¿A qué se dedica Rosa? ¿Cómo es Rosa?

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  1. aquamarinelau New Member

    hong Kong
    if we ask a person

    1. ?A que se dedica Rosa?

    2. ?Cómo es Rosa?

    what does each of mean separately? cause i comprehend they as both asking what kind of work does 'Rosa' do,,

    thanks a lot!!!!!
  2. Chema1980 New Member

    Spanish / Catalan
    "¿A qué se dedica Rosa?" means "What kind of job does Rosa?"
    "¿Cómo es Rosa?" means "What is Rosa like?"
    The meaning is different.
  3. Soy Yo Senior Member

    EEUU - inglés
    What does Rosa do?
    What kind of work does Rosa do?
    What is Rosa's work?
    What is Rosa's job?
    What does Rosa do for a living?
  4. aquamarinelau New Member

    hong Kong
    got it.
    thanks a lot!!
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    Hi Aquamarinelau... and welcome to WordReference.

    You will notice I changed your thread's title (which used to read simply "quick translation please") to include both phrases you needed help with.

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