¿Cómo estás? Mucho gusto en conocerte.

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  1. ra613 Senior Member

    Can you translate the message below into english please?

    Cómo estás? mucho gusto de conocerte
    No sé cuántos años tienes, no es importante eso, pero tengo curiosidad ;=D

    Yo soy peruana y vivo en una ciudad llamada Ica.

    Am I your first peruvian pen pal?
  2. nanel Senior Member

    Madrid (Spain)
    Spain (Spanish)
    How are you? Nice to meet you
    I don't know how old are you, it's not important, but I'm curious.
    I'm Peruvian and I live in a city called Ica.
  3. ra613 Senior Member

    Thanks nane!

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