¿Falta mucho? Me estoy meando.

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Éste es el contexto: Mi padre y yo nos dirigimos a Madrid en coche/auto.
Llevamos 4 horas sin parar y quiero saber si queda mucho para llegar porque me estoy meando.

"¿Falta mucho? Me estoy meando....

Podría traducirse cómo:

1.Will it be long? I have to pee...
2.Will it be a long time? I have to pee...
3.Will it be long until we get there? I have to pee....
4.Will it be a long time until we get there? I have to pee....

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    Sorry, I have to ask you, why all these variations of basically the same expression across so many threads?
    I just wonder if there's something that's not clear in the answers.

    Your translation options above are all understandable. ¡Saludos!
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    I'll just add that "Me estoy meando" has an urgency that "I have to pee" lacks, so I might say "I'm peeing myself here" or at least "I'm about to pee myself / my pants." An old favorite is "my back teeth are floating."
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