¡Lástima de sangre!

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  1. kaos_babe Member

    United Kingdom
    Hi there,

    Does anyone know what the phrase 'lástima de sangre' means in the following context?

    "¡Qué chasco, amigo mío, si los que venimos a ofrecer todo nuestro entusiasmo, nuestra misma vida por derribar a un miserable asesino, resultásemos los obreros de un enorme pedestal donde pudieran levantarse cien o doscientos mil monstruos de la misma especie!...¡Pueblo sin ideales, pueblo de tiranos!...¡Lástima de sangre!"

    Thank you :)

  2. borgonyon

    borgonyon Senior Member

    Shreveport, Louisiana
    Mexican Spanish
    What a waste of blood!

    I guess it's in reference to all the people that have died [in Iraq?].
  3. kaos_babe Member

    United Kingdom
    Ah, brilliant! That makes sense :) actually it's in the context of the Mexican Revolution so exactly the same meaning will fit.

  4. borgonyon

    borgonyon Senior Member

    Shreveport, Louisiana
    Mexican Spanish
    Yep! Mexican revolution, Russian revolution, Iraq war, they were [have been] all a waste of blood!
  5. decibelmx New Member

    It means when people fight against a mexican dictatorship. A group of mexican politicians hire soldiers against the dictator, when they win the battle the blood is wasted because politics promised them a social develop and they didn't cumply.


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