¿Qué le cuido a estos montones de trastos?


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Can anyone help me to understand why the indirect object le is used in this sentence?

¿Qué le cuido a estos montones de trastos? (What do I care about these piles of junk?)

If the indirect object must be used, shouldn't it be les (for estos montones de trastos)?
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    Después de leer varias veces la frase, sigo sin comprender a qué te refieres. ¿Podrías poner algo de contexto?


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    Is the original sentence the English one, by chance?
    I wonder if you have chosen the wrong translation of 'care'. In the question 'What do I care?', the verb cuidar is not the right one. You would use, for example, importar.
    I agree that the Spanish sentence doesn't make sense.
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