1. M

    el chigari

    Hola, Otra profesora me dio una caja llena de libritos para niNos. Uno tiene el titulo EL CHIGARI. El imagen parece ser un dinosaurio o algo asi. No encuentro la palabra "chigari" en mi diccionario. (Pienso usar estos libritos en una clase usando un proyector ELMO y por seguro los alumnos me van...
  2. K

    The mechanistic underpinning of ecomorphology

    Hola a todos.... alguien puede ayudarme a traducir "underpinning" en este contexto: "The mechanistic underpinning of ecomorphology is that some aspects of interindividual morphological variation will lead to functional and performance differences..." Gracias a todos...
  3. X

    Fôret jardinisée

    It is included in a listing of several natural areas! The word "jardinisée" doesn't even exist in french but it could be some kind of neologism to say that the forrest is laid out that way, to look like a garden. I don't really know how to translate it! Could a "garden-laid-out forrest"...
  4. A


    Hi everyone! Does anyone know the English term for "nicheur" when refering to birds? Here is some context: Il y a ici plus de 200 espèces, des populations colossales de migrateurs et beaucoup de nicheurs. Thanks for any help!
  5. ozon

    entremaliadura - degut a les seves entremaliadures

    Hola, estic escrivint sobre las cabres salvatges i la traduccio que he trobat per entremaliada es 'mischievous'. · We also found that goats is an animal which sometimes is not as appreciated as could be the deer for example, perhaps because its mischievousness. Doncs el que voldria dir es: El...
  6. GalBalc

    Foal, Colt and Filly

    Saludos a todos ¿Alguien sabe si en español hay términos específicos para diferenciar entre potro, potra, potrillo, potrilla, potranco y potranca? Entiendo el significado de cada palabra pero no sé si alguno de los términos sólo se ocupa para un determinado sexo del equino. Hi to everyone...
  7. M

    Zona de amortiguamiento

    Hola, Cómo se traduce "zona de amortiguamiento" al inglés? Me refiero a la zona vecina a una reserva natural o area protegida. El trabajo de conservacion en la zona de amortiguamiento es difrerente al trabajo en el area protegida. Espero haber sido clara respecto al contexto. Gracias,
  8. L


    I have never been able to find a word for the animal Steinbock in English. I don't mean the Zodiac sign Capricorn, but the actual animal living in the mountains. I can't attempt to translate it because I have nothing to go from, but I do know there are animals in the Rocky Mountains called...
  9. C

    Races d'âge

    Bonjour, I am working with an old scientific journal dealing with salmon. The publication is in French, and I am wondering how this subtitle could be translated: Races d'âge des saumons de l'Adour. It is "Races d'âge" that confuses me. The last part would be "...of salmon from the Adour...
  10. M


    Hi, how would you translate thunderbug? "Insecto de las tormentas???" Gracias!
  11. M

    a cuccia

    Hello everyone Does anybody know how to say in English the expression "a cuccia" which is usually used in italian to make a dog be quiet.
  12. K


    Could someone please tell me why there's no definition of "hooper" (as an insect) even in "Merriam Webster". Here's my context from "The Body of an American" by Dos Passos:
  13. U

    yet rather

    "And finally, monstrous, yet rather intriguing, a half-man half-animal appears beneath the wings of a ray... Or is it an alien?" what does "yet rather" mean in this sentence? it's a documentary text about monstrous looking animals.
  14. GalBalc


    It's a educational video about the echidna reproduction, this is the paragraph and my try. Es la traducción de un video educativo que trata la reproducción de los equidna, a continuación pongo el párrafo y mi traducción. A female usually lays just one egg per year which she rolls into a deep...
  15. C

    baie rose

    comment traduit on "baie rose" en anglais ? pink bay ? merci davance !
  16. A

    net haul

    ¡¡Hola!! Me gustaria saber el significado de "Net haul", aparece en un articulo sobre zooplankton. Pongo una de las oraciones en las que aparece "Net hauls were collected using a double closing net by taking vertical tows over 5m depth segments". Gracias.
  17. Lalina_07


    Hi! Does anyone know the name of this fish in Englihs? Thanks!
  18. L

    Difusión Facilitada

    Hola amigos traductores, Tengo un término que no he podido traducir apesar de no ser tan raro. "difusión facilitada" y se refiere al mecanismo celular de transporte de azucar y otros nutrientes De antemano gracias
  19. Tim~!

    Animals' Feet (Elephants')

    It's probably strange for a native English-speaker to ask a question, but I've run into a problem. A form of execution in India was to be trampled under the [feet] of an elephant. The thing is, would we say feet? Dogs and cats have paws, pigs have trotters, and doubtless there are other...
  20. G

    lightning bug

    I'm talking of insects and bioluminescence 1. What's the difference between: lightning bugs, fireflies and glowworms? 2. Are they all translated in Italian "lucciole"? thanks in advance
  21. L


    As a swede in France at the moment, I have great troubles finding a translation to something all swedes are very found of, lingonberries. So, if you could please help me, I need a translation! (into french that is) Best regards
  22. S

    Clown Fish

    Clown Fish
  23. M

    Serpent de mer

    A little dog is sucked into a water pump hose. How do you translate: "Il se fait emporter sous l'eau comme un serpent de mer" He's carried away under water like a sea snake?????? (that sounds strange)
  24. V


    tortoise is for tortue terrestre and turtle for tortue d'eau (aquatique) ? thanks for help. what about une tortue dans un aquarium ? thanks :)
  25. S

