¿No es hoy 30 de septiembre... día del traductor

  • Vanda

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    Gosh!!! Mine is everyday as I work from Sunday to Sunday!:eek:

    I want a translator day too! I came here to revendicate it while you celebrate.
    For us!


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    I never knew that such a celebration day existed! I must have missed a lot!

    I could also have a personal translator's celebration: My first translations were published in a newspaper about half a century ago (more or less exactly, I was 15 or 16).


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    Feliz día a todos, compañeros traductores. Y gracias a todos los que en estos foros nos ayudan, haciendo nuestro trabajo más fácil, ameno, divertido...

    Un abrazo para todos. =)

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    Thank You!!! :) :)
    And my congratulations to our fellow translators from all over the world who troll around WR. :thumbsup:

    (N.B. Connotation of the verb "troll" is purely figure of speech.) :rolleyes:


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    The very day I sent information about the International Translators' Day to all my customers (there are four of them regular). Only one of them reacted, by sending a message: "Please send your invoice for your last translations as soon as possible."

    Luckily, it's not what you may think. It was only that they wanted to have my invoice in the book-keeping in September.


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    Felicidades a todos y gracias por la ayuda y aporte a nuestras preguntas que a veces pueden parecer insignificantes pero que sin vuestra colaboración sería trabajosa.