written language

  1. kelt

    Help identify handwritten text (possibly Bulgarian cyrilic)

    Hi there, can someone help me decipher the written text on the back of a photograph please? I think it's written Bulgarian cyrilic perhaps combined with the latin script. Not neccessarily the Bulgarian language though. The picture depicts a soldier in a uniform from around the 1900s. He...
  2. M

    Words Written in Hiragana

    Can anyone list me here all Hiragana characters that are used in Japanese sentences or conversations? かなり - Comparatively もしかして - By any chance ばっかり - Just? Recently? おそらく - Probably ながら - While
  3. TimeHP

    Greetings in a letter

    Hi all. How can I greet at the end of a formal letter? Something like 'yours faithfully' or 'best regards' in Japanese. Thank you.