wine tasting

  1. Panpan

    Wine and wine tasting

    Hi all I have started a glossary for wine and wine tasting terms in English, with a few Italian words filled in as well. Please feel free to add more terms in English, correct my efforts, and add further languages. Best Panpan
  2. G

    tasting/taste remarks

    Hi, I am translating an article on winemaking and wine tasting (from Italian into English). I was wandering whether there is a standard name for the short description of the sensorial qualities (and the appraisal thereof) of wines to be found in professional and experts journals on the topic...
  3. G

    Rimontaggio and follatura (wine tasting)

    Hi, I am translating from Italian into English an article concerning winemaking and wine tasting. Could anyone help me with translating two technical terms into English? They are "rimontaggio" and "follatura". As for "rimontaggio" literally means "recast" or something like that, and I...