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waiting for context

  1. sdgsdg

    Won't VS. don't.

    In case I decided not to play at home with the ball. So what do I say? I won't play with my ball at home. I don't play with my ball at home. Do I use the word "won't", or the word "don't"?
  2. Cholo234

    seems ironical to me

    <<That the Incas could create the twelve-angled stone and also practice blood sacrifices seems ironical to me.>> "Ironical" to me can refer to something unexpected, as in the above sentence. Does this notion agree with anyone else here? If the moderators will allow a picture of the...
  3. E

    He measures

    Is this correct? He measures 1,80 m
  4. S

    In spite of being paid off

    Je ne comprends pas ce que dit cette réplique : "In spite of being paid off, the doctor that I hired is tops." A défaut d'être payé ?
  5. patsuan

    This offer is made/is being made on the condition...

    So the full sentence is as follows: This offer is made/being made on the condition that you attend a special promotions day with other lucky families in your region that have been offered/were offered/are offered/are being offered a similar deal. You are/will be asked to attend on any Saturday...
  6. sdgsdg

    The boy was asleep.

    Where was the boy yesterday? .The boy was asleep Is the word asleep correct and is it an answer to the question?
  7. A

    How much would he cost for full-time?

    Hello, May I ask what the general customs/unwritten rules are regarding omitting words in informal writing? For example, "How much would he cost for full-time?" Here I clearly omit the implied "work". In that case, to make it idiomatic, do I have to cut it off as is, or do I need, for...
  8. G

    That is there and this is here

    Comme j'ai dit dans le titre, j'aimerais traduire "that is there and this is here" en français. Je ne l'ai trouvé nulle part sur internet, et je commence à me demander si ce n'est pas une expression courante mais juste une phrase employée par l'auteure du texte. Dans tout les cas, tout conseils...
  9. MisaelPM

    O mne-li duše lidská sní: from masculine to feminine

    I would like to transform the meaning of this phrase into feminine: O mne-li duše lidská sní ať se tou vzpomínkou vzbudí. Would you help me please, please?🙂
  10. Keyylinn

    Does this major have good career prospects?

    Hi guys, I wonder if this question sounds correct to you. According to Google, this phrase doesn't seem to be widely used. Thanks in advance!
  11. sdgsdg

    Give, grant, and award

    Are these verbs the same? I gave you a free lesson in English. I granted you a free lesson in English. I warded you a free lesson in English.
  12. belissimo

    I am on your side or I am by your side

    Hello everybody, 1. I am on your side means I support you. 2. I am by your side - the same meaning as in the first sentence or not? Please, could you explain?
  13. asdasdasd

    That dog's ears stick out vs stick up

    That dog's ears stick out. EDIT:[meaning protrude upwards, like a german shepheard's] Is stick up an equivalent of stick out here?
  14. S

    waste vs wastage

    The system used to result in a great deal of food __________. waste or wastage?
  15. bLos

    happy vs enthusiastic

    What's the difference between being happy and being enthusiastic?
  16. G

    using someone's coat-tails

    Hi. I've come across this sentence in Farenheit 451: "Everyone using everyone else's coat-tails." These are the uncle's words. What does it mean?
  17. P

    at <a><the> party

    Why is? We were at a party? Not we were at the party?
  18. V

    "behind" imply adverb?

    "behind" imply adverb
  19. G

    when we were young

    Famous British singer Adele has a song that won BRIT2016 Awards, She sang it at BRIT 2016 called 'when we were young', and she said a narration during the performance. if I get it correctly,it should be: 'You reminds me when I were young, you look down there.' What does it mean? Did she...
  20. 0

    difference between untoward and unfortunate

    Hi everyone, I wonder what is the difference between untoward and unfortunate?
  21. M

    to pull a g

    Bonjour, Dans un contexte spatial, comment traduire l'expression "to pull a g" ? D'après ce que j'ai compris, le "g" fait référence à la gravité, et il est question d'accélération et de poussée, mais je ne parviens pas à trouver une traduction en français. Voici ma phrase : "It’s easy to pull a...
  22. L

    they are not enough for us to move forward

    Hi! This strikes me as correct intuitively, but something feels off to me and I can't find many good results online. Is the bolded part in the sentence below incorrect for whatever reason? If so, why? Save me please. "While it is true that he did send us many letters, they were not enough for...
  23. M

    Space appliances

    I'm reading an article about intelligent buildings and the phrase "space appliances" appeared. I can't really make sense of it or find it anywhere online. Here's the context: "Therefore, in order to transfer into the direction of a low carbon economy, it is fundamental to make “more...
  24. deuxhomage

    We <may><can> see you tomorrow.

