¡Suena como un desastre anunciado!


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I want to translate the expression "It is (or you are) a disaster waiting to happen"


Teenage boy "I´m going to get drunk and then climb that building"
Teenage girl "Don´t be so stupid, you will kill yourself. You are nothing but a disaster waiting to happen"

Mi intento

¡Eres un desastre anunciado!

Is this correct?
  • maidinbedlam

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    In spanish it doesn´t refer to people but to situations. In your example:

    (Si subes ahí) Será un desastre anunciado.

    But "Suena como un desastre anunciado" sounds good (not at all disastrous) :)


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    Of course I mean your Spanish is good (No, very good)¡
    (Sorry, I must be careful with playing with words in English) :eek:
    Don´t worry. It would have been clear if we had been talking about an English expression. I just needed to make sure there wasn´t a hidden meaning in the Spanish I had written.

    My Spanish is mostly from dictionaries so I don´t usually understand the subtleties. ;)
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