¿Alguno de tus hijos irá al colegio el año que viene?


¿Cual de estas dos frases veis más correcta?

Are any of your children going to school next year?
Will any of your children go to school next year?
Gracias por vuestra ayuda.
  • DePorAhí

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    English - United States
    Both are equally as correct.

    "Is" is not possible here since "your children" is plural.


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    Español Argentina (tierra adentro)
    Frankowro, I think it's because you are using the word "children". Maybe you should say instead: Is any of yours child...?


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    Thanks Inib. I just have been looking a way where singular fits in that phrase. What about Toddy's question?
    That seems correct enough but it restricts the meaning of the question. You can only answer "Yes" or "No", not "Yes, all five"/"Yes, two of them"/"No, none of them" etc.
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