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word order

  1. D

    lovely little old green rectangular French silver whittling

    "A lovely little old green rectangular French silver whittling knife": per Forsyth, the proper word order for English adjectives is: opinion-size-age-color-shape-origin-material-purpose-noun. What's correct for Mandarin? Is this canonical? Here's a review of Forsyth's The Elements of Eliquence...
  2. M

    Word order & sentences connected by "und"

    I'm currently enrolled in a very uninformative German 101 course, and I was wondering if you all could help me. I understand the basic concepts of word order in sentences (verb comes second; modal infinitives come at the end; etc.), but I'm wondering what you do if you want to connect two...
  3. zorspas

    nicht (word order, position in sentence, Wortstellung, Wortfolge, Satzstellung)

    Hi all. I've learned we should position nicht as in the following clauses. Ich esse den Apfel nicht. Ich lese dieses Buch nicht. but why? : Er geht nicht in die Schule. Why we don't say "Er geht in die Schule nicht." ...