¿A que te cuesta esperar ....

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Hey everyone,

I'm wondering if there might be an error in the original text here, since this doesn't seem to make any sense to me:

¿A que te cuesta esperar a servirlo?

Any ideas? Something along the lines of "What are you waiting for..." maybe? Thanks in advance!
  • lapachis8

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    Hi, this is a form of speech:

    A que sí lo leiste--- I bet you´ve read it.
    A que no me alcanzas ---- i challenge you to get me. (As when children play).
    A que sí lo hiciste --- I bet you did it.
    (I don´t know in other Spanish speaking countries, but this sort of sentences are widely used in Mexico)

    So in your example, the meaning would be:
    I bet you have a hard time serving him. (roughly translated). This is just an opinion, there should be others.


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    Did you know that te cuesta hacer eso means "it costs you to do that" or more colloquially, "it's hard for you to do that". It comes from the irregular verb costar.

    That's a useful meaning of costar: Example, "me cuesta mucho aprender el subjuntivo". It's very hard for me to learn the subjunctive".
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