whistleblower protection Law in compliance with its obligations under the provisions of the Constitution and international treaties. Is it better to say the country passed the law or enacted the law? Thanks,
  31. A

    Pueblo chiquito, campana grande

    Could anyone provide explanations of these refranes (in Spanish or English)? Pueblo chiquito, campana grande. I looked online and couldn't find anything. Thank you in advance! Moderator's note One question per thread (rule 2), thank you. Bevj
  32. K

    Walk out / leave.

    Hello. How is the difference between walk out and leave? Thank you.
  33. A


    Los nietos de la reina se reúnen para despedirla
  34. E

    Made in America

    How would you translate "Made in America"? In particular, is the English phrase well-known, so simply leaving it in English would be better than translating it? Or would you translate it to "Hecho en Estados Unidos"?
  35. hienspm

    am besten geeignet vs am geeignetsten

    Hallo ihr lieben, ich bin heute über die Wortkombination "am besten geeignet" gestolpert, dachte mir dann "hmm, muss es nicht eher 'am geeignetsten' heißen?" Gibt es denn nun Unterschied zwischen den beiden Varianten? Sind beide grammatikalisch und idiomatisch korrekt? Vielen Dank im Voraus...
  36. R

    La sentaron cerca de sus amigos (sentar + complemento)

    Buenas noches, qué pronombres complementos de 3º persona se debe usar si quiero reemplazar el complemento del verbo sentar? Por ejemplo: ¿Dónde sentaron a la pareja? La sentaron cerca de sus amigos. Quisiera saber más sobre cómo se construyen estas estructuras desde el acusativo y dativo...
  37. tula1012

    Argue to 100

    Hola, recientemente leí la expresión "To argue to 100" y quisiera saber si existe alguna forma de decirlo en Español. "To argue to 100 is to argue that a certain course of action is the best way of achieving an inspiring good and avoiding a dreadful evil" Se me ocurre "argumentar al máximo"
  38. L

    Phrase Needed

    ¿De dónde eres? North Dakota How would I say that she's from North Dakota?
  39. Fay44

    Lyceums (fundraiser)

    Bonjour, dans une liste de manières de lever des fonds pour une association, il est question de "lyceums". Malheureusement, c'est juste une liste, sans aucun développement contextuel à part ça. Je ne vois pas le rapport avec un amphithéâtre. Merci de vos lumières!
  40. Thiago Lorpal (Brasa)

    ¡Bolita, por favor!

    He oído/leído algunas veces, en distintas fuentes, esta (me parece) expresión "bolita, por favor". Sin que hubiera algún contexto específico sobre bolas o pelotas... Creo que la escuché en el Chapulín Colorado, una vez como título de una comedia teatral, otra vez la vi como respuesta en un foro...
  41. Irenepanzy

    Qué diferencia entre urbe y metrópoli?

    Hola todos, ambas palabras “urbe” y “metrópoli” significan ciudad grande, no? Entonces si hay diferencias entre las dos? ¿Podrían darme unos ejemplos? Muchísimas gracias😁😁😁
  42. quynhs

    For the sake of myself

    Helloooo, que veut dire « for the sake of myself » ?
  43. L

    local pick-up

    Bonjour tout le monde, Je vois souvent le terme "local pick-up" sur des annonces. J'en connais certes la signification mais quelle serait la traduction exacte ? "Remise en main propre" ? "Enlèvement au domicile" ? Merci par avance de vos réponses ^.^
  44. Ali Smith

    The affair marches badly

    Hi, What does “L’affaire marche.” mean? Literally, it’s “The matter walks.” Is this some sort of idiom in French? Thanks!
  45. Descarreaux

    Jésus a existé

    Bonjour, Si je veux traduire par exemple «Jésus a existé» est-ce «Jesus has existed»? et «Jésus exista» est-ce «Jesus existed»? et «Jésus existait» est-ce «Jesus existed»?
  46. jamesss22

    gain the ridge

    what's the different between gained the tree and climbed the tree
  47. G

    C'est dans la tête

    Dans ce contexte: - Elle fait flipper. - Mais non, c'est dans la tête. L'expression "c'est dans la tête", est-ce qu'elle veut dire "overthinking" ? Merci à tous.
  48. M

    Tiens toé !

    How would you translate the Quebec interjection « Tiens toé ! » into English? I hear it often, but am a little bit confused. Would it be "Eat your heart out?"
  49. S

    histoire ne nous mettre la pression

    Bonjour, Is "so as not to put pressure on us" the right translation for "histoire ne nous mettre la pression"? Context:
  50. eledagob

    extraordinary monster

    Hello! Comment traduiriez-vous "extraordinary monster"? Le extraordinary insiste sur le côté "surnaturel" et "anormal" de la créature. J'avais pensé à fantastique mais le syntagme "monstre fantastique" ne me semble pas idiomatique en français. Merci ;)