¡Tú flipas en colores!

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  1. deselzie Senior Member

    USA, English

    I'm studying some expressions in my Spanish course, and one of them is
    ¡Tú flipas en colores! I have no real context in which to place it, so I am having some trouble as to what it means and how to use it. Could anyone help me?
  2. Venezuelan_sweetie

    Venezuelan_sweetie Senior Member

    La Jerusalén de los Suramericanos.
    Venezuela --> Spanish -or something alik
    That sounds so funny in Latin American Spanish! It would be something like "you whistle in colors". :D

    Is there any Iberic forer@ around, to clear out what that means in Spain, please?
  3. asboldasbrass New Member

    Spain (Spanish)
    I'd say something like: "Are you out of your mind?" It's an expression of disbelief or surprise. It's something you would say if someone told you they want to borrow a million dollars from you or that they have seen Elvis in the supermarket. ;)
  4. alexacohen

    alexacohen Banned

    Santiago de Compostela
    Spanish. Spain
    You're hallucinating !
    There's no way to translate it literally!
    "Flipar" is slang for "to hallucinate". Asboldasbrass is right with the situations in which you would use it.
  5. VFR800i

    VFR800i Member

    Madrid - Spain
    Spain / Spanish
    I think Alexacohen is in the right direction. It is a expresion that some tells you when you are wondering about impossible things i.e.... "if I tell you that tonight I am going out with a wonderful top model to the best restaurant in town...." you could tell me... "you are hallucinating or..." "tu flipas en colores"
    I hope it will help...
  6. ivanovic77

    ivanovic77 Senior Member

    Spanish, Catalan - Spain
    De todos modos, también hay que decirle que la parte "en colores" ha caído en desuso. Hoy en día se dice: "Tú flipas". El "en colores" me temo que era más de los años ochenta, de la movida madrileña, y todo el rollo.

    Nowadays, this "en colores" part is not used anymore among young people, or only occasionally. It was more often used in the eighties, and it's still used by people older than 40, when they want to seem younger or hipper! Today, people say simply: "¡Tú flipas!"

    Es que hay que decirlo todo, porque los libros de texto están escritos hace 10 años, y por gente que ya "no está en la onda"... Luego el estudiante de español llega al país y el choque cultural es de antología, porque empiezan a decir: "nastis de plastis", "¡qué chulo!", o "¡esto mola cantidubi!" y los autóctonos les miran como si fueran alienígenas... :D

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