¿Había alguna persona mas?

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    When thinking about how to say ¿Había alguna persona mas? in english, two opposite grammatical rules come to mind.

    On the one hand, when we use any in questions, the noun always takes a plural form, e.g., Are there any questions?

    On the other hand, any other should always be followed by a singular noun, any other person, for example.

    So, to say ¿Había alguna persona mas?, which one of the following sentences should I use?

    -Was there any other person?
    -Were there any other people?

    According to wordreference, I should use the first one:

    http://www.wordreference.com/es/translation.asp?tranword=any other

    However, if I do an exact search on google, I find many more results for Were there any other people?(237 results)than for Was there any other person?(60 results):



    So, which one is the correct one?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Agró

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    Was there anybody/anyone else?
  3. Rastnim88 Senior Member

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    Agro´s is fine, but is quite formal. Even better is simply saying "anyone/anybody else?", as long as the context is clear. For example, in a class where other people have been asking questions.

    Also "does anyone else have any questions?" or "any more questions?"

    You sentences don´t really sound right, they would be understood, but don´t sound natural.
  4. ander1234 Senior Member

    OK, thank you so much guys!

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