À bon vin point d'enseigne


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Mandarin Chinese
from the dictionary the explanation is - ce qui est bon se recommande de soi-même. but for me, I still not understand, could someone translate it in English, thanks a lot.
  • xiancee

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    Interesting expression especially about the bush thingie!!! Do you know that in Lyon, old taverns were called "bouchons" due to the fact that they hung "bunches of straw" or "bouchons de paille" to indicate that they had stables and drinks available for the riders!


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    ...and as we know, the "bouchon" is the cork, the plug; for a wine bottle, un tire-bouchon is a corkscrew. So many languages take the sound of another and "translate" the sound rather than the significance, as with bouch.... >>> bush.
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