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  1. starrynight01

    some confusion over similar words

    i always feel tentative before i use - sporadically, rarely , seldom , not too often. especially sporadically,which means at different intervals,however I have a hunch that it also could mean 'rarely ' ex- i sporadically go trekking ( is it the same as ' i rarely go trekking'?)
  2. hoorya


    Kindly tell m why we use (he is focused)
  3. P

    Ask for overtime

    Hi. I would like to ask my employer in written for overtime. Me and my team wish to work on Friday night as extra 1 day, and normally we are working Sunday Thursday night shift. Can I start I kindly ask for overtime? Because is more work during Christmas time? Or what a I can write shortly?
  4. lishazoe777

    Through the movie

    Hi there,just wondering whether the following sentence sounds idiomatic? Thanks a lot. Through the movie, we witnessed her life, her ideas, her innermost thoughts.
  5. C

    scherza coi fanti e lascia stare i santi

    Come si potrebbe tradurre in spagnolo "scherza coi fanti e lascia stare i santi", cercando di rimanere sempre nell'ambito dei modi di dire?
  6. M


    I’m reading last Strike novel, The ink black heart. Sometime I meet phrases in jargon as the following ‘You is rude mukfluk,’ Bram told Wally, in his Drek falsetto. I think mukfluk could be something like stupid or similar, but I can’t find any satisfying translation. Could someone help me?
  7. camcamcute2008

    show consideration for vs under consideration

    Hello ! Thank you for reading my post, I have a few questions, please help me! Can you show me the differences between these : "show consideration for", "under consideration", and "for sb's consideration" - Thank you so much <3
  8. S

    There is only <she><her>

    I was wondering the correct option: In town, there is only she or her? What about answering the phone: "Hi, I'd like to talk to Ms. Sanderson" "This is she" or "This is her"? and why? Second question removed by moderator.
  9. S

    one class session's impact

    Hello Everyone, Why "session" is used in this sentence? ... the researchers investigated one class session's impact on eating meat ... Does the author mean that the class lasts some 45 minutes or one hour or something like that? And the investigators studied the 1- hour (or 45 minutes ...)...
  10. Russulae 🍄🍄🍄

    Implies (the) letters: ee, ea, ...

    I'm hard trying to figure out the usage of the zero article now, and as I've understood it, we are strictly forbidden to use "the" when there's a figure AFTER(not before) our noun, but we have to use the definite article if we say the object and then its name, for example, "I want to show you...
  11. T

    I rang the police though I wasn't sure ________ to do so or not

    Fill each of the blanks with a suitable word or phrase. 1. I rang the police though I wasn't sure ________ to do or not. <additional questions removed by moderator>
  12. james0228

    entertained by the delights of the company

    [Nothing is more pleasant for the members of a household than to gather in front of a roaring fire, entertained by the delights of the company, not to mention the special food and drink.'] which is the meaning of 'company' in the above sentence? 1)the state or condition of being with another...
  13. E

    too strong for you to defeat (him)

    Which one sounds better ? 1) He's too strong for you to defeat. 2) He's too strong for you to defeat him.
  14. supercub

    Car or LTR

    The statistics on the automotive industry include a section called Car/truck, and all data in this section are either Car or LTR. What does LTR mean in this case? Thank you very much for your help.
  15. G


    Bonjour, j'ai un étudiant en BTS vente qui vend des feux d'artifices et également les installe. Can I see a "pyrotechnist" for his activity? I said a firework salesman and he also installs fireworks. How would you say ? Thank you for your answer. Ghislaine
  16. Julien-FR

    peak (busiest time)

    Bonjour, Je me demande comment traduire "Peak", lorsque cela désigne les mois ou semaines les plus chargés de l'année pour une entreprise. Je précise que je suis allé voir les sujets qui contiennent le mot "peak" mais que cela ne m'a pas aidé. Jusqu'ici, j'ai pensé à "haute saison", mais ça...
  17. K

    I had banked on it being

    Hi, In the following sentence: His face was much nastier, tastier, altogether more useful than I had banked on it being – barnacled and girlish with the bright eyes and prissy lips, as if there were another face, the real face, beneath his mask of skin. What does "I had banked on it being"...
  18. Meerana


    Would you please tell me what is the meaning of " Ciderwench" and what is her job? I searched a lot but it was not clear enough. Is she a woman who works in cleaning the chimney?
  19. A

    a king’s arrival was <very observable>

    Since I am not a native speaker, can someone explain whether it is correct to use the adverb “very” with the adjective “observable,” as in the following example from some material which I had written? Such use did not seem to sound right to me, as if the word "very" is redundant. “The residents...
  20. 1

    Visit on

    How do you say "visit your problem on other people" in French?. Thanks in advance
  21. O

    Multi Designer Stores In India

    Is the concept of multi designers store blooming in India ?
  22. F

    enact/pass a law

    Hi, In 2014, after a long process the country enacted the Whistleblower protection Law in compliance with its obligations under the provisions of the Constitution and international treaties. Is it better to say the country passed the law or enacted the law? Thanks,
  23. hienspm

    am besten geeignet vs am geeignetsten

    Hallo ihr lieben, ich bin heute über die Wortkombination "am besten geeignet" gestolpert, dachte mir dann "hmm, muss es nicht eher 'am geeignetsten' heißen?" Gibt es denn nun Unterschied zwischen den beiden Varianten? Sind beide grammatikalisch und idiomatisch korrekt? Vielen Dank im Voraus...
  24. Fay44

    Lyceums (fundraiser)