    Grondin (fish)

    Hi, I'd like to know the English translation for grondin. This is the Wikipedia link: http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grondin_%28poisson%29 When I click on the English version on the left side of the page it appears to speak only about one type of grondin and I'm looking for a generic term to...
  26. S

    Concombre de mer

    Surely not a sea cucumber? The context is: En effet, les gardes côtes seychellois ont récemment arrêté un bateau de pêche lui appartenant à bord duquel ils ont trouvé plusieurs travailleurs chinois dans l'illégalité ainsi que des centaines de concombres de mer. I gather it's something that...
  27. D

    Sea Turtle

    Could someone please tell me how to say SEA TURTLE in French? Thanks, if you can. Damma
  28. C

    male giraffe

    Hi. I need someone to confirm if wrote this sentence correctly: "La girafe mâle peut mesurer 4.8 à 5.5 mètres de haut." I'm not sure if i should write "la girafe mâle" or "la girafe masculin". if there are any other mistakes please inform me of them. Thanks in advance.
  29. A

    Macaw landing

    Comment diriez-vous "macaw landing" en français, venant de la phrase suivante? Botanical Gardens, Macaw Landing, Museum/Insectarium, Live Bug Zoo thanks for your help
  30. K

    Léopard de mer

    How is léopard de mer translated into English?
  31. D


    Buongiorno a tutti. Che voi sappiate, in italiano esiste un corrispettivo di "grazer", ovvero un animale che si nutre di organismi autotrofi multicellulari? Devo tradurre il titolo "Giant grazer" riferito a una megattera che si nutre di krill...
  32. P

    Écureuil nain à poil dur

    Hi there, can anyone help me to translate 'écureuil nain à poil dur'. Is it a joke or a real thing? I got it in a chain email. I'm guessing its a short haired squirrel or something??? Thanks guys!
  33. L


    Toujours dans les poissons souffleurs, je cherche à traduire filefish ?
  34. V


    Good evening everybody, Does anybody know what a "yellowtail" is? It appears in a sushi. I think, it is a fish. But I don't know which one and how it is called in french. Thank you for your help !
  35. C


    En lisant "à l'ombre des jeunes filles" de Proust, j'ai trouvé le mot composé 'merle-chat', mais en a beau chercher la traduction dans l'ATILF ou wordreference.com. Est-ce qu'on m'aide? Je m'excuse - pas de contexte.
  36. R

    Cigale de mer

    My company is starting to import crustaceans from West Africa, notably "langoustes". I am told there are "cigales de mer" as well. Anyone have a proper English translation for these creatures? I do not think Sea Cicada will be too appetizing on a menu...thanks
  37. W

    Wild Strawberry

    Hi I need to know the translation for this. My first guess before I checked on the net was fraise sauvage which I think is correct. It may be fraisier sauvage though i think that is more 'wild strawberry plant'. I knew sauvage because I knew a wild animal was une bete sauvage...
  38. M

    a bright-eyed and bushy tailed squirrel

    Hi everyone... Would anyone know how to say : bright-eyed and bushy tailed in french? or an equivalent to the saying? I am in fact referring to a squirrel, and not a person :) Merci mille fois! Mélanie
  39. M

    Angler fish

    Bonjour What is a translation into french for this as I can not find it any where? merci beaucoup
  40. C

    Flying squirrel

    What is the translation for "flying squirrel" in French?
  41. A

    fish ecosystem

    Bonjour, Comment pourrais-je traduire : "fish ecosystem" ? Je pensais à "écosystème piscicole", mais je ne l'ai trouvé que 2 fois sur Google, donc il doit sûrement exister une expression plus appropriée. Merci d'avance
  42. B


    I was watching a video of a fisherman in Guadeloupe, and he said the name of the fish he was selling. Phoenetically, it sounded like "orfi" Does anyone know what fish this is? It's long and has a pointy nose. Thanks a lot BruceChileno
  43. G


    Good morning! Can anyone tell me the Italian for aardvark and civet? They are two African animals and I know for sure that the civet is a catlike. Thank you so much. Moderator's note: Use the search feature first;( You'd have found the link provided by Lee) One question per thread, please.
  44. R

    phoques du bord de mer

    Hello all, I'm translating a story for young people from French into English. At one point, the story takes place in a village populated by beavers. One of the beavers refers to a gift given to the village by "nos cousins, les phoques du bord de mer." I am stumped about how to...
  45. O

    ovidotto laterali

    Hola a todos. No tengo ni idea de italiano, pero más o menos hasta ahora no tenía problemas con mis traducciones. Ahora necesito traducir estas palabras sobre fisiología de insectos a español. Podríais ayudarme? Muchas gracias ovidotto laterali = algo relacionado con los ovarios dotto...
  46. A

    blue cod

    Hello! Y a t-il un équivalent en français pour "blue cod"? je sais que "cod" c'est du cabillaud ou de la morue mais du "blue cod"..? merci d'avance, Ally62
  47. J

    Le Milan

    is the milan in the fable a bird? what is its english counterpart? merci en avance :)
  48. T

    un cheval tacheté

    How would you translate "un cheval tacheté" (like appaloosa horses), please ?
  49. Ulvova Peili

    Wildlife viewing

    Quelqu'un aurait une idee de comment on peut traduire ceci ? C'est assez facile a comprendre mais quant a le traduire...
  50. J

    sharp-shinned hawk

    Je cherche la traduction exacte en français de "sharp-shinned hawk" Merci à tous