1. limbo_lingo

    Yoruba: àgbálùm ọ̀ / agbalumo

    Hello everyone, this is a part of a story named "my sister the serial killer". the story contains some words in Yoruba language. I couldn't find the meaning of "àgbálùm ọ̀" in Google. here is the context: I turn on my heel and make my way to room 313. He is sucking on an àgbálùm ọ̀, sitting in...
  2. K

    Yoruba: drinking, taking

    Hello! I've been doing some linguistics exercises from a book and I had an exercise where I had to give the adverb of some words on the basis of some examples. So, there was the word "gbe" and my guess was that the adverb (taking/the act of taking) would be "gbibe". And for "mu", I guessed the...