    Bonjour, dans une liste de manières de lever des fonds pour une association, il est question de "lyceums". Malheureusement, c'est juste une liste, sans aucun développement contextuel à part ça. Je ne vois pas le rapport avec un amphithéâtre. Merci de vos lumières!
  25. quynhs

    For the sake of myself

    Helloooo, que veut dire « for the sake of myself » ?
  26. L

    local pick-up

    Bonjour tout le monde, Je vois souvent le terme "local pick-up" sur des annonces. J'en connais certes la signification mais quelle serait la traduction exacte ? "Remise en main propre" ? "Enlèvement au domicile" ? Merci par avance de vos réponses ^.^
  27. Ali Smith

    The affair marches badly

    Hi, What does “L’affaire marche.” mean? Literally, it’s “The matter walks.” Is this some sort of idiom in French? Thanks!
  28. Descarreaux

    Jésus a existé

    Bonjour, Si je veux traduire par exemple «Jésus a existé» est-ce «Jesus has existed»? et «Jésus exista» est-ce «Jesus existed»? et «Jésus existait» est-ce «Jesus existed»?
  29. jamesss22

    gain the ridge

    what's the different between gained the tree and climbed the tree
  30. G

    C'est dans la tête

    Dans ce contexte: - Elle fait flipper. - Mais non, c'est dans la tête. L'expression "c'est dans la tête", est-ce qu'elle veut dire "overthinking" ? Merci à tous.
  31. M

    Tiens toé !

    How would you translate the Quebec interjection « Tiens toé ! » into English? I hear it often, but am a little bit confused. Would it be "Eat your heart out?"
  32. S

    histoire ne nous mettre la pression

    Bonjour, Is "so as not to put pressure on us" the right translation for "histoire ne nous mettre la pression"? Context:
  33. eledagob

    extraordinary monster

    Hello! Comment traduiriez-vous "extraordinary monster"? Le extraordinary insiste sur le côté "surnaturel" et "anormal" de la créature. J'avais pensé à fantastique mais le syntagme "monstre fantastique" ne me semble pas idiomatique en français. Merci ;)
  34. R

    Blot one’s copy book

    How would one best translate ’blot one’s copy book’ in French? Is there an equivalent idiom?
  35. S

    go the distance

    Would it make sense to say "aller jusqu'au bout" when saying "to go the distance", meaning, we'll do all we can?
  36. A

    VEGAN friendly

    Hi, Please advise, how do you translate VEGAN friendly (suitable for vegans) into German? VEGAN-freundlich? Thanks. Kind regards, A.
  37. C

    ¿Quién quieres que te lea el cuento?

    Buenos días, ¿cómo se traduciría al inglés "¿Quién quieres que te lea el cuento? ? Who would you like to read you the story? Me suena mal. Gracias!
  38. W


    Hallo! ¿kann ,,Zeugnis'' für einen vierteljährlichen Bericht über die Entwicklung der Schüler an einer nicht regulierten Sprachschule verwendet werden? z.B: Zeugnis zum dritten Quartal: April-Juni 2022 Ist das richtig? Vielen Dank
  39. G

    Das beste aus meiner Zeit

    Hallo! Ich brauche eure Hilfe. Ich muss eine kurze Vorstellung von mir schreiben und ich mochte sagen, dass ich trotz einiger Probleme versucht habe, meine Zeit am besten zu nutzen. Kann man sagen : "ich habe das beste aus meiner Zeit gemacht und ich habe beschlossen, nach Deutschland zu...
  40. D


    La traduction en français du mot "shallow" est ambigüe : on trouve aussi bien "hauts-fonds" que "bas-fonds", c'est une franche contradiction. Jr pense que ce mot -rare- signifie "peu profond". Merci de votre aide.
  41. M

    Garant Procedes

    I wanted to know what is Garant Procedes, is it the name of a role in a department ? This is from a French company
  42. A

    demande de fonds

    Je suis étonnée, je dois traduire "demande de fonds" en anglais et je n'ai rien trouvé... Pourtant c'est un terme très courant en français. Est-ce que quelqu'un pourrait me dire comment on dit communément en anglais ? Les traducteurs donnent "request for funds", mais ça me parait être du mot...
  43. audreyz

    To where?

    To say to where, do I use à ou? It sounds very rough, what else can I use to say it so that it sounds more fluent?
  44. pedroveg

    Apparato e apparecchio

    ciao, quale è la differenza tra apparato e apparecchio, sono sinonimi in tutti i casi? qualcuno potrebbe spiegarmelo?
  45. Aterian

    shrewd idea

    Bonjour, Qu'est-ce qu'une "shrewd idea" ? Une idée bien précise, d'une chose qui va se réaliser sûrement ? Merci.
  46. profdefran

    drift board

    What is the way to say an electric drift board? Not a Segway.
  47. Z

    My calls/texts did not go through.

    Estoy buscando una manera de decir ‘my calls/texts did not go through’: Mi intento:
  48. amandamaria

    Have an account/ Profile with

    This collocations means to have an account on Facebook, for example?
  49. amandamaria

    Have a role

    Sophie has a role in the movie “Star Wars. The Collocation “Have a Role” means to interpret someone’s else at the movie theater? What other meaning “Have a Role” can have in the United States?
  50. C

    To transact any or every description of agency

    Bonjour, Je suis un peu perplexe devant cette phrase issue de statut de société. Je ne suis pas certaine de comprendre le sens. " to transact any or every description of agency, commissioning, commercial development, manufacturing and mercantile and financial business" Est-ce que "agency"...