¿Ella está dormido = Ella está durmiendo?

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    Today I encountered the phrase "Ella está dormido", meaning, at the time that it was spoken, "She's sleeping". Being that "dormido" is the past participle of dormir, I would assume that "ella está dormido" would signify that she already slept, and is awake, sort of like saying "she's rested".

    But what I was told by the native spanish speakers around is that "ella está dormido" describes the same situation as "ella está durmiendo", that saying it means the "she" is currently asleep. Is this accurate? And if so, could someone help me understand why the past participle in this case implies the continuance of sleep?

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    In this case, dormido is an adjective meaning asleep. Since it's an adjective, it needs to agree with the subject. This case requires it to be feminine.

    Ella está dormida. = She is asleep.
    Ella está durmiendo. = She is sleeping.
    Ella ha dormido. = She has slept.
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    Yes, that's accurate.

    ella está dormida - she is asleep.
    ella está durmiendo - she is sleeping.

    Does it make sense now?

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