    We may see you tomorrow. We can see you tomorrow. (Here, may means factual(epistemic) possibility, but can means theoretical(root) possibility.) What's the difference between the meanings of these sentences?
  25. A

    front room

    Hi there, what's the front room of a shop? Is it the main room? Thx
  26. Al Blanco

    a been sailor

    Can 'been' be used as an ordinary participial, not in the perfect tense?
  27. M

    CORE (sondage)

    Bonjour, dans un questionnaire/sondage, à chaque début de section, c'est écrit: CORE ___ Indicateurs de rendement clés _ et le nom du ratio à calculer. Je ne sais pas comment je devrais traduire CORE dans ce cas-ci.... Auriez-vous des suggestions? Merci à l'avance.
  28. BénéQC


    Hi! In this sentence : "The boy going Lionel Messi, I go Tom Brady!" How do you understand "going" and "I go" ? Like: encourage? Thank youuuu !
  29. N

    New York City or State

    Dear teachers, I have a question about the following sentence, Miscioscio, 60, a marketing consultant in New York, says she's addicted to her Sony e-reader. In this sentence, does New York refer to New York City or New York State? Thanks. Source: by Bob...
  30. Ruiii

    Emotional / emotion damage

    Hi, guys. Is there any difference between Emotion damage and Emotional damage? Thanks~
  31. S

    vêtements riants

    Hi all What would this mean? une jeune femme aux formes sensuelles et aux vêtements riants vient d’apparaître dans l’encadrement de la porte. Joly, fancy, bright, or is it something completely diffferent? It could be a little pejorative? Thanks! Syrita
  32. B

    cannot be too stressed

    Hello, I have a question about 'cannot - too..' phrase. Sanitation cannot be too stressed. Your brave behavior cannot be too praised. I wonder if these sentences are grammtically correct. As far as I know, 'too' accompanies adjectives or adverbs, but in the sentences above, are 'stressed' and...
  33. YuliannaZhou

    Attending to payment for <the> 6th annuity

    Which one is correct: "Attending to payment for 6th annuity" or "Attending to payment for the 6th annuity" ? Is it necessary to put "the" in front of 6th annuity?
  34. A

    The surroundings (all) became blurred to me

    Hi. I was wondering about the correct use of all in the following sentence: "The surroundings all became blurred to me." By using the surroundings, am I already talking about the whole landscape around me? If so, isn't the use of all pointless in this situation (like, all elements of the said...
  35. L

    I <have already been> <already went> to London

    Hello, I have trouble figuring out whether I should use the preterit or the present perfect in the sentences below. I have already been to London this week. I have stopped smoking this year. I have bought a new car this month. I am currently working on the right choice between the preterit or...
  36. Manufacturer - consumer

    in an outer and two inner circles

    "The great circle is built of 200 standing stones erected in an outer and two inner circles." - from one of my books. Initially this sentence baffled me because of the article, but , as I then understood, it is an elliptical construction helping to avoid the repetition of the world "circle"...
  37. Ftmhakbri


    Can we say this : "I don't accept this undertaking". In English? Where does exactly this word means responsibility?
  38. D

    feel warm when living with

    (1) We don't want our grandparents to live in a nursing home because they would feel warm" when living with us. My friend think "feel warm" is wrong. He thinks "feel together" is better. His English is better than mine. I think he might be correct. Why is my phrase wrong? Many thanks.
  39. J


    One friends tells another one after after making a comment about her love life: "I'm sorry about my snooze-cus comment" The other answers: "I don't care what you think about this" "I know. But I'm really sorry, though" "It's fine." What's the menaing of "Snooze-cus" in this context?
  40. G

    ineffective spoken English

    Hi,there, I came across this sentence when I was reading something, and I am still confused about its meaning. Here it goes: Language researchers say pronunciation and fluency are the biggest barriers followed by grammar, ineffective spoken English. Can anyone help to analyze what part of...
  41. sadafsl

    traffic backed up

    Guys do you know what "backed up" means in this sentence? Is it an adjective here or passive? There is a lot of traffic backed up.
  42. Vincent Tam

    extract or clips

    HI When we refer to a short part of a film,which term is more common or suitable “extract ” or “clips”
  43. E

    have no bump of something

    does 'have no bump of something' mean no talent? <——-Question from original thread title added to post by moderator (Florentia52)——-> for example " Peter has no bump of music" does it mean peter has no talent for music?
  44. L

    Évoluer dans

    Comment est ce que je peut dire correctement : "j'evolue dans une communauté francophone " en anglais ?
  45. S


    Does somebody have an idea about the way it is possible to translate in France "Government Scheme" ? For the England of 1680 ? Thank You
  46. Xavier da Silva

    Dead vs Deceased

    Hello everyone, I already know that both ''dead'' and ''deceased'' can be used to say that someone died. I also know that ''deceased'' is a euphemism, and therefore more common in formal/polite situations. My question: Is ''dead'' more commonly used in informal English in the examples that I...
  47. W

    Used to many guests/receiving many guests every day

    Is it correct to omit the word "receiving" from this sentence? I am used to receiving many guests every day. I don't think it's possible to omit "receiving" but I'm not sure. What do you think?
  48. R

    Wiederaufnahme ihrer Berufstätigkeiten

    Hello, Meine Eltern konnten durch die Wiederaufnahme ihrer Berufstätigkeiten wieder Freude verspüren. Is this sentence correct, or would you suggest something else? Thank you
  49. Aterian

    can from third base

    Bonjour, Que signifie : He doesn't know his can from third base. Qu'est-ce que can ici ? Est-ce vulgaire ? Merci.
  50. E

    A group of creeks

    I need to describe several creeks together on the River Niger. What is the word to describe the 'collection' -I'm looking for a word like 'raft' in a raft of ducks, a 'gaggle' in a gaggle of geese etc. 'What is the correct word when describing a several creeks? A