¡Castilla también existe!

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  1. Nevere New Member

    Castilla, Spain
    How I could say Castilla también existe:

    .Castilla exists too!

    And what about:

    .Castilla does exists! (I don't know if I have to put the "s" at the end in this case...)

  2. diegosanchez19

    diegosanchez19 Member

    Espanol y/and English
    Castilla tambien existe = Castilla also exists

    No "s" at the then ion the second one. You could also say Castilla exists.
  3. chamyto

    chamyto Senior Member

    Burgos, Spain
    Hola, y bienvenido a WR, Nevere.

    Yo diría: Castilla does exist too, enfatizándolo un poco más.
  4. Nevere New Member

    Castilla, Spain
    Yeah... At first I used the second one: Castilla exists ; without "does". But then decided to put it the other way because I wanted to emphasize it.

    Thank you very much! :D
  5. Biffo Senior Member

    English - England
    I think more context is needed. If you say "Castilla does exist too!" this sounds like two children having an argument about whether or not Castilla exists.

    Please can you explain how and when the phrase would be used? Why would you be asserting this fact? What sort of conversation is it - an argument?

    Who is speaking - adults? Is this a political statement? Who is doubting that Castilla exists? What is the other place that exists? ('too' means 'also')
  6. chamyto

    chamyto Senior Member

    Burgos, Spain
    I think it may refer to the sensation that some inhabitants of this region of Spain feel about the way they are treated, in comparison to the other regions.
    Maybe it's somehow a critic, because in some way they feel forgotten by the other regions of Spain, in the sense that Castilla could be the last region receiving funds and so on.
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  7. Nevere New Member

    Castilla, Spain
    Yeah! xD That's the point!
    It's the title of my blog. It is about that part of Spain that is not as popular as Valencia, Mallorca or Barcelona, but still is there, so: Castilla does exist!
    That's the purpose, so I don't mind if it sounds as if two boys were arguing, because it is like a complaint...

    Thank you chamyto for explaining it ;)
  8. Biffo Senior Member

    English - England
    In that case I agree with diegosanchez - "Castilla also exists!"

    There is a precedent for this usage, e.g.

    They also serve!

    "God doth not need
    Either man's work or his own gifts. Who best
    Bear his mild yoke, they serve him best. His state
    Is kingly: thousands at his bidding speed,
    And post o'er land and ocean without rest;
    They also serve who only stand and wait."
    Poem: On His Blindness - John Milton

    Other than that I would stick with "
    Castilla exists too!"
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