¿A qué se dedica?

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  1. nooyawker New Member

    Hi, hope this isn't a dumb question. I've heard this phrase used to mean "what line of work do you do?" and I can't find it anywhere in the dictionary. I've written it as it sounds to me, but perhaps I'm mishearing it. Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. irisheyes0583 Senior Member

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    A que se dedica? / A que te dedicas?

    p.s. There are no stupid questions. (Well, there are, but this is certainly not one!) :)
  3. Chalon Senior Member

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    Yes, it's "¿A qué se dedica?" if you're talking in a formal way (with old people, teachers, etc.) and "¿A qué te dedicas?" if you're talking informally (with friends and all that).
  4. nooyawker New Member

    Gracias, irisheyes y chalon!

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