1. B

    Yiddish: Lobus

    Hi! I would like to know what is the etymology of "lobus" (little monster in Yiddish). Thanks in advance! Bartocus ;)
  2. B

    Yiddish: Oyfn

    Hi everybody! I know that it means way, manner and so on, but apparently it has other sense, too. I've heard phrases such as Oyfn hoyz..., Oyfn shul..., Oyfn oyto..., etc. Am I wrong? Please, help me out! Thank you in advance
  3. C

    Yiddish: There is no ...

    Hi! I would like to write "There is no Facebook page available for Yiddish". Here is my try: (Es iz) nisht faran keyn Facebook zaytl far yidish. עס איז נישט פֿאַראַן קײן פֿייסבוק זײַטל פֿאַר ייִדיש. Or: In Facebook iz keyn zaytel far yidish faran. .אין פֿייסבוק איז קײן זײַטל פֿאַר ייִדיש...
  4. C

    Yiddish: Clara, Klara

    Hi! I would like to know how the name Clara / Klara is spelled in Yiddish. I think that it is קלאַראַ but among this one I have seen other ways to write it on the Internet: קלארה, קלארע As fas as I know, ע is pronounced "e" and ה is not used for the sound "a" in general but as I have seen...
  5. R

    Yiddish: Shayna

    Can anyone translate Shayna in Yiddish writing big enough that I can print out for a project? I've gotten a translation once before but when I went to blow it up it distorted. I'd like to get it for a tattoo. If anyone could help I would be thankful!! :) Shayna
  6. א

    Yiddish: נפקא

    שלום לכולכם, I was told by a friend that in Yiddish nafka means whore. Recently I searched nafka to try to find its plural, and I came upon a Wikipedia page that was titled "Nafka minnah". Is there a large difference in the meaning between the nafka used in these two situations? Maybe nafka is...
  7. K

    Yiddish: Ketschele

    Hi I was just wondering how you pronounce this. I have been saying it simialr to michele but I'm sure that's incorect. I love the look of the word and I understand it means Kitten. Thanks for your help. :confused:
  8. sleepymarmot

    Yiddish: Tsu dir, mayn zis-lebn, tsit dokh mayn harts

    Hello everybody. I'd like to know the meaning of this sentence. It's written on the back of photo. "Tsu dir, mayn zis-lebn, tsit dokh mayn harts". Could anybody help me? Thanks a lot! Marmot
  9. F

    Yiddish: If I were president

    Hello. In Yiddish, how would one use what is called the past subjunctive mood in English ("If I were president", for example)? Is it "Oyb kh'volt geveyn"? Is there a construction I don't know that should be used here?
  10. P

    Yiddish: Your jokes are very funny.

    I'm just curious, how do you say this and its negative in Yiddish? Both phonetically and in Hebrew script.
  11. K

    Yiddish: ish gebibbel

    I'd like to know whether "ish gebibbel" appearing in the following context, taken from "1919" by John Dos Passos, is Yiddish or [mangled] German and what does it mean: Time: 1919 Location: Paris Eveline and Paul are both Americans Quote: "Let's go to your place instead of mine," she said. "I'm...
  12. raptor

    Yiddish: Geh feifen ahfen yam

    Hello, Am I correct in recalling that Geh feifen ahfen yam means literally "Go peddle your fish elsewhere" referring to people trying to sell you something without your interest or consent? Also, how would this be written in Yiddish? Thanks! raptor
  13. P

    Yiddish: Back of Another Photograph

    I was unaware that there are some Yiddish speakers on this forum. I speak some but cannot read the script. Can someone translate this sentence: http://i128.photobucket.com/albums/p181/EdwardDocumentary/GittelText.jpg?t=1202858262 Thank you very much, it is appreciated.
  14. P

    Yiddish: אלץ ווינש צים נייעם

    I recently posted a photograph and asked for a translation on the front. I just realized that there was text on the back of the picture. It could be Yiddish but it could also be Hebrew. If this is Hebrew, can someone translate? There is some English written below the Hebrew characters...
  15. N

    Yiddish: meshugas/mishegas

    I've been looking for how to properly spell this word for quite some time -- I'm thinking it might be a Yiddish term, but I really have no idea. I have not been able to find it ANYWHERE. It's pronounced "mij-ah-gots" and means something like "a disaster" or maybe "chaos." For example: When...
  16. S

    Yiddish: נאָגנדיק, נודעט

    Hi, could anyone give me a hand with this?: What do/can נודעט ("nudet") and נאָגנדיק ("nogndik") mean (here)? (from here; here you'll find the audio archive) דאָס איז געװען ער, דער אַלטבאַקאָנטער נאַכטייִד, װאָס שטענדיק, אַז ער פֿאָרט מיט דער באַן, קאָן ער ניט שלאָפֿן בײַ נאַכט, און אַז ער...
  17. C

    Yiddish: verklept

    can anyone tell me the meaning of VERKLEPT (Yiddish) ?
  18. P

    Yiddish: Es is sich nisht du mit wus iberzunemen

    Not sure about the 'du' the second letter is stained. Context: A phrase located in a letter (from a Jewish family) in which a son is telling his father that he would be glad to help his brother to go to college.
  19. P

    Yiddish: Verbs

    Yiddish is the native language of my grandparents and throughout my life I have grown up hearing many, many phrases and words. During the past few years when I became interested in linguistics, I wanted to learn more Yiddish. Does anyone know if there is a conjugation pattern for Yiddish verbs...
  20. panjabigator

    Yiddish: Why don't people pass it down?

    Why don't people pass the language down as much anymore? I meet many people who say they know a little, but there parents never taught them. Is there a stigma associated with it? And is there any prestige with the language or is it better to assimilate.
  21. M

    Yiddish: אזוי גאיט עס

    I guess 7 years of hebrew school didn't do as much as I would have hoped :) A picture is in the attachment Thanks in advance
  22. P

    Yiddish: The influences of other languages on it

    Split from here Well, Yiddish is a dialect of High German just as Bavarian would be considered a dialect of High German. One caveat though: There is no clear definition of what constitutes the difference between a dialect and a language. So while Madarin and the language spoken in Guangzhou...