À la limite, ce n'est pas normal

retriever gal

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English (the Queen's)
Could I translate this as :

It's almost not normal.


Sounds a bit clumsy I know but can't think of anything else, apart from :

i could argue that it's not normal/ Arguably, it doesn't seem normal...

What do you think?

Context is : a wine taster commenting about the extraordinary power of the new vintage.
  • franc 91

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    English - GB
    You could almost say that this wine goes beyond what it should be, it's not right or normal that it can achieve this incredible depth of taste. (a suggestion)

    Keith Bradford

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    English (Midlands UK)
    Bear in mind that, in everyday usage, normal (Fr) doesn't mean exactly the same as normal (Eng).

    E.g. Vous avez laissé vos phares allumés - c'est normal ? = Was that deliberate... Is that OK... Did you mean to...?

    So here, the exceptional strength of the new vintage is a happy accident.
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