¿Cómo es tu familia?

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  1. alexenespañol New Member

    United States
    I was wondering what this could mean.

    I figured that it meant "How is your family", but I'm not sure.

    Either that or "Who is in your family"

    Can someone help me with this?
  2. herbie Member

    English - USA
    The question is asking about what your family is like - parents, how many siblings, etc.
  3. Mady* Member

    Spain (Spanish and Catalan)
    How is your family...
    How many people, jobs, ages, interests...
  4. micafe

    micafe Senior Member

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    Spanish - Colombia
    It means "what's your family like?"

    The question for "how is your family?" is "¿Cómo está tu familia?"

  5. JB

    JB Senior Member

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    English (AE)
    Right, what everybody else said.
    I never know if "junior member" means a teenager, student, or someone under 35 who might hold 6 Ph.D.s and a Nobel Prize, and do not want to insult anyoné's intelligence. However, if you are studying Spanish, review lessons on the difference between ser and estar.
    You want to fix me up with your girlfriend's friend, and I ask ¿Cómo es? because I want to know "how she is" in the sense of her looks, her personality, etc., which is why it translates to English as "What is she like", as has already been said.
    If you previously told me your girlfriend was sick, today I might ask you "¿Cómo está'" meaning How is she feeling?
  6. lforestier

    lforestier Senior Member

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    Puerto Rico - Spanish/English
    Unless you were fixing me up with a girl and I wanted to know if she was healthy enough to keep up with me. I'd say "¿Como es y como está?"
    Just kidding. JB has it right. I'm just ready to go to sleep and had to leave with a little joke.

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